We Are The Watchers, The Seers, The Spies In Gaia’s Great 5D Earth Shift

We notice what the shadow is doing…

By Open | Contributing Writer

We are the Watchers, the Seers, the Spies in Gaia’s Great 5D Earth Shift,

Seeing is all we have to do, to sense, to feel to perceive.

We notice what the shadow is doing, how you’re shaping and manipulating the day-to-day.

We witness the mindless consumption, the lostness and blatant deception of the drama,

But we are not fooled, not drawn in, not tempted by it.

We are the apparent few, and yet we harness the great unseen power of all,

In any given place we’ll amplify and anchor it.

You won’t notice us. The hordes flock by us and yet we remain invisible, off the radar.

Or else we hide in plain sight, the fool, the joker, the court jester,

Weaving our inter-dimensional wonder, through the rhyming words that spike

We’ll sing, we’ll dance, we’ll express, we’ll colourise and sensualise.

We’ll stand in peculiar places, the misfit and the maverick that you pass by and pass off.

So you’ll not notice why we’re there, at that exact point and juncture in time.

For the cycles of life are converging, the great cosmic cog crunching into gear,

And you cannot stop it from turning now, for the shift is building to an almighty climax.

You may slow it down a while, just a while, but that would serve our purpose too…

Just enough time to gather in a few more of the wayward,

those with that strange inner calling they don’t yet quite understand.

We’ll pass effortlessly through the crowds. You won’t see them, but our energetic boundaries are solid,

We’ll connect, briefly, effortlessly, but unattached, until that one spark in the eye we’ll notice,

Then we’re all in, committed, supporting, helping, reflecting, illuminating,

We’ll give the energy only where it will make a real difference; we’ll sow seeds only in fertile soil.

We’ll enjoy life, all of life, even that within the matrix,

But, it will be of our choosing, of our timing, only when it serves the greater whole.

The real pleasure we’ll enjoy is in the quantum field itself, knowing the movements,

The machinations the flows of reason and purpose –

The signs and the synchronicities, the knowing smile, the wink, the glint in the eye,

these are our rewards, our abundance, our “consumption”.

We are the few, BUT… we are everywhere!

We need none of your soft comfort and distraction,

None of your debilitation and self-derailing limitation.

We’ve weened ourselves off that debilitating teet,

With meditation, deep consciousness bodywork, fasting,

And the discipline to always discover the pure bounteous joy of the divine.

You’ll walk right by us, laugh or poke fun at us. You won’t believe us. You’ll chastize, bully

And try to cajole us back into your mindless prison.

But we were never meant to be so bounded, it was never our destiny,

And so you will fail, just as you always have,

For we will emerge, we will shine and sparkle,

We will stand in the unexpected places channelling the light of the universe,

We will effortlessly appear to lend the hand of support where it is called for and met.

Our reward will be the sense, the feeling, the perception of the great unseen,

Flowing through us, animating us,  amplifying our divine expression,

invigorating our beingness electrifyingly alive, inter- dimensionally ultra -awake,

The Divine, reflected to us in signs, symbols and synchronicity –

The warming smile of the sun, the whistling mirth of the wind, the chirping song of the dawn chorus,

These are the great rewards we cherish and seek.

We watch, we see, we reflect and we illuminate,

We amplify, accelerate and we anchor.

For we are the Watchers, the Seers, the Spies in Gaia’s great 5D Shift.

Originally published at www.openhandweb.org and reproduced here with permission.

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