Seeding Your Next 6 Months – Astrology Forecast June 9th – 16th 2024

Here’s what’s happening in astrology this week.

By: Lorna Bevan Hare In The Moon

Seeding Your Next 6 Months …

After several weeks of relaxing planetary sunshine, the psychological weather turns more unsettled.

Make a note of June 9-11th when warrior Mars enters fixed sign Taurus and immediately squares up to take-no-prisoners Pluto in Aquarius. The mood turns serious as Sun / Mercury in Gemini square Lord of Time and Karma Saturn in Pisces, while Venus squares slippery Neptune.

On the world stage, watch for threats or ultimatums when neither side will back down.

In your own life:

  • Keep Michelle Obama’s words in mind: “When they go low, we go high”.
  • The shadow side of Mars is fighting for power using Strong Will. Go higher and use Skilful Will instead, like an Akido master.
  • The shadow side of Venus / Neptune is delusion or addiction. Go higher and create a compelling vision board from the clues, insights and inspirations of your Morning Pages and night time dreams. Rather than a collage of random images you’ve cut out or downloaded, create a clear roadmap infused with intentions so compelling and generative that you start to bring them to life.

As we head for the midpoint of the year, seed your next 6 months by following your own guidance.

There is a high road and a low road. A muggle road and a magician road. A devil road and an angel road. An unconscious road and a conscious road….you don’t need to know more theory, you just have to feel more truth.

Chandra Symbol Sun
Chandra Symbol Sun/Mercury 25 Gemini: A cave in deep ocean waters.

Chandra Symbol Sun / Mercury 25 Gemini: A cave in deep ocean waters.

“Stunning ways to preserve lost knowledge and lost worlds. The treasure chest is full to bursting. A leavening agent. A corrective to shallow patterns of existence. You are able to be so multidimensional that vastly divergent realities can be lived simultaneously and often are. Care and effort stand behind this place over myriad lifetimes. Contains boundless intact awareness held for the future. A contact point underneath conscious awareness. Faithful to the cause. Integrity above all.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: June 9th – 16th 2024

Now that Mars is moving into Taurus, your finances become a priority. Just be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater where one source of income is concerned. Set your key priorities and focus your time and attention on them.

Money in…money out.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: June 9th – 16th 2024

Mars returns to your sign after an absence of 2 years between June 9-July 20. You’ll really notice your libido-your life force -rising in tandem with your motivation and momentum. Just one caveat-make a note of June 9-11th when Mars is at odds with take-no-prisoners Pluto and your urge to do something-anything-will be at its strongest.

Tread carefully.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: June 9th – 16th 2024

The good news is that your own planet Mercury meets the Sun this week in Gemini, perfect for going out there, socialising, meeting and greeting and making new connections. You might find yourself studying or researching deeper aspects of psychology or philosophy as Mars enters Taurus and your 12th House.

Just follow where your curiosity leads.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: June 9th – 16th 2024

Although the gathering of Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in Gemini, the sign just behind yours, are giving you food for thought about what you really need and want in your life, as energy planet Mars enters Taurus, others will be demanding your attention. Just be careful to sidestep conflict around June 9-11, when Mars is at odds with Pluto.

Much to think about.

Leo Weekly Forecast: June 9th – 16th 2024

This week, Mars reaches the pinnacle of your chart for the first time in 2 years. Expect a surge of can-do energy and personal ambition, especially where your career is concerned. If you want to be noticed, update your cv and remind your networks of your existence. Just make sure to tread extra carefully between June 9-11 when Mars is at odds with Pluto and it would be easy to detonate an argument.

Stay on the sidelines.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: June 9th – 16th 2024

This is set to be a busy time for you, with a cluster of planets right at the top of your chart sparking your ambition and now Mars returning to Taurus after a 2 years’ absence. This earthy, practical energy is compatible with yours and nudging you to take a trip, start an intriguing program of study and expand your horizons.

Sidestep arguments between June 9-11th when Mars clashes with Pluto.

THEY ARE COMING – Bob Lazar FINALLY Breaks Silence On Recent UFO Sightings

Libra Weekly Forecast: June 9th – 16th 2024

Generally, the first 3 weeks of June are auspicious for you as a Venus ruled Libran. With Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus all gathered in fellow Air sign Gemini, it’s all about reconnecting with the big wide world out there after many months of having to focus on family issues. Anything to do with teaching, learning and travel are well starred.

The only days to watch out for are between June 9-11th – use your natural diplomacy.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: June 9th – 16th 2024

As a Scorpio, you’re in the thick of it at the moment. That’s because your sign has not one but two rulers-Mars and Pluto-and both are psychological heavyweights. Pluto is transforming your home and family life whilst Mars returns to Taurus stirring up your one-to-one relationships. Between June 9-11th, they are at odds with each other. Friction of some kind is likely, either between you and someone close or members of your tribe.

Get to the root of it and deal with it.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: June 9th – 16th 2024

For you as a Jupiter-ruled Sagittarian, the first 3 weeks of June look very promising. With Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and Venus all in your relationship angle, you’ll feel loved and appreciated. Make the very most of it. The only cloud in the sky might arrive between June 9-11th when heavyweights Mars and Pluto clash and everyone is extra prickly and sensitive.

Stay in your own bubble.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: June 9th – 16th 2024

With so many supportive planets gathered in your 6th House, are you noticing your focus shift on to your work and your wellbeing? The next 11 months are all about investing in what you do and finding meaning and enjoyment in it. To achieve that, you need to pay attention to your emotional and physical health, re-balancing your priorities.

Don’t overreact around June 9-11 if a money issue raises its head.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: June 9th – 16th 2024

The influx of supportive planets in fellow Air sign Gemini this month is really lifting your spirits and filling you with innovative ideas and plans. As Mars enters Taurus for the first time in 2 years to stay until July 20th, much of your focus will be based at home. You might be planning a move, a renovation, a garden or a complete de-clutter.

June 9-11th are perfect to get ruthless about what stays or goes, but avoid arguments with those close to you.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: June 9th – 16th 2024

As a Piscean, June should be proving to be an enjoyable time for you with Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and Venus all turning your home life into something of a love-fest. Now Mars ups the ante, returning to Taurus until July 20th and making you communications hub central. Just take care around June 9-11 when Mars clashes with Pluto, turning everyone much more short-tempered than usual.

Get going on that podcast, book or new platform.

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