New Indiana Jones Movie Is Being Filmed At A Haunted Castle

The newest Indiana Jones movie is being filmed at Bamburgh Castle. Located in Northumberland, England, it has been described as being the most haunted castle in all of Britain.

By Jocelyne LeBlanc | Mysterious Universe

Before the filming even began, the crew had odd feelings while they were setting up the scenes at the castle. An insider told The Sun, “It sounds silly but before filming even starts, any of us are talking about is the ghost. It’s a seriously creepy place.” “A surprising number of the crew really believe in this stuff and it’s rattled everyone. A number of the team are reluctant to even go into the oldest part of the castle, it’s really shaken them up.”

The crew members are particularly worried about encountering the Pink Lady who is said to haunt the castle’s corridors. Based on the legend, a young princess wanted to marry the love of her life but her father didn’t approve of him so he sent the young man overseas. In an attempt to get his daughter to forget about her lover, the king told her that he had married another woman. Her father then gave her a pretty new pink dress but that didn’t make the princess happy as she threw herself off a cliff. Her ghost is often seen wearing the pink dress.

Bamburgh Castle has been looking over the Northumberland coastline for over 1,400 years and is said to have numerous other ghosts haunting the property in addition to the Pink Lady. Another female apparition has been witnessed carrying a bundle and walking down steep stairs near the clock tower. She is seen falling down the steps while disembodied laughter can be heard at the same time. It is believed that she was a young woman named Jane who was sent to the castle by her family to beg for food but was refused by the guards. She is known as “Green Jane” because of the green cloak she was wearing.

. She is known as “Green Jane” because of the green cloak she was wearing.
. She is known as “Green Jane” because of the green cloak she was wearing.

A knight wearing armour has been heard stomping around the castle and occasionally people have experienced the sounds of chains rattling.

The dunes are said to be especially haunted as there have been stories of witches once living around the area. They apparently attacked people, killed them, and set them on fire. Thieves were also said to have hung out at the dunes, waiting for people to bring goods to the castle so they could rob them and kill them.

Bamburgh Castle
Bamburgh Castle

Some people have witnessed hands crawling along the dunes, while others have experienced a ghostly chopped off hand holding onto them, and some have seen dark shadow figures walking around.

Other paranormal activity includes the feeling of being touched or tapped on the shoulder near the library, as well as hearing (and occasionally seeing) furniture inexplicably being moved around.

It’s not surprising that the crew members of the new Indiana Jones movie are spooked out as there is a lot of paranormal activity associated with Bamburgh Castle.

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