The Physics of Ascension: Achieving Escape Velocity

In order for us to experience Earth’s Space-time, a being enters into its gravitational influence, only in this case, the gravitational influence is more than the mass of the planet itself, but also its entire life system including dominant thought forms, beliefs, social structures, linear time and emotional climate.

By Sarah Elkhaldy | Guest Writer

The Father of OBE, Out-of-body experience, Robert Monroe, described the ascension process as escape velocity. This phrase no doubt can be triggering for what it implies, however, you can thank physics for the term. In physics, escape velocity is the minimum speed needed for a free non propelled object to escape from the gravitational influence of a massive body, that is, to eventually reach an infinite distance from it. Escape velocity rises with the body’s mass and falls with the escaping object’s distance from its center.

In order for us to experience Earth’s Space-time, a being enters into its gravitational influence, only in this case, the gravitational influence is more than the mass of the planet itself, but also its entire life system including dominant thought forms, beliefs, social structures, linear time and emotional climate.

This means beings that vibrate faster than the Earth life system would have to drop down in vibratory rate to experience third dimensional Earth. This lowering of frequency fragments our level of being in order to have a human identity. We can regard this process as a form of spiritual amnesia that’s induced to access the densest layers of existence.

However, lifetime after lifetime of taking on a third dimensional human identity, including the heavy emotions, unprocessed trauma and karmic imprints, generate further amnesia until we have reached metaphysical rock bottom. Some events are so catastrophic and devastating, they get stored deep within the mind/body and cannot even begin to be processed until lifetimes later when an incarnation arises that’s open to healing.

Essentially, the journey into the denser realms contain a great deal of soul loss. This takes place after a traumatic event when an aspect of our essence no longer feels safe enough to be embodied and splits off from the Soul as a survival mechanism. These splintered aspects of our totality contain creative life force, and vitality. Each is its own dimension that contributes to the wholeness of our being.

Soul loss takes several forms, some of its more unrecognized manifestations are existential suffering, unexplained grief, numbness and anxiety. In fact, Soul retrieval is one of the most common services that my clients would like to address during an energy healing session.

Robert Monroe’s invaluable work in the Out-of-body state extensively documented the addictive element to the human experience, however, a major key missing in the equation is why the addiction?

Soul loss produces addiction

Not only that, soul loss produces amnesia. From a shamanic perspective, soul loss is what keeps us cycling in “unfinished business.” It’s the reason we can’t just move on, we wouldn’t be able to even if we tried because those aspects hold within them the light of our essence and leaving them here would only continue to magnetize us to these realms until they’re reclaimed.

Escape velocity is none other than the integration of all our aspects into our multidimensional being.

Once the depths of this Time-space have been explored, the Higher Self reverses the movement from fragmentation into awakening. Awakening can also be known as healing. This is why the theme of healing is so prevalent during a large shift in consciousness like the one many on Earth are currently undergoing.

Healing is the upward trajectory of our energy field back into consciousness. This is how we accumulate our initial vibratory rate prior to dropping down in density into the Earth life system. Once our aspects have been collected and reintegrated through a healing journey, our vibratory rate accelerates, and the energetic momentum is harnessed as fuel to move our attention to another dimension of reality.

This brings an entirely new meaning to the phrase “light as a feather.” The Kemetic passage through the underworld to enter ancient Egypt’s afterlife somewhat paralleled this concept as the main judgment was determined by the weighing of the deceased’s heart against a feather.

Attaining Escape Velocity

  1. Heal heavy emotions that diffuse Prime Energy

Prime energy is our creative life force expressed as energy-in-motion aka emotion. A heavy emotional load that consists mainly of adverse and trapped emotions distorts our energy field creating dissonance.

This is not to demean our adverse emotions, rather, it’s a call to bring expression, unconditional presence, and voice into these areas so that they have space to acquire resolution. Without movement, these trapped emotions stagnate our life force, breaking down coherency much like an injury sustained to the nervous system would alter the tissues’ ability to effectively communicate. Adverse emotions exist only within Space-time and are not compatible to the facets of consciousness outside of it.

The only prime energy that can traverse the lower dimensions is the original one; the form we return in. True love is more than romantic affection, friendship, or empathy and yet it is all these various expressions of love that provide the opportunity to generate love in its distilled form.

True love is cultivated in our everyday experiences from ordinary moments of shared humanity to lessons that lead to profound awareness. All of the varied forms of its essence are synthesized into a force larger than the sum of its parts. Monroe went so far as to conclude that the entire purpose of the Earth life system was to learn how to become a first order generator of love.

True love is the power source that builds escape velocity.

  1. Become aware of your unfulfilled desires

These are the most compelling attractors that magnetize us to this phase of consciousness. This is the unfinished business that we seek to resolve. Un-fulfillment of our desires literally haunts us and keeps us in the reincarnation cycle seeking experiences that will fulfil its aspirations.

An exercise to get in touch with these desires is to write out a list of all the things you wish to accomplish that you absolutely feel would create regret and longing on a soul level if they were to be left unfulfilled. Next to each point, write out what steps you’d like to take to fulfil that desire. Know that these invisible needs will likely change over time as we develop new points of reference along the way. Some of them will also drop off as we clear our attachments to the third dimension. Treating unfinished business as an essential part of what you came here to resolve will give the soul momentum to ascend.

  1. Release ego attachments

The difference between desires and ego attachments is that desires are our will’s navigation system, while ego attachments are formed when we objectify ourself. If we unknowingly treat our self-image as stock that is contingent on the rise and fall of our perceived value, then we’ve attached our sense of worth to the things we acquire be they material, monetary, or people. Releasing these attachments creates space to embody more of our true essence.

  1. Identify and release as many systems of belief and illusions as you can

The majority of our beliefs are riddled with dissonance to the point that I would define healing as the journey of consolidating our dissonance. They regularly conflict with one another yet are astonishingly rigid.

As physical beings we consequentially see the world through the eyes of corporeal reality, unaware that even the corporeal is tampered with. Though there is an objective framework to reality that operates entirely independent of any of our beliefs no matter how much we may attempt to bend its will, there are several facets within reality that do respond to us and its these facets that have the ability to alter our reality.

Our beliefs function as invisible parameters that determine everything from our self-worth, to what we consider possible and not possible.

We can accumulate many restricting beliefs and illusions over the span of lifetimes that lock us into a very narrow bandwidth of experience. We can even form attachments to restricting beliefs if we feel they serve as a buffer between us and a larger reality that’s too overwhelming to grasp.

Becoming aware of these beliefs and listening to what purpose they have served us begins entraining our energy field out of its attachment with them. This process is also known as self-inquiry. That’s why an individual who is expanding their consciousness undergoes periods of disorientation and confusion as their energy field recalibrates to its new state of being. These shifts in consciousness’s produce neuro-plastic changes to our physiology that reflect the body/mind’s ascending state.

  1. Heal Shame

A creed I constantly recite, in a Texan accent no less, is Dr. Brené Brown’s legendary quote: “Shame drives two big tapes: “Never good enough;” and if you can talk it out of that one, “Who do you think you are?”

Shame monster is real, and it weighs us down. Ultimately shame is the fear of disconnection. It traces back to a belief that there is something fundamentally wrong with us while fanning the flames of unworthiness. Its esoteric detriment is that shame, like fear, is a particularly favoured source of food for some extra dimensional beings who sustain themselves off of our life force. This dynamic is only neutralized through embracing the uncomfortable feelings that shame elicits and owning the parts of ourselves that feel less than.

Because shame is a fear of disconnection, its nature is to isolate. The most erroneous belief tied to it is the idea that no one else shares our problems or has gone through what we are going through.

Dr. Brown’s decades worth of research into shame has concluded that it is counterbalanced through self-compassion. Our ability to share our story with people we trust and show ourselves empathy in the face of shame is what unravels its layers over time. Activating the heart center is a vital part of awakening because it’s the space in which all of our aspects are integrated.

All of the above mentioned are powerful ways to detoxify from the third dimensional phase of consciousness. These are the core practices for ascending beings to accelerate their vibratory rate and shift their whole being into new realms of experience.

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Sarah Elkhaldy is the administrator of “A Talking Lion”, where she uses both her love for words and her film background – in conjunction with esoteric knowledge – to help humanity gracefully tap into our evolutionary potential. She considers it her work to connect the higher with the lower; the outer world with the inner world. Sarah is also a quantum sphere healer and photographer. She refers to herself simply as an ‘existential detective’.

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  1. In 2009 I had this spiritual experienced my heart beating fast and, felt like my soul ascending. Like my soul came out of my body but, my body stayed. Shortly after I started with sleep paralysis and, hearing voices as I am sleeping. These voices seem demonic in nature.

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