The Bringer Of Light: How The Ego Is The Catalyst To Awakening

This world is one of relativity, there is up and down, hot and cold, left and right and so on and so on.

By Jiulio Consiglio | Guest Writer

In this experience we have what seems to be opposites and for good reason; you couldn’t know what tall is if you didn’t have short to compare it to. Relativity gives us perspective and the experience of contrast. The seemingly opposite is needed in order to experience life fully. In other words, contrast is the “isness” of life, that is, until one makes the shift into oneness, the quantum field, the awareness of pure light.

It may sound paradoxical at first, that darkness, the egoic mind, is what brings the light; but the truth is that it’s the darkness, fear in particular, that creates the desire for us to seek the light. Without the ego and its projections like worry, confusion or anger, we would find it virtually impossible to know and experience inner peace, clarity and authentic happiness. To clarify, there is a divine purpose for the darkness, the ego-the bringer of light-and that’s to serve as the catalyst to your awakening which is the transcendence of the conditioned mind.

Let’s take a closer look at the ego, its nature and how it operates within our consciousness. The egoic mind or the “thinker” is what humanity has identified with for thousands of years. Coming into this life, this reality, we take on an ego and it serves as our identity. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But what happens for many of us over time is that as we continue to identify and give our life energy to the ego it grows in size. As it grows in size, we experience greater pain and as the emotional pain grows, we begin to project outwardly more and more because it becomes too much of a burden to carry. This is why people will partake in certain physical activities like jogging or boxing to “let off some steam”. But until the source of that steam, the ego, is addressed, the pain which is much like an invisible entity, continues to grow. In other words, it’s not the doingness that will transform one’s life but rather the beingness.

The ego is in essence the darkness we experience-it’s the contrast to our light, our awareness. It is fear at its core and like a multi-headed dragon, has many other faces or facets to it. It is complex and simple all at once when it is viewed for what it is-the source of separation between you and Source Energy. It comes as various forms like anger, fear, anxiety, resentment, worry, jealousy and hate just to name a few emotions. It operates between the past and future because that is how it perpetuates itself within our consciousness. It never extends but rather it only projects. It labels and limits us and by believing in its thought system, we in turn limit ourselves because the truth is that we are one with everything and everyone.

I have described the ego as the darkness and as contrast. Does it really matter what name it is given? Is it our adversary? From one point of view, yes, because to believe that our enemy is outside of ourselves is to remain unconscious or in the trappings of the conditioned mind. In other words, deception through projection is how the ego keeps our awareness preoccupied. Through projection, confusion is allowed to come to life and because of that, it prevents us from seeing the world as it really is through the eyes of stillness or oneness.

This is how Lucifer has managed to perpetuate itself within humanity’s consciousness for thousands of years; by going undetected; by convincing us that the thinking mind is all there is and that we are the thinking mind. Now here is where I show you, reveal to you the truth of Who You Are and the illusion, the liar, that Lucifer is. You are the eternally now, wholly and silent witness, the Christed consciousness experiencing the egoic mind, Lucifer, disguised as past and future. You are the light, the light of the world and in order to know Who You Truly Are you first had to experience that which you are not. You are all-powerful, more powerful than you can imagine and that’s why you have the adversary that you now experience as the ego. Time is an illusion. There is no past, no future but only this one wholly instant known as the now. The present moment is your gift, your salvation. All your power, every spiritual faculty like wisdom, clarity and understanding awaits you in the quantum field which is your very own mind. You are as Source Energy created you and no darkness, no fear, can ever change that. In other words, the ego, Lucifer, is not real but an idea of separation that has allowed to become the monster it has become.

The thinking mind is ever changing, ever projecting, like waves on the surface of your mind. But as you go within, go deeper within your Self, you will find stillness, the vastness of consciousness. And that is your authentic self. Your true self is unchanging, eternal and immoveable. You are beyond guilt or fear and the illusions of this world. Humanity’s only issue has been that of misidentification. And through that, by identifying with the ego, we have set ourselves on a path which appears to be one of destruction. But hope is not lost. Humanity is reaching a critical mass for an awakening the likes of which the world has never seen. As I have experienced in my own life, Source Energy or God has a way of making a way when all hope seems lost. It is in those dark times, by surrendering, that Source can produce miracles in our lives.

Here are some insights and ways to raise your vibrational frequency in order to bring you closer to a spontaneous awakening and the light that is already within you:

  • Realize that the past and future are only mind constructs, thoughts. There is no reality to them unless you believe them as being true or real.
  • There is nothing wrong with the ego. It is what it is; it’s the darkness we experience and without it, we would not seek the light within us. That’s why Lucifer is called the Bringer of Light.
  • There is a divine purpose in suffering and that is so that you can realize what you’re not so you can embody Who You Truly Are-an extension, the same “stuff” as Source Energy, with the same creative capabilities.
  • Your intentions, your desires are what make things possible. Think and speak that which you desire. But know this; seek first to Know Who You Are and then through that vibrational frequency you will allow everything else to flow to you.
  • Fear nothing but rather develop your faith and trust. I cannot begin to explain to you the power that is found in these two forces. They bring peace with them. They are in fact self-conscious spiritual faculties and have the power to cast out fear through awareness.

It is my hope that this article has been enlightening and will catapult you to higher dimensions of consciousness and awareness where you can free yourself of any and all fear and realize your greatness. A thousand blessings!

About the Author

Jiulio’s writings and teachings focus on the transformative power of inner stillness, the mind-body-spirit connection and psychic abilities development. He is the author of Challenge Your Thoughts: Healing Mind, Spirit and Body with TruthThe Healing Frequency: Transform Your Life through the WisdomPower and Clarity of Inner Stillness and the soon to be released, Open Your Third Eye: Activate Your Sixth Chakra & Develop Your Psychic Abilities.

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