An Iron Fist In A Velvet Glove: Astrology Forecast March 27th – April 3rd

What to expect this week?

By Lorna Bevan | Guest Writer

With the Sun and now Mercury in Mars -ruled Aries territory, in the Year of the Tiger roaring down from the North East, volatility is the name of the game.

On Monday 28t, Venus conjuncts Lord of Time and Karma Saturn in Aquarius square the karmic Nodes of Fate effectively in a triple conjunction with Mars. This is a hard choices take-no-prisoners alignment.

On Friday April 1st the 4th month begins with the Aries New Moon sandwiched between Mercury and Chiron. Its only aspect is a semi-sextile to unpredictable Uranus in Taurus.

On the world stage, expect the both the verbal rhetoric and the physical warfare to amp up even further.

In your own life, this Chironic New Moon will push into your awareness any way it can any aspect of your existence you have neglected. Chiron in Aries acts as an initiatory archetype creating fresh new patterns of living. Going far beyond the clichéd “wounded healer” label, expect a shamanic process of self-discovery; the desire to reintegrate the spirit into the body; the start of recovery from addictions by healing the soul instead of the psychology; physical purification through a healthy lifestyle. In effect, a season of soul retrieval.

Ask yourself:

“Which early psychological bargains and soul compromises that I made to be loved and to be accepted have time expired?”

“Which of my repetitive patterns and futile struggles are dead in the water?”

Chandra Symbol New Moon ARIES 12

Chandra Symbol New Moon ARIES 12
Chandra Symbol New Moon ARIES 12

An old woman hears the stars talking to her at night.

“Soul gifts from the morning of the world now turning into treasures untold. A quality of being, a presence, an aura which fills the world. You are the microcosm here and now for so many worlds. There is wonder and awe, discovery and an odd echo of fate. All of this has happened before; nothing is new. A twilight state. The repeated awakenings, and yet still dreaming on. Majestic vistas. So much to conceive. All exists inside. Yet in the secrecy of the heart, no clues are offered. All remains bare and stark.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale.

Aries Weekly Forecast: March 27-April 3, 2022

With both the Sun and Mercury plus a New Moon in your own sign, how are you going to channel the huge surge of energy and momentum so you avoid burn out or overwhelm? The New Moon conjunct Chiron suggests it’s a good time to take an honest look at habits or behaviours that are sabotaging or undermining you. Once they’re out in the light of day, you can choose other options that are life enhancing rather than draining.

On Friday’s New Moon, begin a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual de-clutter.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: March 27-April 3, 2022

With so much fiery aggressive energy in the sign behind yours, you may be feeling unsettled as if something is about to happen just out of sight. Instead of becoming hyper-vigilant or stressed, take some time and space to reconnect with your body through grounding in any way that feels right for you. This is especially important since your own planet sensitive Venus meets Saturn this week bringing some sort of reality check. In the month before your birthday, your solar batteries run low and, as life is going to speed up very quickly in April, establish some workable self-care now before you need it.

Make yourself your top priority.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: March 27-April 3, 2022

Both the Sun and your own planet Mercury have now moved off the pinnacle of your chart into Aries, so some of the recent frenetic activity should taper off, much to your relief. That said, this is going to be a week of strong assertive energies, so take as much time out to de-stress, de-compress and catch up with yourself as you can. The world will continue to turn without you. As Venus meets Task Master Saturn in your 9th House, channel your efforts into expanding your thinking, your horizons and your perspective and do something practical to bring one project into being, instead of just talking about it.

Walking your talk.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: March 27-April 3, 2022

As a sensitive Moon-ruled Cancerian, you may find this week’s assertive energies overpowering or overwhelming. Knowing this ahead of time, gather all your most effective tools for de-compressing, and de-stressing and set aside time to engage with them. As Venus merges with Saturn, financial issues may come home to roost. If they do, deal with them immediately. Then Friday’s Aries New Moon starts a new cycle in your work life. If you have been making too many compromises or putting your ambitions on the back burner, ask yourself which old imprinting is still affecting you negatively today.

Healing unhelpful beliefs from the past.

Leo Weekly Forecast: March 27-April 3, 2022

This week, as Venus meets Saturn in your opposite sign square the Nodes of Fate, some relationship karma may play out. March 28th is a day to either take a commitment to another level or to fold and walk away. No matter how it plays out, be kind and empathetic. Then Friday’s New Moon in fellow Fire sign Aries will light a fire under your growing need to broaden your horizons, whether through physical travel or a new course of study. Trust your intuition and follow the golden thread wherever it leads. In April, a whole new world is going to open up.

Decision time.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: March 27-April 3, 2022

On Monday March 28th, when Venus merges with Saturn in your 6th House, you might find a workable, practical way through a problem that has been around for quite some time, probably connected with resources or time management. Then Friday’s New Moon in fiery Aries re-sets your finances for another trip around the Sun. It’s time to look at the bottom line, at any debts or money owed to you, and at any shared assets to see how you can simplify and streamline your money strategies.

Get partners-personal or professional-onside.

Libra Weekly Forecast: March 27-April 3, 2022

Your relationships are forefront and centre stage this week. First, your own planet Venus merges with Saturn in your angle of romance on Monday March 28th, suggesting it’s time to make a serious commitment to someone. Then on Friday April 1st, the New Moon in fiery Aries lights up your opposite sign of partnerships, perhaps rekindling an affair that has slowly lost its passion and spark. No matter how it all plays out, make sure you know the difference what and who you want and what and who is no longer compatible then move forward with a light heart.

Allow love to change you.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: March 27-April 3, 2022

This is set to be a romantic, creative and artistic time, as long as you drop any efforts at controlling or masterminding events. On Monday 28th, a stunning merger of Moon, Venus and Saturn lights up your angle of home, belonging and tribe. This would be an excellent time to start a practical home -based project such as renovating, decorating or refurnishing, creating a living space that perfectly fits the life you’re living now that so much has changed. Friday’s fiery New Moon in Aries will give you the momentum to enrol family members to get the project underway.

All systems go.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: March 27-April 3, 2022

The good news is that now that both the Sun and Mercury are in compatible Fire sign Aries, your energy levels will get a much- needed boost. On Monday March 28th, when Moon, Venus and Saturn meet, your family ties are strengthened and you realise how important the older generation is to you. Then on Friday April 1st, the stunning New Moon in your 5th House delivers a surge of creativity and a strong need for self-expression. Channel this energy into doing what you love just for the sake of it and remind yourself how good life can be.

Stopping to smell the roses.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: March 27-April 3, 2022

Your own planet realist Saturn has been in your angle of money and resources since late 2020 and this week is joined by Moon, Venus and Mars. It’s a golden opportunity to make a wise investment, to plan for your future personal security and also to share what you have with those you love. Friday’s beautiful New Moon lights up your angle of home, tribe and belonging and with Mercury and Chiron in the mix, it couldn’t be a better time to heal some old wounds and mend fences. Be sensitive, kind and empathic.

Just like the Dalai Lama, make kindness your religion.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: March 27-April 3, 2022

A rare and beautiful combination of Moon, Venus and Saturn in your own sign on Monday 28th sets the scene for an emotional breakthrough or a deeper commitment to an existing relationship. Take a moment to appreciate yourself and your resilience since December 2020. With gas giants Jupiter and Neptune affecting your finances, spur of the moment spending could easily get out of hand. Keep a careful eye on incomings and outgoings and fix any leaks before they drain your resources. This is especially important as a new opportunity is heading your way to use your skills and talents in a different setting.

Spread the word about what you’re looking for.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: March 27-April 3, 2022

On Monday March 28th, a rare merger of Moon, Venus and Saturn sets you thinking about a whole new change of direction. This is an important time to re-evaluate, re-think and re-create how you want to express your gifts and talents in the world. There’s more… are hosting the once in 166 year Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in your own sign – exact on April 12th – and if ever there was a moment to draw a permanent line under any work that under values you and to stop under estimating yourself, this is it.

Take your time, let your intuition guide you and set the bar as high as you can-the sky‘s the limit.

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