Seeing Through A Glass Darkly: Astrology Forecast May 15th – 22nd, 2022

What to expect this week?

By Lorna Bevan | Guest Writer

Early on Monday May 16th GMT, at the Buddhist festival of Wesak, we are overshadowed by a total lunar eclipse at 25 Scorpio. With a May 13-19 geo-physical shock window, the total lunar eclipse will be visible from parts of North America, Africa and Europe. Totality begins (moon engulfed in Earth’s shadow) at 3:29 UTC on May 16 . Totality ends at 4:53 UTC on May 16.

Collectively and personally, this is a potent Blood Moon eclipse as the Lights in Taurus/Scorpio with the Nodes of Fate square Lord of Time and Karma Saturn in Aquarius – geopolitics is re-arranging the pieces on the chess board. The Taurus Sun/North Node is conjunct Uranus, trine Pluto in Capricorn and sextile Mars/Neptune in Pisces- globally, problems with food security, supply chains, fuel stores and currencies will continue to make headlines.

Lunar eclipses are emotional times as they create final endings. Something in form is complete and disappears. If you have planets or angles between 22-27 of the Fixed signs Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius, expect aspects of your current existence to be released, closed down or removed during the 6 months to the next eclipses. To follow the threads/themes in your own life, look back to May 16 2003, the last lunar eclipse on these degrees.

The Scorpio Full Moon highlights two truths: One is that, against all odds, each of us exists. And the other is that eventually, we won’t. Even if you usually try to avoid/ignore/repress this knowledge, it plays out unconsciously through sensitive issues of money, attitude toward possessions, sexuality and your intimate relations. Be ready to:

  • take the garbage to the curb-freedom begins when you identify the aggravations you’ve been tolerating
  • recognise that stuff is an illusion; that the only constant in life is change
  • strip out what’s inessential in order to discover what’s lasting and true

Eclipses obscure. They conceal, they never reveal. Being left in the dark during a cover-up is a good expression of this Super Blood Moon Eclipse. A lack of insight, awareness, knowledge is normal. You can run or crash into things in the dark. Avoid dramatically changing course or taking a fork in the road, in your life – especially if it involves your finances or personal security.

Chandra Symbol Lunar Eclipse 26 Scorpio

Chandra Symbol Lunar Eclipse 26 Scorpio
Chandra Symbol Lunar Eclipse 26 Scorpio

A She Wolf.

“Bearing within you something vast and wild and true. Your instincts given over to this seed. What can be must be impels sacrifice and renunciation. Being held in the grip of vast, primordial forces. Taken over by depths that forge new worlds into being. Stunned into submission. Unconsciously obsessed with something that lives within you and cannot be forgotten. Supercharged with energy. In tune with the Earth’s cycles. Everything happening in a magnified and hypnotic atmosphere. The hidden worlds take charge. Individuality is eclipsed, and the surge of power dominates consciousness and life by its intensity and ruthless current right through the body, and there is nothing to say about it.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: May 15-22, 2022

For the first time since May 2003, on Monday a total lunar eclipse shakes up your angle of finances. Do an audit of your sources of income, your possessions and your attitude towards money and partnership. Lunar eclipses usually remove something or someone from your life to make space for something better, so loosen your grip on trying to manipulate circumstances beyond your control and let it all play out as it will. This is not a one-off event – the financial dominos will continue to topple during the 6 months to the next one in October/November. Happily, both Jupiter and Venus are in Aries all month lending you charm and persuasion and also a helping of luck.

Clearing the decks.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: May 15-22, 2022

As a solar Taurean, your sign is in the eye of Monday’s total lunar eclipse. Both your relationships and your career could be changed quite radically over the next 6 months. Make sure you get extra rest, hydration and time to yourself this week-this is potent, transformational energy changing circumstances around you. You’ll feel it physically, emotionally and mentally. Luckily, you have both Jupiter and Venus in your angle of outlived hopes and dreams, like a pair of wise mentors, revealing whatever needs to be left behind. There is nothing to do, practise or ritualise at the eclipse-let it all play out in its own way and own timing.

From May 20th, when the Sun moves into Gemini, the pressure will start to fade.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: May 15-22, 2022

Monday’s total lunar eclipse falls across your 6th/12th Houses, your axis of adaptation and retreat. You are being nudged to grow beyond your usual comfort zone and routines, to let go of self-sabotaging psychological or health habits. During the next 6 months, learn a set of new skills which will give you greater flexibility and more choices. Fix what can be fixed, then surrender to what can’t be controlled. Keep in mind that your own planet Mercury is retrograde until June 3rd, make no big decisions and let the chips fall where they may.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got…….

Cancer Weekly Forecast: May 15-22, 2022

As a sign ruled by the Moon, you are extra sensitive to eclipses and Monday’s total lunar eclipse is a doozy. It is working behind the scenes in your 5th/11th Houses, your axis of creative contribution. Your friends, networks and groups are changing and are playing a helpful part in helping you to go for your dreams. In the next 6 months, if you put all your energy and commitment into one goal that is close to your heart, you can expect long overdue recognition. A breakthrough of some sort is possible connected with writing, art, children, romance. A lunar eclipse always brings an ending, so if someone leaves your life, let them go without drama or regrets.

Take as much quiet time for yourself as you can.

Leo Weekly Forecast: May 15-22, 2022

The total lunar eclipse on Monday 16th cuts right across the top and bottom of your chart, bringing change to both your career and to life at home. With the eclipse Scorpio Moon in your 4th House, your family and tribe may need more of your time, love and attention. Whatever you do, avoid arguments or ultimatums this week-eclipses are highly unpredictable and a lunar eclipse always brings endings of some sort. With Saturn in your relationship zone, you might be making a decision to make a big commitment, either to your partner or to buying something together-perhaps a house. Wait until the eclipse dust has settled as the landscape will have changed along with your old hopes and dreams.

What if life has something even better in store for you?

Virgo Weekly Forecast: May 15-22, 2022

Monday’s total lunar eclipse in Scorpio is likely to shake up how you connect and communicate. It falls across your 3rd/9th axis of information, so expect circumstances around you to change, nudging you to evolve. You might suddenly be asked to teach, mentor or coach or develop an online program or webinar. No matter how it plays out, you’re going to need to develop some new skills in technology, psychology and marketing. It’s time to expand beyond the familiar four walls of your mind, to shake up your mental circuitry and your world view. Your old ways of thinking aren’t getting you where you need to be.

No more sorcerer’s apprentice.

Libra Weekly Forecast: May 15-22, 2022

It’s a big week starting on Monday 16th with a doozy of a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. This is your angle of income and resources and, since the eclipse is at odds with Saturn, it seems as if a reality check is on its way. Perhaps one income stream is suddenly drying up or a client leaving. Double check anything to do with taxes, inheritance or debts, to avoid unwelcome news. If a big expense turns up, postpone it until after the eclipse dust has settled. The shadow of the eclipses conceals things and not everything will be as it seems. With Mercury-planet of business – retrograde, until June 3rd, do nothing.

A financial shake out.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: May 15-22, 2022

Monday’s total lunar eclipse in your own sign is the first since May 16 2003, so an 18.65 years cycle begun back then is completing. Lunar eclipses always bring an ending to something in form in order to make space for something new to seed. For clues as to how it might play out, look at your closest partnership and also your home and family. What’s been shifting since the first eclipse in this series in November 2021? Someone might arrive-a new baby? Or someone leave- an empty nest? You could suddenly need to downsize or to extend where you live as circumstances change outside your control. Keep in mind that the cause and effect from eclipses lasts 6 months and don’t make any big decisions until the dust has settled.

What does home and belonging mean to you?

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: May 15-22, 2022

The April 30th eclipse was relatively mild but Monday’s total lunar eclipse is anything but. It falls into your deep hidden 12th House and across your 6th House of work and health. Not only that, but it is at odds with Saturn in your angle of communication, bringing a reality check of some sort. If this eclipse hits one of your planets or angles, it could remove something or someone from your life. Notice what is going on with those around you, as they be affected by this powerful energy more than you. On May 15/16th, take some quiet time out, sidestep arguments or dramas and wait until after the dust has settled before making any important decisions.

Stay on your witness perch.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: May 15-22, 2022

Although the first eclipse on April 30th was relatively mild, the total lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 16th will be anything but. This is certainly true for you as the Sun and Moon are at odds with your own planet Saturn. Your personal security foundations, money and resources are going to be undergoing recycling for at least the next 6 months, if not through to October 2023.Your axis of fortune is in the frame, removing someone helpful or influential from your life or changing the guard in your friendship groups or networks. Whatever happens, don’t make any important financial decisions until after June 3rd when the eclipse dust will have settled and Mercury will have turned direct.

Home is where the heart is for the next few weeks.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: May 15-22, 2022

Both the eclipses -on April 30th and May 16th-are bringing new developments to your home and career or status. The first one was mild but the total lunar eclipse on Monday will be a doozy. It is right on the pinnacle of your chart in Scorpio, suggesting that you need to let go of one ambition, dream or plan to make room for the unexpected. At work, someone may suddenly leave or if you are self-employed, a big client might terminate a contract. The Sun and Moon are at odds with Saturn in your own sign, so if a reality check arrives, accept it, and don’t resist it, knowing that it is clearing the way for better opportunities in the next 6 months.

“Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?” – Rumi

Pisces Weekly Forecast: May 15-22, 2022

Something big this way comes…namely, a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio on Monday May 16th. As it’s in a compatible water sign, it’s in a helpful angle to your Sun. This is your 9th House of broadening your horizons, so watch for unexpected opportunities to travel or study. With Jupiter now in Aries, you might be drawn to a guru figure or a wise mentor or coach. Mars and Neptune merge in Pisces on Wednesday May 18th when all the growth you’ve experienced in the last few years matures and becomes accessible to you. This planetary combination makes you almost charismatic, people will be drawn to you and pay attention to what you have to say.

Be ready to seize opportunities at a moment’s notice.

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