First Hydrogen Car Comes To Market, Charging In 5 Minutes, And Purifies The Air As It Moves

SAY! Bye Bye to Gas Bills!

Australia’s first hydrogen car comes to market, complete with charging stations in just 5 minutes. The car travels 900 kilometres with the tank full and purifies the air as it moves forward. For the first time, hydrogen fuel cell technology is being applied serialized in a commercial car and, above all, it allows for such important autonomy, with very reduced charging times.

This is Hyundai Nexo, a small-cylinder car that beats all car manufacturers in the world and sets a sustainability record, with a charge of 6.27 kilograms of hydrogen that purifies 449,100 litres of air during e The journey (as much as the consumption of breathing of 33 people for a whole day) and it only emits water down your exhaust pipe.

This car produces no CO2 or other polluting emissions; just think that an equivalent vehicle, with a traditional combustion engine, emits about 126 kg of CO2 at the same distance. The hydrogen engine thus enters the automobile market and intends to join the electric one among the sustainable mobility solutions the world is adopting.

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Hyundai thus becomes the first automaker in the world to produce a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for the market. The car is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system that, to generate electricity, passes the gas through a membrane structure where it meets the air taken from the external environment, a process that feeds an electric motor.

The excess electricity generated, including energy stored during braking, is stored in a lithium-ion battery. Reposting the next takes 5 min. The first country to put the car on sale was Australia, where the first gas stations were also built. A true vision of a sustainable future.

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Scientists Have Figured Out Just How Old Our Water Is, And It’s Old

The origin of Earth’s water has been an enduring mystery. There are different hypotheses and theories explaining how the water got here, and lots of evidence supporting them.

But water is ubiquitous in proto-planetary disks, and water’s origin may not be so mysterious after all.

A research article in GeoScienceWorld Elements shows that other young solar systems have abundant water. In solar systems like ours, water is along for the ride as the young star grows and planets form. The evidence is in Earth’s heavy water content, and it shows that our planet’s water is 4.5 billion years old.

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