Shaken & Stirred – Astrology Forecast March 31st – 7th April

Here’s what’s happening in astrology this week.

By: Lorna Bevan Hare In The Moon

Shaken & Stirred

Since the Lunar eclipse on March 25thsymbolised by the Baltimore bridge collapse – we are being shaken and stirred, rattled and rolled inside the seismic tunnel to the Aries Super Moon Total Solar eclipse on April 8th.

Amplifying the sideways escalators, sudden shocks and frequency churn, on Monday April 1st trickster Mercury stations retrograde in Aries, turning Direct on April 25th. Notice linear creations – such as timed plans or time-tables and blueprints – appear briefly then disappear.

Much that is hidden within these wild card eclipses will not be revealed until late May.

With Mercury and Venus, Sun and Saturn aligning with the deep space karmic points of the Galactic Centre and the Great Attractor, this extraordinary astrology is galactic in influence, not just solar-planetary, offering the potential for personal and collective shifts on a large scale.

In this week’s countdown to the doozy of an Aries Super Moon Total Solar eclipse on April 8th – comparable to the August 11 1999 solar eclipse in impact:

  • Expect to feel fritzed, tired and wired by the solar magnetics.
  • Make rest, sleep, grounding and extra hydration a priority.
  • Trust your big yes and big no.
  • Remind yourself that this deep space eclipse wave is not head stuff – it’s somatic, physical, integrative.
  • Find refuge in the absolute consistency of change.

You are being physically and emotionally pushed forward by the huge birth contractions of these eclipses to a whole new level – so don’t strive to force the new, but focus on what’s emerging. Only when you stop striving or searching, can you carve out new neural pathways, creating a new blue print as you go along, surrendering the illusion of control and actively collaborating with fate.

Insights and epiphanies are available to you when you drop the need for them to have bells, whistles and drama.

In the face of the relentless unravelling/collapse, how can you meet it? With resistance, hardening your body, restricting your breath? Or with openness and curiosity about the shattering of your old opinions, judgments and expectations?

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Chandra Symbol SUN

Chandra Symbol SUN
Chandra Symbol Sun / Node of Fate ARIES 16: Three sculptured birds: one black marble, one white marble, one solid gold.

Chandra Symbol Sun / Node of Fate ARIES 16: Three sculptured birds: one black marble, one white marble, one solid gold.

“Genius. An extraordinary consciousness in a three-fold sweep of the phases of intelligence, coming into its fullest domain. At first the naive confidence in the mental powers, and in your own ability to know what everyone needs to know and do what everyone needs to do. But later, there creeps in, the terrible knowledge that you know nothing, understand even less, and are operating in the dark. This can be terrifying, but is also redemptive in radical measure. Then there comes a synthesis, a cooking up of the raw intelligence into a vital grasp of the essentials in life, and in particular of your own place in this world, with a brilliant awakening to the total design and how your own awareness is perfectly poised in the centre to reflect all that is” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: March 31st – 7th April 2024

The approaching eclipse on April 8th is in Aries conjunct Venus, Node of Fate and Chiron. Think back to April 2005 – the last one at this degree – for clues about what might be permanently changing. This week, between two eclipses, everyone is more sensitive than usual, so tread carefully. You’ve reached the end of a personal cycle and situations and people you’ve come to rely on to define you are either slipping away or transforming out of all recognition.

Don’t cling on to the river bank, let go and let these energies take you into a new personal era.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: March 31st – 7th April 2024

In so many ways, this is your time, thanks to Transformer Pluto arriving at the pinnacle of your chart and remaining there until 2044. From now on, your power, influence and visibility will grow. This is not about boosting your ego but about stepping up into a role that only you can play in helping, healing and teaching. Whether upfront or behind the scenes, whether through charity work, setting up your own business, volunteering or researching, opportunities to make a difference are coming thick and fast in this eclipse season.

No false modesty – just get started.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: March 31st – 7th April 2024

On April 1st, your own planet Mercury slows to turn retrograde in Aries until the 25th. This makes it all the more difficult to keep on keeping on through this eclipse tunnel, so let go of attempting to plan ahead or to control the constantly shifting circumstances around you. Eclipses are not head stuff, the solar frequencies affect your physically, somatically, emotionally. Knowing that the ripples from this eclipse season continue throughout May, switch off your data collecting and switch on your sensory acuity.

Your old maps are now out of date.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: March 31st – 7th April 2024

Being a Cancerian Moon child, your psychic antennae usually pick up on eclipse ripples well ahead of most other people. We’re now in the inter-eclipse seismic tunnel when unanticipated change – good and bad – is coming thick and fast. Adding to the sense of chaos, Trickster Mercury turns retrograde on April 1st at the pinnacle of your chart, just where the doozy of a Super Moon total solar eclipse will turn day to night on April 8th.

Be alert for news affecting your career, role or reputation and also your family.

Leo Weekly Forecast: March 31st – 7th April 2024

In this seismic eclipse tunnel between two wild card eclipses, abandon any idea of making plans, stop clinging to the river bank and let the energy river take you downstream. The planets are clustering in Aries, your 9th House of expanding your horizons, so be alert for news affecting legal matters, travel, study or publishing and respond accordingly. Mercury turns retrograde on Monday April 1st, adding a dose of trickster chaos to the intense energy field. Suspend judgment until late May when the eclipse dust will have settled a little and what was concealed will be revealed.

Make your physical wellbeing a priority.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: March 31st – 7th April 2024

Knowing that we are in a seismic eclipse tunnel this week culminating in a doozy of a Super Moon Total Solar eclipse on April 8th, put your emotional and physical wellbeing at the top of your priorities. I can’t emphasise this enough. This is the sort of extreme solar weather that fritzes and fries your nervous system, unless you get extra sleep, rest, water and grounding. Activating your 2nd / 8th Houses, both the eclipses are about money. Pay attention this week to any possible changes to your income, salary, taxes, inheritance and joint assets.

Your own planet Mercury turns retrograde on April 1st-25th – refuse to sign anything until early May.

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Libra Weekly Forecast: March 31st – 7th April 2024

As a solar Libran, both the eclipses are impacting your own and your opposite sign of Libra, symbolising another turn of the karmic spiral from events around the last eclipses here back in April 2005. This suggests that your people landscape is changing quite rapidly. Old friends may leave, long running professional contracts may end. On April 8th, at the Super Moon total solar eclipse in your relationship zone, the Sun and Moon are exactly conjunct Chiron. A challenging partnership could end permanently.

Old friends from the past may re-appear as Mercury turns retrograde on April 1st.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: March 31st – 7th April 2024

As a solar Scorpio, you are adept at reading the energy weather and quickly retreat into your personal sanctuary whenever planetary storms threaten. This is just such a week-a seismic tunnel between two eclipses with trickster Mercury amping up the chaos by turning retrograde on April 1st. Knowing that the doozy of a Super Moon total solar eclipse on April 8th will fall across your 6th House, pay attention to any creaking floorboards, especially ongoing health issues.

To avoid feeling fritzed or fried, make sure you get extra sleep, water and grounding.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: March 31st – 7th April 2024

Not only are we between two seismic eclipses this week but Messenger Mercury slows to turn retrograde on April 1st, amplifying the potential for crossed wires and miscommunication. Knowing this, be alert for your tendency for hoof in mouth moments and double check your posts, emails and texts before pressing send. The Super Moon total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8th falls across your 5th / 11th Houses of creativity and alliances. Make space for relaxing, engaging in passions and pastimes that have fallen by the wayside.

Give yourself a break.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: March 31st – 7th April 2024

This is an important time of potentially big changes for you. Both eclipses activate key angles of your chart – your 4th and 10th Houses. This is the axis of home and career. This week, Mercury adds to the potential for crossed wires and misinformation by turning retrograde on April 1st. Knowing this, sit tight, sign nothing and be alert for news that could mean several important decisions when the eclipse dust finally settles.

Think carefully about what is negotiable and non-negotiable.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: March 31st – 7th April 2024

There are two very different strands to your psychology, thanks to having both Uranus and Saturn as co-rulers of Aquarius. Although you think of yourself as free spirit, unfazed by the new and unexpected, as a fixed sign, there is deeply conservative streak in you that resists whatever you didn’t think up for yourself. This week, as Mercury turns retrograde on April 1st in between two eclipses, make a conscious effort to go with the flow.

Expect some news or information at April 8th’s Super Moon total solar eclipse that will change your perspective.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: March 31st – 7th April 2024

It’s all about money for you as a solar Piscean. Both eclipses activate your financial zone-the next on April 8th has the power to transform your income stream one way or another. The seismic energy field is made even more chaotic by Mercury turning retrograde on April 1st for 3 weeks. Knowing this, clear debts and balance your accounts. One long term client could leave or another appear. Don’t count on anything staying the same.

Sign no contracts until early May after the eclipse dust settles.

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