Light And Mirrors: Astrology Forecast September 19th – 26th, 2021

What to expect this week?

By Lorna Bevan | Guest Writer

Waxing brightly just hours ahead of the Libra Equinox, Tuesday’s deeply esoteric Pisces Full Moon is conjunct Neptune and strategist Pallas, square the Galactic Centre conjunct Ixion and at the master anaretic degree of the last sign at the end of the zodiac. This is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, symbolised by the ancient esoteric Ouroboros – a snake swallowing its own tail, expressing the unity of all things, material and spiritual, which never disappear but perpetually change form in an eternal cycle of destruction and recreation.

This is a particularly tricky energy as the Sun /Mars oppose the Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. Illusion, escapism, social media conspiracies and disinformation are hard-wired into this Full Moon so stay on your Witness perch using discernment and grounding.

Watch for the urge to run away from everything, or wanting / expecting life to be other than the way it actually is, fact versus fiction, and illusion versus reality that results in big disillusionment. The only way out of this is through curiosity and asking questions.

At Mabon, with day and night of equal length turning towards Winter in the Northern hemisphere, we can feel the Great Wheel turning in sacred geometry, numerology, astrology and nature, in its patterns of spiralling tones, its mathematical, spiritual, earthly, eternal cycles, from nothing to experience, from matter to spirit and back again.

Be at peace with not Knowing, in Beginner’s Mind, as Mercury turns retrograde at 25 Libra on September 26/27th until October 16th in a Cardinal T Square with Pluto in Capricorn and Eris in Aries. Expect information previously hidden under the radar to come to light.

This is the 3rd and last Mercury Retrograde of 2021. Unusually, all 3 have been in Air signs – Aquarius/ Gemini/ Libra – the intellectual communicators of the zodiac. Given that Mercury is the planet of communication, thinking, and information, you could say that this is a double mercurial whammy. But hiding at the core of the cosmic chaos, this final Mercury retrograde of 2021 is an opportunity to reset the way you habitually think and interact, to be more mindful about the power of your words and more intentional and kinder in how you speak to yourself on a 24/7 loop.

The Chandra Symbol for Full Moon 20 Pisces

The Chandra Symbol for Full Moon 20 Pisces

Balinese dancers wearing elaborate gold costumes.

“Scintillating performance. Learning by heart all of the ways to perfect the Earth dance. Elaborately and ritualistically devising and setting up cycles, projects, programs and trainings to master skills, to develop missing areas to make up for what are felt to be gaps and gaping holes. Remedial practice–going back to go forward. Relentlessly pursuing perfection. You are granted a sensibility that knows and can recognise anywhere the real thing, the fulfilled prototype. Trancing out on discipline and constraint, yet you are ultimately inspired and infused with a wonderful self-witnessing capacity and self-reinventing skill that does work if you stay with it forever and refuse to hear of anything less, no matter how crazy it seems in the moment.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: September 19-26, 2021

For you, the last 12 days of September are all about relationships-both personal and professional. If you work alongside others, teamwork, collaboration and co-operation are well starred -you might even start an ideas factory! Mercury in your opposite sign slows to turn backwards, aligning with helpful Jupiter in your zone of groups and alliances. September 21st’s Pisces Full Moon will boost your empathy, intuition and rapport skills. As it shines a far seeing Neptunian light into your 12th house of deep emotions and unconscious, the Full Moon may evoke some powerful dreams with wisdom to which your daylight mind has no access. Start a dream journal-it will be useful further down the time-line.

It’s not what do you know, but who do you know.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: September 19-26, 2021

This is a lovely week for getting in touch with old friends, for socialising and also for making a professional pitch by increasing your public profile. Tuesday’s sensitive Pisces Full Moon harmonises with your sign and with your personal planet Venus in Scorpio opposite electric Uranus in Taurus, your relationships should feel the buzz. Get things going and make things happen. From the Equinox on the 22nd, as the Sun enters your 6th House of work and service, you’ll be extra busy. Hopefully, you used the first 3 weeks of September to get up to date, to de-clutter and re-organise your office, so you should be all systems go. Bear in mind that Mercury is slowing to turn retrograde on September 25/26th in your zone of work and be prepared to adjust to changing circumstances.

A time of possibilities.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: September 19-26, 2021

The beautiful Piscean Full Moonlights up the pinnacle of your chart on Tuesday, increasing your attractor quotient and making everything you do more visible. No cutting corners. With the Moon conjunct Neptune, be wary of promising more than you can deliver. Instead, channel this farsighted intuitive energy into creative expression-painting and photography are Piscean arts. Your luck is enhanced by your personal planet Mercury in a brilliant aspect to Jupiter, the planetary Father Christmas. This is the moment to launch something close to your heart out into the world. At the Equinox on September 22nd, the Sun returns to your 5th House, nudging you to step off your self-imposed treadmill  to pause and smell the roses.

All is well.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: September 19-26, 2021

The energies shift quite noticeably this week, starting with Tuesday’s beautiful Full Moon in Pisces-a compatible Water sign. You could feel quite emotional or nostalgic with Mars and Mercury in your 4th House of belonging and family. On the 22nd, they are joined by the Sun until October 21st at the Equinox, putting anything to do with where you live or who you share your life with centre stage. Keep in mind that Mercury is slowing at his most Tricksterish to turn retrograde on the 27th and carry out home repairs or de-clutter before then. On September 23rd, Venus in Scorpio aligns with Awakener Uranus in Taurus-time to try something exciting, new and unexpected in the company of good friends.

Postpone big financial outlays until mid-October.

Leo Weekly Forecast: September 19-26, 2021

It’s a week when the energy shifts are noticeable, as the season changes on a galactic wave of the Piscean Full Moon. In your solar chart, the Moon and Neptune are shining a spotlight on issues you might usually sweep under the carpet, such as finances, debt or personal secrets. It’s a far seeing extra intuitive time to dig a little deeper into hidden behaviour dynamics. Meanwhile, Mercury will spend a much longer time than normal in your 3rd House of connections and communication-staying until November. The Messenger slows this week before turning retrograde on September 27th, giving you just enough time to upgrade your website, your phone and your platforms. With Mars here as well, watch out for being too OTT-over the top- and don’t overwhelm others with your bright ideas.

Listen more than you speak.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: September 19-26, 2021

This week, you will certainly sense the energies change as the season shifts. The annual Piscean Full Moon is all about showing those significant others in your life how much they matter-you could feel extra emotional or even nostalgic for a long-lost friend or lover. From the Equinox on September 22nd ,when the Sun enters Libra to join Mars and Mercury, your resources will need your attention. The Messenger is going to spend much longer than usual in this part of your chart- right through to November -and is slowing down this week at his most Tricksterish to turn backwards on September 27th. Go through your finances in detail, look at your sources of income and think up ways to increase the money flowing into, instead of out of your bank account. Are you being paid what you’re worth or are you under charging and under-earning?

There’s work to do and income to attract.

Libra Weekly Forecast: September 19-26, 2021

It’s all change this week to match the shifting of the seasons. On Tuesday 21st, a beautiful Piscean Full Moon is the time to pay attention to your night time dreams and your gut instincts. A link between Mercury in your own sign and Jupiter suggests a lucky break or coincidence-be on the lookout before it flies by. On The 22nd, at the Equinox, the Sun returns to Libra until October 21st, marking your personal New Year. Feel your batteries re-charging. With Venus in your angle of money and income aligned with planet of surprises Uranus, that lucky break could materialise in the form of a bonus or a gift. Keep in mind that, all week, Mercury in Libra is slowing ready to turn retrograde on September 27th until mid-October. The Messenger will stay in your sign, polishing all your communication platforms, right through until November. Start immersing yourself in a piece of work such as a book, a website, a play or a film ready to launch before Christmas.

Back in your element.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: September 19-26, 2021

Make the very most of Tuesday’s glorious Full Moon in compatible Water sign Pisces to have some creative, romantic, life enhancing fun. With Venus in Scorpio increasing your attractor quotient aligned with planet of surprises Uranus in earthy Taurus, do what gives you pleasure. All the more important as at the Equinox on September 22nd, the Sun joins Mars and Mercury in the deepest part of your solar chart. The Messenger is slowing this week at his most Tricksterish to turn retrograde on the 27th, spending until November excavating secrets, motivations, defences and long -lost dreams. This is a time to step back from constant activity, to retreat for some inner adventuring and exploration.

“Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens.” Carl Jung

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: September 19-26, 2021

On Tuesday 21st, a stunning Piscean Full Moon shines a light on your home, family and tribe, reminding you how much you are loved and appreciated. If you can, organise a celebration or get together and enjoy the moment. From the Equinox on the 22nd, things will get much busier when the Sun, Mars and Mercury bring many more people into your life. Until the end of the year, keep a running record of all your bright ideas, insights and light-bulb moments before they disappear into the ethers, as exciting opportunities for teaching, mentoring or coaching others are on their way. Later this week, Mercury slows right down before turning retrograde on the 27th.Watch for communication snafus and glitches and guard against the famous Sagittarian “hoof in mouth” syndrome!

On a roll.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: September 19-26, 2021

This week, notice your mood shift upwards along with the change of season. On the 21st, a stunning Piscean Full Moon highlights connections of all kinds-the perfect day to show others how much you care and to feel the love in return. At the Equinox on the 22nd, the Sun enters Libra joining Mars at the pinnacle of your chart until October 21st, polishing your career opportunities. Just one caveat: Mercury also in Libra is going to spend until November travelling back and forth. This week the Messenger slows down to turn retrograde on September 27th, so be alert for unexpected glitches, snafus or crossed wires. Think carefully before you speak. What you see might not be what you get.

Planning your next move whilst pacing yourself.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: September 19-26, 2021

This week, the wheel of the season turns forward and the energy shift is palpable. As a solar Aquarian, Tuesday’s Piscean Full Moon boosts your self-worth and self-esteem with a beautiful link between Mercury and Jupiter in your own sign. From the 23rd, as the Sun returns to Libra at the Equinox to join Mars and Mercury, anything connected to teaching, studying, learning, travelling or publishing is very well starred. Get back in touch with old mentors or supporters or pick up the threads of an old interest you somehow left by the wayside. In a very rare transit, you are currently hosting both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, giving you wisdom based on personal experience as well as resilience and sticking power. Don’t fritter it away but channel it into a cause close to your heart.

As Mercury prepares to turn retrograde, do your research thoroughly.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: September 19-26, 2021

As a sensitive Piscean, you’ll feel definitely feel the energy shift alongside the change of season. Tuesday’s annual Full Moon in your own sign is conjunct farsighted Neptune, so expect to be more emotional than usual, perhaps even a touch nostalgic. Notice how easily you can tune in to other’s feelings. This is amplified after the Equinox on the 22nd by a gathering of the Sun, Mars and Mercury in your deep 8th House- a psychic place of subjects often taboo, such as money, sex, debt and family secrets. Mercury is slowing to turn retrograde here on September 27th and will stay in this House until November. It’s past time to let some of those secrets out of the bag, so shine a light in some of the dark corners on your own terms. On the 25th, when Mars trines Saturn, perhaps think about starting psychotherapy to do some much needed excavation of blocks that have sabotaged you or kept you stuck.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” – Leonard Cohen

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