Sam Altman’s Worldcoin Is A Precursor To Global Universal Basic Income

Start-up plans to create global identification system through iris scans to enable access to free global currency

By: Leo Hohmann | Guest Post

Worldcoin is being developed by two arch-Technocrats, Sam Altman and Alex Blania. Altman is an ardent supporter of Universal Basic Income (UBI), so it is no surprise that IndianExpress carries an article that states, “Worldcoin aims to eventually bring Universal Basic Income to the masses.” This is pure Technocracy, not Communism or Socialism.

To get free Worldcoins, all you have to do is scan your iris using their patented “Orb” that registers a permanent ID for you to use in future transactions. Further details are sketchy because the entire program is still in beta testing. — Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

Biometric iris scanners being set up throughout Southern Europe; precursor to a global digital ID system being ushered in for citizens around the world whether they “like it or not” says technocrat CEO of new company that plans to scan the eyeballs of every human on the planet.

I’ve been saying for nearly three years now that the beast system is based on the world’s people accepting two technological components offered up by the Luciferian globalist elites: A globally recognized digital ID to replace the cards in your wallet and a globally recognized digital money to replace the cash in your wallet. The two together will comprise the foundation of the punitive global beast system.

UN’s iVerify: Global Crackdown On Misinformation

From an article in Slay News, we learned today that the CEO of an outfit called Worldcoin has warned that a global digital ID system will be ushered in for citizens around the world whether they “like it or not.”

Worldcoin has developed a system that it pitches as “the world’s largest identity and financial public network.”

The company has created a database that links central bank digital currencies in the form of digital tokens (the eventual replacement for cash), with a digital identity system.

The company has created its own form of digital money called the Worldcoin token (WLD).

Linked to Worldcoin tokens is another of Worldcoin’s products – World ID.

World ID is a digital identity system that collects biometric data for individuals and holds it in a database that links to Worldcoin token transactions.

Worldcoin tokens and World ID are connected and accessed via the company’s World App.

When it’s all in place and no longer “voluntary,” these technologies will be used to create and enforce 15-minute cities, says Christine Anderson, a member of the E.U. Parliament from Germany. Watch her describe how it will work below.

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Disinformation & The State: The Aptly Named RESTRICT Act

The RESTRICT Act (Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology Act) has recently been making the rounds in the media, and rightfully so.

The act is truly terrifying, but more than the open tyranny that it would further, the act illustrates a very clear problem from the perspective of the state.

In previous eras, either formally or informally, the state exercised a great deal of control over the information available to the wider population. This is no longer the case in the present day. With the advent of the internet and the resulting decentralization of media and other channels of information, the state has had increasingly fewer options at its disposal to control information. It is very obviously afraid of losing its position as the controller of information, and the RESTRICT Act is a desperate attempt to reassert itself as such.

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