The Church of Vrilology, Vril, Hitler & The Hollow Earth

Did Hitler use a hidden universal energy source known as Vril to escape WW2 to the hidden Antarctic entrance to his underground Aryan kingdom inside our hollow Earth?

By: Bipin Dimri | Historic Mysteries

Buckle up, this is a wild one. You would be forgiven for never having heard of the Church of Vrilology, and their beliefs can be most kindly described as “fringe”.

In an unholy mishmash of alternative theories, they have concluded that a universal power source called Vril surrounds us and can be tapped into through meditation. Others have used this as a springboard for the theory that Hitler survived World War Two and is the leader of a utopian civilization in the heart of our Hollow Earth. There’s a lot to unpick here.

Apparently, the story surrounding Hitler’s escape to the centre of the Earth has is not just a theory but a full blown belief (as are all such theories which fall short on evidence). The connection between beliefs underlying the Church of Vrilology and associated theories about Hitler’s escape must start with an understanding of the Church itself.

Just what exactly is going on here?

How Did Hitler Escape?

The foremost concern about Hitler escaping to the centre of the earth to create an advanced race of Aryans is the possibility of someone like him being alive. Did Hitler escape through the “ratlines”, as used by many Nazi war criminals as Berlin fell?

The US Secret Service even had a sketch of how Hitler would have changed disguise to escape. For now, we can be assured that he is not around. However, most theories assume that if he did survive he escaped to Argentina, but not these guys: the next crucial part of the story about his escape is the “centre of the earth”.

Was everyone wrong about the death of Hitler at the end of WW2? (Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-S62600 / CC-BY-SA)
Was everyone wrong about the death of Hitler at the end of WW2? (Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-S62600 / CC-BY-SA)

Many proponents of the Hollow Earth theory have pointed out the possibilities of advanced civilizations living inside the core of the earth. The Church of Vrilology draws its foundations from a supposed encounter with one of these civilizations.

The person who first told of this advanced civilization, which relies on Vril, an energy source, was Edward Bulwer Lytton, an English politician and Secretary of State for the Colonies. He laid the foundations for the Church of Vrilology.

He published the story of Vril in 1871 in his novel Vril: The Power of the Coming Race. Apparently, he had intended it to be a fictional potboiler with Hollow Earth fantasies like Jules Verne, and HG Wells.

The views of Edward Bulwer Lytton in his book were seized upon by nativist German Cults such as the Thule Society. Some accounts also suggested that it was the Vril Society that had fuelled Hitler’s rise to power.

Two French authors had also referenced that Nazis were experimenting with Vril for building UFOs in a book published in 1960. Such theories prompted rumours that Hitler fled to Antarctica (where the entrance to the interior of our hollow Earth is, obvs) and went to the centre of the earth with the Vril-powered underground Aryan race.

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The Church of Vrilology

The Church of Vrilology, located in New Jersey, is the ultimate manifestation of these alternative beliefs. While the advanced Aryan race and Hitler escaping to the centre of earth story might not be a central part of their mythos, it is important to note that this church believes in the power of Vril.

Apparently, the Church of Vrilology has backed away from their stranger claims in recent years. It does not believe in an external infinite power source like Vril, in terms of its practical appplications. On the other hand, the cult’s belief primarily defines Vril as the life force channelling within all of us.

Well, seems like an upgrade over yoga or meditation, doesn’t it? However, the beliefs of the church of Vrilology also imply that the lost science of Vrilology was mastered by the ancestors of the Indo-Europeans or the “original” Aryans.

Apparently, the Aryans had inherited the knowledge of Vrilology from Gods so that they could master the world and become a race of superhuman. However, the Aryans messed up and fuelled an ecological imbalance, which led to the Great Biblical Flood. The church of Vrilology also believes that ancient advanced science was lost with the civilization of Atlantis, because of course they do.

The Church of Vrilology explains the value of Vril with reference to Dark Matter. Drawing upon the references of science, they note that matter and energy could only account for 5% of the total universe. Therefore, the remaining 95% of the universe has some mysterious and infinite power source that they could tap into. This is their Vril, happily piggybacking on modern theoretical physics.

The Church of Vrilology explains that Vril is a universal force any individual can harness through chanting, meditation and visualization. Some of the proponents of Vrilology have also cited examples of Nikola Tesla experimenting with methods for harnessing Vril energy. Interestingly, Vril could also power anti-gravity propulsion mechanism and use it as an endless source of energy.

It seems Vril is everywhere.

Why A Church, Then?

So if Vril is aligned with current scientific theory, why does it need a church? It would seem that the religious aspect comes to the fore in teaching how to tap into this energy source.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton, whose 1871 fictional novel started all this business (Henry William Pickersgill / Public Domain)
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, whose 1871 fictional novel started all this business (Henry William Pickersgill / Public Domain)

Vrilology also emphasizes channeling Vril as the life force within an individual’s body through meditation, chanting and visualization. Channeling this universal energy force within the body alongside tapping into the potentially infinite source of dark matter-energy.

The connection between Vrilology and Hitler’s hiding place for the last 80 years is less obvious, and there doesn’t seem to be a rational explanation for the connection. Only time could say whether Hitler might come back from the dead with an army of superhuman Aryan warriors in UFOs. Perhaps he already has.

The conspiracy theories about the lost land of Atlantis, Hollow Earth and superhuman races residing among us would always serve as interesting scoops for articles. For now, you must understand that the Church of Vrilology does not believe in Hitler’s escape to the centre of the Earth.

For those who would look further into the Church of Vriology however, be aware their views should come with a health warning. Many of their future predictions come out of an outmoded colonialist view of the world, and espouse a combination of the failure of developing countries and US inviolability. They seem to fear immigration and some use the Church as a smokescreen for deep prejudice.

Proceed with caution.

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