Biden Admin Plans ‘Imminent’ Booster Expansion; Orders 10M Courses of ‘Pfizermectin’

We can't wait for more fact checks that benefit big pharma!

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge

As governments worldwide continue to ratchet up authoritarian punishments for the unvaccinated and undervaccinated

health officials are once again moving the goalposts when it comes to the definition of fully vaxxed.’

To that end, the Biden administration is expected to ‘begin the process of expanding the booster authorization to all adults as early as this week, according to Axios.

The decision comes amid data which makes clear that vaccine efficacy wanes over time, requiring a booster three-shot course in order to protect against infection and infecting others reduce the < 1% risk of death in most adults under the age of 50, while marginally reducing transmission until it wears off again in 90 days.

More via Axios:

Despite disagreement among experts about who needs a booster, there’s broad consensus that older people and at least some with underlying health conditions should get an additional dose around six months after their first series.

  • But only 36% of Americans 65 and older have received a booster shot, according to the CDC.
  • As every month goes by, the immunity wanes more and more. So as time goes by, you’re going to see more vaccinated people” becoming more vulnerable to the virus, NIAID director Anthony Fauci told Axios.
  • The vast majority of breakthrough cases — particularly among younger people — aren’t severe. But “as is always the case, the elderly are more vulnerable, because they’re more likely to have waning of protection over time,” Fauci said.


Meanwhile, the Biden administration has also ordered 10 million courses of Pfizer’s new Covid-19 antiviral pill – which immediately triggered the highly conflicted fact checker industrial complex at the mere mention that it’s anything like Ivermectin – despite doing the exact same thing (inhibiting protease).

On Tuesday, Pfizer announced its plan to ask the US FDA to authorize its emergency use.

U.S. officials see this antiviral pill, and another by Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, as potential game-changers to help restore a broader sense of normalcy and are eager to add them to a small arsenal of treatments for Americans who contract the coronavirus. With breakthrough cases rising and 30% of American adults not fully vaccinated, health officials believe the pills will help tame the pandemic because of their ability to thwart the virus’s most pernicious effects.

Pfizer announced earlier this month that its experimental pill, which will be sold under the brand name Paxlovidreduced the risk of hospitalization and death by 89% in high-risk people when taken within three days of the onset of symptoms. The company said it planned shortly to file an application for emergency use authorization with federal regulators. – Washington Post

Being the altruistic types, Pfizer has also allowed generic drug companies to start cranking out their new antiviral in what couldn’t possibly be an effort to unseat Ivermectin as the world’s go-to early treatment option.

If one is interested in an in-depth analysis of the similarities between Pfizer’s new “game-changer” and Ivermectin, watch below:

We can’t wait for more fact checks that benefit big pharma!

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