Admiral Can’t Explain Recent Navy UFOs And Former CIA Director Reveals Possible Alien Encounter

When do we know we’ve entered a ‘full disclosure’ zone for UFO information being held by our or any government?

By Paul Seaburn | Mysterious Universe

When do we know we’ve entered a ‘full disclosure’ zone for UFO information being held by our or any government? When people who are currently still in office or in power do the disclosing. That makes one recent revelation about UFOs following U.S. Navy ships in 2019 so special – it was made by a current admiral. Another recent revelation is of the ‘former’ kind – a former CIA director reveals a UFO encounter that is beyond explanation… unless the explanation is ‘aliens’.

“No, we have not. I am aware of those sightings, and as it’s been reported, there have been other sightings by aviators in the air and by other ships not only of the United States, but other nations — and of course other elements within the U.S. joint force. Those findings have been collected and they still are being analysed.”

In a speech at a Defence Writers Group event in Washington this week, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday, the U.S. Navy’s top officer, gave that answer when asked if he or anyone in the Navy had positively identified UFOs reported by multiple warships off the coast of California on two consecutive days and nights in July 2019. When asked if they were extraterrestrial, Admiral Gilday responded: “No, I can’t speak to that – I have no indications at all of that.” At all? Or ‘At all so far’? Reporters from The Drive were in attendance and attempted to follow up with the Navy, Coast Guard, FBI, and members of the intelligence and armed services committees in both the Senate and the House and received no answers as of this writing.

Perhaps they should ask former CIA director (1993-95) and former Under Secretary of the Navy (1977-79) R. James Woolsey Jr. Woolsey has released a book with co-author Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa, a former Romanian acting spy chief who defected to America in 1978, entitled “Operation Dragon: Inside the Kremlin’s Secret War on America” and is making the rounds giving interviews on it. During one with The Black Vault, he was asked about UFOs and said this:

“There have been over the years now events of one kind of another, usually involving some kind of aircraft-like airframe. I never thought there was anything to all this, it always seemed pretty far out to me.”

Sounds like any other politician giving an evasive non-answer… until he added this revelation from someone he “respects.”

“But there was one case in which a friend of mine was able to have his aircraft stop at 40,000 feet or so and not continue operating as a normal aircraft.”

That’s right … an airplane was reportedly suspended in space by something unexplained. Woolsey said he has no idea what could cause this, but then the former CIA director implied that this is not the first time.

“There had just been enough things like that that have occurred that I think there will be a lot of examination of what’s going on over the course of several months or years. I’m not as sceptical as I was a few years ago, to put it mildly, but something is going on that is surprising to a series of intelligent aircraft, experienced pilots.”

You mean like the intelligent aircraft and experienced pilots of the USS Nimitz? Or the experienced crews of the USS Kidd, the USS Rafael Peralta and the USS John Finn who saw UFOs on two nights in July 2019 that neither they nor their highest ranking officer can identify?

Something is definitely going on… if experienced personnel can’t identify it, it’s either secret aircraft a foreign country is testing, secret aircraft our country is testing on its own troops (wouldn’t be the first time) or something from somewhere that’s not either of those.

The most amazing…and unsettling… thing about these latest two revelations is the calm manner in which these two highly respected and highly ranked people delivered them. We could attribute that to experience and training… we could also wonder about brainwashing and mind control.

Until these UFO sightings are explained, all possibilities are open for discussion.

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