Overcome Victim Consciousness With This One Simple Change

It’s easy to tether to victimhood sometimes. This becomes even truer when there has been some sort of suffering experienced by several generations in your lineage.

By Paul Lenda | Contributing Writer

Trauma imprints itself and then transfers epigenetically. That is why the work of healing is something that can heal the trauma and suffering of your ancestors just as much as it can help you heal yourself. In order to overcome continuously defaulting to victim consciousness, there really is only one simple change you need to make.

Mindset is everything. We live in a Reality of interconnectedness, where everyone and everything is continually affecting everyone and everything else. Together with the attraction principle, nothing happens without your participation in it in some way. Sometimes, it’s on a deeply unconscious level where we don’t even realize we are running a program that is lining us up with those traumatic or distressing experiences. However, all of that can be resolved with a mind shift.

Before we get into how to overcome victim consciousness, I feel it is vital to emphasize that you should avoid interpreting “You create your reality” as something that casts blame on “victims” and implies that their difficulties arise from not being positive enough. Just because something traumatic happens to us that causes suffering does not automatically mean it’s our fault. A better way to explain the attraction principle involves alignment.

In this Reality that we find ourselves in, coherence is always what everything naturally becomes attracted towards. That means when there is discordance, coherence will readjust energies. If our energy/consciousness/focus, whether we are conscious or not, is in a state of lack, for example, we are pulsing out an energy wave that is encoded with lack. That energy will emanate from you until it reaches something that is resonant with it. A match occurs and then you and whatever else it is both achieve coherence. There is now more lack in your life. This lack could be financial, relationships, time, or something else.

Given the attraction principle that ties into reality creation via mindset, there is something you can tell yourself, as an affirmation, to overcome feeling like a victim.

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

This is a powerful affirmation that Stephen R. Covey, author of the phenomenal book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, shared years ago. You can overcome your limits when you realize that you are always in charge of your energy and direction in life. You hold the vibrational keys to lining up with whatever it is you wish.

The difference between an ordinary person and an awakened one manifests in how they respond to life’s inevitable ups and downs. Let’s face it; it’s incredibly challenging to be conscious/aware/lucid all of the time. There will undoubtedly be times we drop into a lower energetic state that lines us up with something we wouldn’t usually want to match up with, yet we do because we’ve been stressed out or overwhelmed energetically somehow. That’s perfectly normal and OK. However, where the bulk of our work normally lies in realizing that we have the power to choose to respond in whatever way we want to, in any given situation.

Whenever something happens that causes you suffering, you may habitually default to feeling like a disempowered victim. However, once you make the mind shift where you have the power to shift your personal experience in Reality, then you will soon stop defaulting to victim consciousness. You will catch yourself before the energetic blueprint of something you genuinely want to avoid becomes too strong.

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Paul Lenda is a conscious evolution guide, founder & director of SHIFT, author, writer, speaker, meditation teacher, life coach, and ambassador for the New Paradigm wishing to provide an integral role in personal transformation and the collective social transformation of humanity. Paul offers private one-on-one holistic life counselling & conscious evolution sessions, via Skype or phone. Paul takes into account all aspects of the hyper dimensional matrix when providing guidance, counselling, and coaching.

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