Enlightenment: The Next Evolutionary Step For Humanity

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that humanity is ready for a shift in awareness, in consciousness.

By Jiulio Consiglio | Guest Writer

The egoic consciousness that we take on as human beings serves a purpose initially: it gives us an identity. But many of you might have come to realize that it has become a source of suffering especially in times of crisis-like we have been experiencing this past year. Let’s be clear: there’s nothing wrong with the ego, it is what it is. Condemning it is futile because it does in fact serve a divine purpose and that is this: it’s the catalyst for your awakening.

The ego is complex and simple all at once from a spiritual vantage point. To be clear, it operates between the past and future, never acknowledging the present moment and for good reason which I’ll shortly explain. The egoic mind or thinking mind is based in mind constructs. It uses images, memories and emotions that focus on the past, which usually entails feelings of sadness, regret or guilt and then projects those constructs into the future where fear and anxiety are experienced. This is how the ego perpetuates itself within our consciousness. And it survives on our energy through reaction. In essence it is a conditioning devised to keep one stuck. Allow me to paint a picture for greater clarity: if you get into a car and drive 50 feet backwards and then 50 feet forwards and you do this day in and day out it will leave you nowhere. In other words, nothing really changes when one operates from the same vibrational frequency.

The ego does not want to acknowledge the present moment or if it were to, it would somehow reduce it. The reason for this is because if you were to become fully aware of the reality of the now it would be the beginning of the end for the ego. Because being conscious of the present moment raises one’s awareness and vibrational frequency. The now is the doorway to higher states of consciousness, the quantum field where the ego cannot enter.

As for the collective, the egoic consciousness has grown exponentially in emotional pain and it appears that humanity is ready for a shift, an awakening, the likes of which the earth has never seen before. I have often reminded the attendees at my speaking engagements that the ego serves a purpose before and after awakening. Before enlightenment it serves as a source of suffering-a catalyst. After enlightenment it serves as contrast, nothing more and nothing less. To clarify, as we head into our teens and adulthood we accumulate emotional energy and unresolved experiences that become heavy and dense left unchecked. But here is the good news: that accumulated energy can serve as a catalyst for a quantum leap in consciousness through a desire to change and willingness to make a shift. Let’s take a closer look at how the power of decision can open the door to an awakening, through third eye activation.

Knowing that there is an alternate vibrational frequency of awareness allows you to make a decision while also creating possibility. Because what you become aware of is what you give life to. The moment something, anything comes into your awareness is the moment that it becomes a possibility.

What you desire for your life is what Source Energy desires for you. The word desire translated means, “from the father”. And what the Universe desires is to experience itself experientially through you because you are both one and the same. Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with desire, it’s the engine that puts the universe in motion. Desire only becomes an issue when one becomes attached to the outcome or becomes impatient with the process. This is why surrender, letting go, is key in the awakening process. Surrender signals to your Highest Self that you are trusting, that you are ready to be guided by universal intelligence and spiritual forces that are in fact for you.

The third eye and its activation is your guide into enlightenment and the quantum field. Once activated, it acts as your spiritual sight, discernment and seat of clarity. When it opens you cannot mistake it for anything else; in that instant you will experience knowing through instantaneous energetic downloads of wisdom and understanding. It will be the event of your lifetime.

Here are some reminders to be aware of and practices you can put into place to create a welcoming atmosphere for this shift in awareness:

  • Get acquainted with the present moment. Be centred in it, become one with it. Notice this one moment as you go about your day. Remember it often. The present moment is your great ally and it is where the past and future can be transcended through its realization.
  • Just be. There is a difference between doing and being. Doing is physical. Being is spiritual. And surrendering to the moment as you go about your daily tasks, combing beingness with doingness changes your experience, it adds lightness to it, things become effortless.
  • Take a few minutes a day and meditate. It doesn’t have to be anything more than getting comfortable in a chair and becoming aware of your thoughts. Looking inward and observing your thoughts can increase one’s awareness. As you relax and observe, become aware of the stillness between your thoughts. Become aware of the stillness surrounding you. What you observe and become mindful of can be reflected within you, causing a spontaneous shift in awareness.
  • Nothing can be added to you. Your enlightened self is already present within you, it’s your inner being, the soul. Enlightenment is a destructive process, it breaks old habits and thinking patterns leading you deep within to the clarity of your innermost self. Turbulence can be expected as you grow spiritually but be comforted by the fact that all states are temporary as you are in the process of becoming.

You showed up on this planet with a purpose, a soul purpose. You had to first experience what you’re not, things like fear, sadness and worry. Those are things you experience, they are not who you are. In fact, they are emotional indicators, reminding you to get back into spiritual alignment, back into the now, back to where the soul resides. Wishing you strength and guidance on your spiritual journey!

About the Author

Jiulio’s writings and teachings focus on the transformative power of inner stillness, the mind-body-spirit connection and psychic abilities development. He is the author of Challenge Your Thoughts: Healing Mind, Spirit and Body with TruthThe Healing Frequency: Transform Your Life through the WisdomPower and Clarity of Inner Stillness and the soon to be released, Open Your Third Eye: Activate Your Sixth Chakra & Develop Your Psychic Abilities.

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