A Clash Between The Forces of Fate And Free Will: Astrology Forecast April 17th – 24th, 2022

What to expect this week?

By Lorna Bevan | Guest Writer

The April 30th Taurus solar eclipse is less than two weeks away and, as the Sun enters Taurus on April 19th , the karmic themes of the 2022/2023 Taurus/Scorpio eclipses are impossible to ignore.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis is all about possession, hunger, security, money, resources, transformation and death. Its shadow side is in play in Russia’s territorial land grab, in the death of thousands of civilians, in the resultant global financial and food crisis and in Russia’s nosediving economy.

With Sun in Taurus at odds with Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius square the karmic Nodes of Fate in Taurus, Mercury conjunct volatile Uranus, square Saturn and conjunct the Node of Fate, the stakes are very, very high. Displays of ruthless strong will and stubborn resistance will intensify as Pluto prepares to station retrograde on the master degree of Capricorn.

In your own life, look to see where you’re putting all your energy into resisting inevitable change, clinging on to old grievances, grasping at material stuff that is weighing you down, keeping you stuck and holding you back. Weed out old entanglements without guilt or judgement. There is less and less emotional attachment to it. It’s a blessing because it is making room for new memories. It is freeing you up to create, nurture, grow and build something lasting and beautiful.

Chandra Symbol Sun TAURUS 1

Chandra Symbol Sun TAURUS 1

A red garnet ring. The garnets glow.

“A passion for bearing ripe fruits. Feeling transported by an ongoing realisation that you are in your own element, doing what you need to do and subtly fired by an inner purpose that clarifies everything. The glow of your central intent warms you through. This quality of soul is simple and direct. It makes for a primal, elemental presence. One cannot grasp complex matters in this sphere. But you know what you need to know, and you’re on the beam so palpably that nothing much matters except being there. The whole idea is to make way for the universal life force to stream right in and bless with its all-forgiving radiance.” – Elias Lonsdale

Aries Week Ahead: April 17-24, 2022

The potent Full Moon on April 16th across your sign brought a permanent ending of some sort, removing your blinkers, forcing you to draw a line in the sand. On April 19th, the Sun exits your sign for another year entering Taurus, your angle of income and resources. Be prepared for two eclipses here-the first on April 30th – shaking up this part of your life. One source of income may disappear for something new and unexpected to appear in its place. You can’t control the cosmic recycling of eclipses, so, knowing that planet of expansion Jupiter will bring once in 12 years luck in mid-May, ride with the waves.

Making space for the new and innovative.

Taurus Week Ahead: April 17-24, 2022

Frame last Saturday’s Full Moon as a cosmic clear out with Pluto revealing that one old dream has run its course and needs to be left by the wayside so you can move on. As ever, the celestial timing is perfect, as the Sun returns to Taurus on April 19th marking your birthday month and personal New Year. And what a year this will be-a time for a big leap forward courtesy of the once in 18 year’s eclipses across Taurus/Scorpio. The first on April 30th followed on May 16th paired with 2 more in October/November. With the New Moon eclipse on April 30th conjunct unpredictable Uranus, situations you thought were fixed in stone will shift around you, bringing an opportunity to change direction.

The wind at your back.

Gemini Week Ahead: April 17-24, 2022

Are you enjoying the beautiful energy of Neptune, Jupiter, Mars and Venus at the pinnacle of your chart, giving you a 360 degrees perspective on your life and revealing more options than you ever dreamed of? This is a rare moment, so don’t let it pass you by. On April 19th, the Sun enters Taurus ahead of the Taurus solar eclipse on the 30th, waking up your deep hidden 12th House of dreams, memories and secrets. Definitely keep a journal to capture all the insights, signs, symbols and intuitions rising straight from your unconscious.

Your soul has meaningful messages for you.

Cancer Week Ahead: April 17-24, 2022

The last 10 days of April are very well starred for you as a Cancerian. On the 19th, the Sun returns to earthy Taurus-a sign compatible with yours-ahead of the Taurus solar eclipse on April 30th. On the 27th, Venus merges with Neptune in fellow Water sign Pisces and on the eclipse merges with Jupiter. If ever there was a time to go out and socialise, to go somewhere new and take artist dates just for your own enjoyment, this is it. You are being reminded of what you love, who you love and what is truly important to you.

Learning how to weave magic into everyday life.

Leo Week Ahead: April 17-24, 2022

There is so much change potential in your astrology, so many possibilities that you need to stay open to the new and the unexpected and be ready to flow with it. On April 19, the Sun returns to earthy Taurus, crossing the top of your chart. Here too are Mercury and Awakener Uranus and here too comes the Taurus solar eclipse on April 30th. That’s a lot of cosmic power in your career angle. This makes you and everything you say and do more visible than usual, so don’t cut corners. New pathways will present themselves-people at work may leave or roles change. With Venus and Jupiter close to Neptune in your 8th House of money, you may get a lucky break.

Remember to look after your wellbeing and stress levels.

Virgo Week Ahead: April 17-24, 2022

Your 7th, 8th and 9th Houses are all in the path of change and transition. That means your partnerships, finances and your horizons are set to evolve. Venus and Jupiter w.ith Neptune are lighting up your closest relationships, while the April 16th Full Moon brought some sensitive money issues to the surface for resolution. On April 19th, the Sun enters Taurus ahead of a solar eclipse there on April 30th.With Mercury and electric Uranus in Taurus, the more playful, expressive and creative you are, the luckier you will be.

Getting hands on.

Libra Week Ahead: April 17-24, 2022

Saturday’s Full Moon in Libra was a doozy as it was at odds with transformer Pluto and Disruptor Eris. You may be feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Fortunately, Venus your personal planet, is merging with Jupiter and Neptune in the last few days of the month, supporting your health and well being. This is extra important now as the Taurus solar eclipse is approaching in your 8th House of life’s big issues-finances, partnerships and intimacy. Gift yourself as much downtime as you can, sort out your work/life balance and some of those problems will resolve themselves.

Put yourself right at the top of your agenda.

Scorpio Week Ahead: April 17-24, 2022

On April 19th, the Sun returns to your opposite sign of Taurus and straight into the force field of the approaching Taurus solar eclipse on April 30th – itself the gateway to a transformative total lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 16th. Your closest partnerships are in the frame. All eclipses re-arrange situations or circumstances around you so you experience the domino effect up to 6 months down the line. With Venus merging with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, offload some of your work or responsibilities and clear some quiet time just for yourself.

Release anything or anyone who is no longer on your wavelength.

Sagittarius Week Ahead: April 17-24, 2022

You’re surfing a huge wave of energy starting with the Jupiter /Neptune conjunction in your 4th House, then the Full Moon in your 11th and now the approaching Taurus eclipse in your 6th. This means that your home, your networks and your work are all in the frame for change. The last 10 days of April bring surprise shifts in your workplace-someone might leave or a new role become available. Expect surprises as unpredictable Uranus is conjunct the eclipse. With Venus merging with Jupiter, this looks like a lucky time of opportunities and possibilities.

Seize the moment.

Capricorn Week Ahead: April 17-24, 2022

After the big Jupiter/Neptune wave followed by the intense Full Moon at the top of your chart on Saturday the 16th, you’re probably hoping for a rest. The timing is perfect as the sun enters fellow earth sign Taurus on the 19th, your angle of recreation, leisure, fun and romance. If you can, take a short trip or at least get a change of scene before the Taurus solar eclipse on April 30th. You need this time to take stock and integrate what’s been happening. This is crucial right now as transformer Pluto in Capricorn is slowing down to turn retrograde on the 29th degree of your sign. You’ve hosted Pluto for 14 years (!) and, if you look back to late 2008 and your life then, you’ll notice just how much you’ve changed.

It’s time to launch something you’ve been working on -let it go and find its own way in the world.

Aquarius Week Ahead: April 17-24, 2022

After this Saturday’s doozy of a Full Moon, you’ll welcome the Sun moving into Earth sign Taurus on April 19th. This suggest much of your energy will be focused in your home or on your family and tribe. Get as much solid ground as you can under your feet-literally and metaphorically-ahead of the Taurus solar eclipse on April 30th. Plant a window box, dig your garden, let some light and energy into the four corners of where you live. At the eclipse, Venus will merge with expansive Jupiter in your angle of income and money, symbolising a flow of prosperity for the next 6 months.

Strengthen the ties that bind.

Pisces Week Ahead: April 17-24, 2022

Hopefully, you’re riding high on the great wave of Neptune/Jupiter faith and optimism in your sign. And this is only the start of what looks like a lovely period of good fortune, luck and opportunity. On April 19th, the Sun enters practical Taurus -your 3rd House-ahead of a solar eclipse there on April 30th. This is going to change and expand your social life, your networks, friendships and alliances. Eclipses usually mean someone leaving or someone new arriving so you could see a changing of the guard either at work or in your private life. Or it could be that you decide to cut ties with a group and move on. No matter how it all plays out, the shift brings a fresh perspective on what and who really matters.

A work/life re-balance.

Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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