Astounding Discovery: Enormous Object Spotted Near Aquarius Constellation! Google Sky Unveils Gigantic Mothership Encircling Earth!

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A puzzling discovery was made near the constellation of Aquarius as an unknown space station-like anomaly has appeared.

The strange object spotted on Google Sky by YouTube channel RapiTV measures about 300 by 100 by 60 meters.

RapiTV’s estimate of the size of the object is more than amusing, since the distance to the object is unknown. There is also nothing nearby with which to compare, therefore, the size of the object can be 300 meters or 300,000 kilometres.

However, most likely the size of this thing is tens of kilometres and it is located at a distance of the order of the distance to the moon.

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Our estimate is based on videos of similar objects that people around the world are now making with telescopes:

Astounding Discovery: Enormous Object Spotted Near Aquarius Constellation! Google Sky Unveils Gigantic Mothership Encircling Earth!
A puzzling discovery near Aquarius: unknown space anomaly! Is it a space station?

The anomaly shows a rectilinear composition fixed to an underlying framework, while two possible towers can be seen atop this rectilinear structure.

It is difficult to know the true nature of the anomaly, but due to its distinct rectilinear arrangement that differentiates it from conventional celestial bodies, one may wonder whether or not it is indeed a space station or manned craft.

Since there are a lot of photos available, this is not a shooting artefact, not space debris, nor a window reflection or everything else that sceptics talk about. These are some huge alien motherships, on which you can fly at least within the solar system, and maybe much further.

Who is in these machines?

What are the intentions of these entities?

How long have they been flying there?

Alas, there were no answers to these questions.

Moreover, nearly every person on planet Earth doesn’t care about these answers at all, everyone is busy with some very important things of their own, which the extraterrestrials can interrupt at any moment and send them to a cannery or to Egyptian quarries somewhere in a far, far away galaxy.

Perhaps this is the main point – the point is not to upset the natives ahead of time, so that later they would be “surprised”.

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