Law of Attraction: 5 Golden Keys To Harness The Power of The Universe

Simply put, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

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The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool of the Universe no doubt. Unfortunately, to my mind, it’s been much misdirected and maligned, cleverly disguised in trying to get what the ego wants. But especially now, in these times of great challenge and turmoil, we can bring it to bear in support of our lives in most beneficial ways, providing we do so authentically, and in alignment with the natural flow of the Universe. Let’s explore.

The Law of Attraction: Meaning



First, it’s essential to understand the meaning of ‘Law’. This is not something that has been purposefully designed and handed down to us by some absolute creator God. It is a natural effect of the flow of the Universe arising spontaneously from the Source. Separation Consciousness happened at the big bang, but then an organising force (known as negentropy in quantum physics) crystallises it into form – draws it together.

In this flow back to Oneness, like attracts like – reflections happen through synchronicity – put simply, if the soul is allowed to flow freely, it will attract exactly the reflections it needs to see and experience. Which includes its shadow – a crucial aspect often missed.

So in the case of the Law of Attraction, it is an inevitable dynamic caused by the spontaneous separation of the Universe at the big bang, for just as the ripples flow outwards on the surface of the pond, the water is held in place by the undertow pulling back to the centre again.

So how does the Law of Attraction truly work?

Each of us replicates the universal dynamic of unity and separation flowing inside of us. Our beingness is continually reshaping itself to gain ever greater internal harmony. To facilitate this natural flow of Ascension, we create external mirroring circumstances to reflect our internal configuration of consciousness.

Our every thought, feeling, word, deed is a mirroring opportunity. In other words, it’s like each of us is a cinema projector, creating the outer movie of our lives by what we’re being within.

Everything is formed of energy – consciousness – which in itself arises from the source, the source being the ‘audience’ in the dynamic – the Seer of all things. They are totally and utterly inseparable. So the observer in us affects and influences EVERYTHING that we do and experience.

Whatever we bring our attention to, or whatever our consciousness is currently revealing, is projected into our lives and shapes all of the interactions we experience.

The Fundamental Purpose of the Law of Attraction

When we realise this, we have the potential to be enormously empowered.

Life flows through you as the soul. It’s naturally yearning to actualise an expression – a reflection – of the One. The Universe tirelessly configures and conspires to reveal this. BUT, it’s NOT about getting a particular outcome from this dynamic, other than the actualisation itself.

The One is working to see itself and be itself, through YOU.

When you are being this dynamic, then the quantum field bends naturally around you to reflect your expression. You’re acting like a magnetic pole that draws to you. Crucially though, you’re also going to draw the uncomfortable, unpleasant side of your consciousness – that which you might want to distance from. But this is self-defeating. You can override it for only so long. At some point, this karma that you might have buried will come back, just in another guise and circumstance.

What we really need to do is to UNPACK and INTEGRATE our shadow.

The key is to realise this and accept it. That you’re ALREADY manifesting perfectly. You’re doing it to see yourself. Now you have a golden opportunity to change, to evolve and grow.

What’s more, when you surrender into this evolutionary process, the whole Universe works with you, in every given moment. When you realise and accept it, reality turns on its head for you – EVERY moment can be successful, even when it’s difficult and doesn’t want to flow.

5 Golden Keys to Work with the Law of Attraction

From my experience in working with thousands of people around the world, here are 5 Authentic Keys that truly work with the Law of Attraction…

Key 1. By keen observation of the outer circumstances of our lives in relation to our inner feelings, keep working to realise that the perfect mirroring circumstances are being continually drawn to us to reveal inner tightness and blockages – our buttons are getting pressed!

Key 2. Accept totally what comes up. Do not try to resist or deny the situation in any way. Our thoughts and emotions provide vital reflections for a new unfolding and way of being. Do not try to override or change thoughts and emotions at this stage – that would be like removing invaluable evidence at the ‘scene of a crime’.

Key 3. Ask, why do I feel uncomfortable about what is going on right now? What can I not accept? What outcome do I perceive I am needing from this situation? Go deep into it and explore any resistance to the moment you might have. If we continually turn the mirror inwards, the resistance will unwind.

Key 4. Unleash new aspects of beingness wanting to reveal themselves. Creation is all about manifesting who we truly are. The whole universe supports this one unifying purpose. So look into the outside mirror to the profound aspects of beingness that are being reflected back to you… maybe a smile from someone in the face of adversity, or the surrender of a ‘saint’, the confidence of someone in her power or a creature in nature. What are you drawn to? What manifests in your environment? Now look for that aspect of beingness in yourself.

Key 5. By attuning to the natural expressions of beingness that inspire us on the outside, unleash them on the inside. Give maximum attention to expressing the fullness of these authentic gifts. This is the true creative power in our lives and if we unleash it, then we’ll create exactly the right outer harmony for that beingness. Life will feel increasingly miraculous and magical, as if the whole universe is working for you – it is!!

Enhancing Your Power by Co-creating with the Universe

We can enhance this co-creation with the Universe by working to reveal authentic beingness.

We – as the soul – are a channel for that flow of divine energy. Since the soul is our unique reflection of the Seer, then we embody and radiate the unified characteristics of the Seer outwards (what we term at Openhand as…Seven Rays of Divine Impulse). There is no need or desire of a particular outcome, it’s all about expression, learning, and evolution, the eternal realisation of higher harmonies.

To be truly content and aligned in life, is to be the Seer aligned with the natural spontaneity of the soul all the time. This is Enlightenment – an awesomely ordinary and entirely natural state of beingness.

Now the soul may ‘see’ what is coming into fruition. We may dream it, have spontaneous visions of what is forming often felt as an inner yearning, an upwelling from the depths of our being. We become the channel of this creative action. And this is where it can often get confusing…

“It is not about the creation itself that counts It is the act of creating, for in the act of creating we’re fully expressing our purpose, the continual realisation and crystalisation of who we are.”

The Law of Attraction Working Perfectly

To conclude, I’ve summarised this approach of working naturally with the Law of Attraction and co-creating with the divine in this Openhand video…

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In loving support, Open.

Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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