Psychic Abilities 101: Understanding Claircognizance

Inner stillness is the vibrational frequency where information instantly travels. It literally travels faster than the speed of light because in a spiritual sense, there is only one moment, one instant and one place-the here.

By Jiulio Consiglio | Guest Writer

I approach claircognizance as the foundation to all other psychic abilities. I do so because it is based in interconnectedness and oneness. Being clear knowing and understanding, this spiritual faculty is instantaneous and spontaneous in its expression. Transcending the illusions of space and time, it allows us to instantly know something, an important piece of information, usually without any effort on our part. All of us have experienced this ability, the key is to now be aware of it. Because the more aware we are of it, the more amplified this gift can become.

On a quantum level, all minds are joined, they are one because we are all one in Source. And because of that, we are able through allowing or “just being” receive knowledge through supernatural ways. Just placing our awareness on a person, place or thing can speak volumes to us. Everything is information on a spiritual level and being spiritual beings first, we can tune into that guidance by being an active, conscious participant with incredible results. Through the energetic glue that connects us all, the truth of any given situation can be made available. All that is required is awareness, and what is awareness but focus. It doesn’t really require effort but rather the willingness to listen, to pay attention, to be alert and yet relaxed all at once.

Inner stillness is the vibrational frequency where information instantly travels. It literally travels faster than the speed of light because in a spiritual sense, there is only one moment, one instant and one place-the here. In other words, it’s the here-and-now where the action takes place. That’s where the soul is remembered, the highest self, and where the laws of this world are transcended through wholeness or oneness. The ability of inner knowing extends far beyond what one can imagine. It is not limited in any way, shape or form. It can be applied to many facets of our life experience; it allows wisdom and understanding to be pulled out of nowhere. It is the foundation for discernment because it reveals truth and illusion. It tells you what is really taking place in a given situation by looking beyond the veil and glimpsing into the world of energy, frequency and vibration.

Claircognizance is like a spiritual honing device. And the more one allows it to express itself, the sharper, the more accurate it gets through our expanded awareness that shifts us from using the five senses to tuning into the sixth. To clarify, this psychic ability is an extension of the third eye. Being clarity itself in every way, the third eye is the channel, the frequency that makes things clear. Looking out onto the world through such clarity, oneness to be exact, one realizes that everything, all things are speaking to us on an energetic level.

This faculty is a shift beyond belief, conjecture and doubt. This ability doesn’t second-guess itself because it is based in knowing. Thoughts aren’t necessarily utilized but rather energy and feeling. Our job is to recognize when we’re experiencing claircognizance and be able to read it by feeling the message; allowing it to speak to us. A spiritual experience, a conscious experience with this gift can lead us to finding our greater purpose, our soul purpose. Similar to a mystical experience, coming into an instant knowing about something can cement the fact that there is more to this world and this life experience that meets the eye.

Here are a few insights and tips to help you develop this spiritual faculty. I always say that less is more when it comes to spirituality and growth in general; what’s more important is open-mindedness, willingness, and a spirit of allowing.

  • Present moment awareness offers the opportunity to experience greater clarity; remind yourself often of its reality.
  • This psychic ability like all things, is an extension of consciousness and like all of life, has a desire to be expressed.
  • Become more in tune with the physical body and the subtle body; become more aware of feeling, of the energy that is within you and all around you.

About the Author

Jiulio’s writings and teachings focus on the transformative power of inner stillness, the mind-body-spirit connection and psychic abilities development. He is the author of Challenge Your Thoughts: Healing Mind, Spirit and Body with TruthThe Healing Frequency: Transform Your Life through the WisdomPower and Clarity of Inner Stillness and the soon to be released, Open Your Third Eye: Activate Your Sixth Chakra & Develop Your Psychic Abilities.

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