The Georgia Guidestones Get Bulldozed To The Ground Just Hours After A Section Was Destroyed By Explosives

Workmen have gone in to flatten the remaining standing pieces of the Guidestones.

By Joseph D. Brown | The Mind Unleashed

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, an explosion that occurred in Elbert County destroyed a section of the Georgia Guidestones. The authorities are now reportedly investigating the incident.

They said that “unknown persons” were responsible for detonating the explosive device at about four in the morning on Wednesday. They said that when they arrived, the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office discovered that the explosion had damaged a significant amount of the structure.

The explosion was reportedly heard by a number of individuals in the surrounding neighbourhood, and it even caused their houses to shake. Several people tweeted photographs that showed debris in the area surrounding the stones.

It gets a little stranger. Dawn White of 11Alive reported that workmen had gone in to flatten the remaining standing pieces of the Guidestones. A video taken at the location shows several pieces of construction equipment as well as stone blocks stacked in a pile. It’s being reported that the remaining standing pieces were deemed unsafe, and needed to be flattened. But it seems odd that this would be done just hours after the initial incident in the middle of an active investigation.

© Provided by WMAZ-TV MaconCrews level rest of Georgia Guidestones after damage from explosive device.

A person who lives around five miles away from the scene of the incident reported to the NBC station WYFF that they were awakened by a loud boom. At first light, they made their way to the structures, which are sometimes referred to as the “American Stonehenge,” and saw the devastation there.

Each of the 10 guiding principles that are carved on the Georgia Guidestones is etched in stone using a different language from a different part of the globe. Since the building was first created in 1979, nobody has been able to agree on what the mystery monoliths measuring 19 feet in height are supposed to symbolize. It includes writing that describes how to rebuild society after a cataclysm.

The granite slabs have been seen in the midst of a cow field for over four decades, but no one can explain why they are there or who placed them there in the first place.

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