Darkness Is Approaching The Earth! On April 20, 2023, A Solar Eclipse Awaits Us, Which Will Be The Point of No Return

The final destruction of the current reality with the simultaneous start of the New World awaits us literally in a matter of days.

By: Soul:Ask | Guest Post

Whether we like it or not, everything in the world exists according to the laws established by the Creator. If you carefully study the algorithm for creating something objective and large-scale, then we will see a logical pattern: our life consists of seconds, and any significant result is the sum of insignificant efforts.

The simple truth is that if we do not know how to appreciate a small step, then we do not understand how each volitional inner decision leads us either to victory over animal nature and the superiority of our own spirit over all that exists, or to slavish submission to animal nature, which seeks to lock us in the comfort and survival zone.

Unfortunately, now we are witnessing the victory of animal instincts over the minds and hearts of people, and its manifestation in the ugliest form is very reminiscent of the signs of the coming Armageddon that those with wisdom spoke about.

Conflicts between loved ones and entire nations, the real Sodom and Gomorrah and the trampling of people’s faith through the destruction of temples and the persecution of believers – these are signs of what was called the End of the World.

The final destruction of the current reality with the simultaneous start of the New World awaits us literally in a matter of days.

Already on April 20, 2023, a solar eclipse will occur, which will open the doors to the Karmic Corridor for all of us, thus giving humanity the opportunity to find itself at the exit point in a qualitatively different reality.

That is why the clouds are gathering now, and the darkness is becoming more and more impenetrable, because the closer the X-Hour, the more the most destructive and low-frequency energies appear. And in the few days that we have left to live before the hybrid solar eclipse on April 20, these trends will only intensify.

You should not expect positive changes in the two weeks that will take place as part of the Karmic Transition.

Obviously, all this will not affect our psyche, state of mind and physiological processes in our body in the best way, and each of you must have felt the aggravation of psychosomatics in recent days.

We can react too sharply to external stimuli, experience sudden changes in emotional states and are unlikely to be able to boast of internal harmony. But if we can take our emotions under control, effectively realizing all the possibilities of the upcoming Sacred Period, then we will survive these storms with maximum benefit for ourselves.

The darkness that is coming is unlike any darkness that has been experienced on this earth. It will be something alive, awake and deep, dark and lonely and intelligent. The candles themselves will not withstand this darkness. When the lights go out, everyone will know what the Abyss is, and the jokes of the weak-minded about “Hell” will no longer be so funny.

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