Into The Burning Fields: Astrology Overview October 15th – 22nd, 2023

Here’s what’s happening in astrology this week

By: Lorna Bevan Hare In The Moon

Yesterday’s 21 Libra Ring of Fire solar eclipse was the second in a series across Aries/Libra between now and March 2025 and the lunar eclipse on October 28 at 5 Taurus is the last in a series across Taurus/Scorpio between November 2021 and October 2023.

Both eclipses-in Libra and Taurus-are ruled by Venus and both are intensely transformational – the Libra eclipse at odds with Pluto and the Taurus eclipse sparked by Jupiter, Uranus and Mars.

That means the seismic inter- eclipse period this week and next will be volatile and tumultuous, especially when Mercury/Sun on October 20yj square Pluto on October 20th. Warrior Mars is now in Scorpio, the great De-Numbing Agent of the Zodiac, the Sun arrives on the 23rd.

The next six weeks of Scorpio’s tests and trials will be a walk across Pluto’s burning fields as Mars applies his blowtorch to world events. Scorpio is about survival, security, life and death—all the big existential questions. Its superpowers are regenerative healing, hard-core soul drive and metamorphosis.

Don’t make the beginner’s mistake of thinking that eclipses are single one-off events and that when the show’s over, the eclipse is over. The karmic ripples and repercussions roll out for at least the following six months. It will take some time for the eclipse dust to settle after October 28th, so suspend judgments-just watch and wait.

Eclipses throw an accelerant on to situations in your life that need to be excised, pruned or left in your dustbin of history. They are catalysts of birth and death, doors closing and doors opening.

Two different aspects of your chart are being transformed at the same time and that can be exhausting, enervating and draining. To follow the threads in your own life, find 20-23 Libra and 3-7 Taurus/Scorpio in your chart and track the events and emotions that follow the eclipses in your journal/morning pages.

Be Mindful of:

  • Energetic responsibility
  • Masterful restraint
  • A new level of care and caution with emotions, psyche and psychic experience
  • Decision-making based on intuition tested in reality
  • Zero tolerance for baggage, unfinished business, emotional/sexual toxic entanglements.
  • A more considered timing of the merging of resources, especially financial and sexual
  • A deepened respect for your power and influence on others-words are spells

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