The ‘Crazy’ Genius Who Used Nikola Tesla Ideas To Create “Crystal Energy Cell” – Free Energy Source

Considered a “mad genius,” John Hutchison is believed to be murdered and his inventions were stolen by those who rule the planet

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Considered a “mad genius,” John Hutchison is an inventor from Vancouver, Canada, who may have made great strides with antigravity and free energy sources. However, like any inventor who “escapes the system”, everything seems to indicate that the governmental elite was in charge of erasing all traces of his inventions …

The Vancouver-based independent researcher is a specialist in electromagnetic phenomena. At the end of 1970 he would reach the peak of his work by making great advances in antigravity and in the “Crystal Energy Cell”; a free energy device.

The Mad Genius of Vancouver

Photo of John Hutchison
John Hutchison is an inventor from Vancouver, Canada.

Using a variety of electronic equipment, mostly sourced from military junkyards, Hutchison built a grandiose laboratory.

There he developed different experiments with which he achieved unique scientific advances. His inventions go beyond the Tesla coils and showed us that different objects can be levitated through techniques that come from thousands of years ago, used by the Egyptians.

In fact, he claimed that in ancient Egypt they knew the electrical power of crystals to make endless batteries. Better known as Zero point energy.

The peak of his career as an inventor came in 1979, while trying to reproduce Nikola Tesla’s experiments.

The scientist reported strange side effects that happened during the tests; some objects began to levitate. Other materials, despite their disparate composition, fused at the molecular level. Other metals fractured or heated spontaneously, reaching high temperatures without calcining other materials around them.

He even claimed to see how certain materials changed their physical properties or how other smaller ones disappeared completely.

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Thus he discovered that fundamental frequencies can defy gravity. However, after analysing the experiment, the Canadian government meddled in their work, calling it: ”The Hutchison Effect.”

The Hutchison Effect

John Hutchison is an inventor from Vancouver, Canada.
John Hutchison is an inventor from Vancouver, Canada.

It is about the alteration in the properties of certain objects that caused them to levitate, the metal to fracture or heat up, and elements as different as metal or wood to fuse together.

Theorists suggest that this is the result of opposing electromagnetic fields. Thus, they cancel each other out and create a powerful flow of energy from space.

George Hathaway, is a prominent Vancouver businessman who became interested in Hutchison’s work in 1980. He did not hesitate to contact him and, together with a consulting engineer from Boeing Aerospace and the Government of Canada, they created a company aimed at developing and promoting his technology.

However, and as stated by the inventor, different political factors truncated the development of the research; they were forcing him to sign an agreement with the United States government and military.

Silencing Comes

Photo of John Hutchison
John Hutchison is an inventor from Vancouver, Canada.

Faced with the refusal, the Canadian government seized his laboratory when John had travelled to Germany.

He assured that they paid more than 70 million dollars to his partner, George Liscazis, creating controversy to use the local press and justify his actions. Thus, they concealed their true actions.

The inventor left Canada and travelled to different countries to give lectures and explain what had happened, until he returned to his native Vancouver in 1991.

There are several videos in which Hutchison shows various pieces of evidence, in addition to his testimonies. These can be found on the Internet or the scientist himself can be asked to provide all the material.

Some sceptics claim that all the videos use scenes, angles and lights to create an optical illusion. A television program even aired a special video, where a kind of rope attached to a toy UFO was observed that “had made it levitate.”

Another thing that works against him is that he never managed to reproduce the effect, in addition, the videos also do not show the process as the effect is achieved, but only show the “surprising” side. They are all focused on what the objects do.

Although his believers assure that Hutchison got a hypothetical electromagnetic wave known as “Scalar Wave”. This allowed his mechanism to harness Zero point energy.

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