According To Controversial Ancient Texts, The Egyptian Civilization Is At Least 40,000 Years Old

There are numerous ancient texts which clearly indicate the age of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization, which can be traced back to a time referred to as Pre-dynastic Egypt before the first ‘mortal’ Pharaoh would become ruler of Ancient Egypt. It remains a mystery as to why mainstream scholars have ignored these ancient texts.

Little has been said about the origin and true age of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. The history of this great civilization seems to be fragmented into two pieces which are respectively considered as myth and actual history.

For historians to come to this conclusion, they had to obtain from somewhere adequate information which leads to the belief that Pre-Dynastic Egypt is entirely a myth, while everything from the first official Pharaoh Menes-Narmer until the Graeco-Roman Period is considered a historical fact.

One of the most reliable sources for the modern study of Ancient Egyptian history and the rulers who reigned over the land of the Pharaohs comes from ancient Egyptian High Priest Manetho, who had access to unlimited ancient texts from the Ancient Library of Alexandria, and who wrote for the Pharaoh the history of Ancient Egypt in 30 volumes makes reference to the divine beings that ruled during Pre-Pharaonic Egypt.

However, the strange thing here is that if you look at today’s Egyptologists, we will find out that they make use of Manetho’s dating considering it as a very reliable tool when studying the officially recognized dynasties, yet for some reason, the same Egyptologists have decided to avoid anything related to Pre-historic dynasties, carefully selecting certain details and adopting them as their own while rejecting anything that does not fit into their view of history.

Many people consider this behaviour as a sign of a selective ideology present among historians and researchers who put forth their own version of history, rejecting ancient texts which explicitly mention historical events that contradict their own views.

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Tracing Back The Age of Ancient Egypt

While many people believe it’s hard to trace back the historical date when the Ancient Egyptian Civilization came into existence, there are those who believe we only have to look at ancient Egyptian Texts, to find out what we want to know. This is why according to researchers if we carefully study the Royal Canon of Turin, we will discover the initial period of the ancient Egyptian Civilization.

The Palermo Stone, an ancient Egyptian document is yet another extremely critical piece if we want to solve the mystery behind the real age of the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

The Palermo Stone is currently displayed at the Museum of Palermo. In reality, there are seven pieces all together that are distributed in museums around the world. The document, in hieroglyphic writing, accounts for 120 pre-dynastic kings who reigned before the ancient Egyptians officially existed as a civilization.

By analysing the Royal Canon of Turin, we can learn that nearly 39.000 years ago, the Kingdom of Ptah, creator and first ruler of Ancient Egypt took place. It is the same source that indicates a time when ‘gods’ ruled over the land of Ancient Egypt for over 20,000 years. After the reign of the gods had ended, the ‘demigods’ arrived, referred to as the “followers of Horus”.

Interestingly, if we compare the work of Manetho and his dating to the Turin King-list, we will find incredible similarities that cannot, and should not be overlooked by mainstream historians. While Manetho does not mention the Shems Hor (the “companions of Horus”), he does mention pre-dynastic rulers who reigned for hundreds and thousands of years before the arrival of the first mortal Pharaoh, Menes.

Interestingly, Manetho isn’t the only ancient scholar to speak of a time where gods ruled over the land of ancient Egypt. Eusebius of Caesarea a Roman historian, exegete, and Christian polemicist of Greek descent states that a dynasty of gods ruled Egypt for 13.9 thousand years: the first was god Vulcan, the god who discovered fire, after him Sosis of the Sun, Isis, and Osiris of Saturn, Typhoon brother of Osiris, and Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris. They were followed by a dynasty of heroes and demigods who ruled for 11,025 years.

This makes it a total of 24.925 years of reign. Approximately around 3000 BC, the first “human” Pharaoh would take rule as the Egyptian pharaoh.

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700,000-Year-Old Skull Found In Greece Completely Shatters ‘Out of Africa Theory’

In 1959, a human skull, that has been dated back 700,000 years and is now known as the “Petralona Man” or the “Archanthropus of Petralona,” was unearthed. Since that time, researchers have been pondering the question of where exactly this skull came from, which has sparked a significant amount of discussion.

The skull, which was found lodged in the wall of a cave in Petralona, located close to Chalkidiki in Northern Greece, is considered to be the oldest human “Europeoid” (showing European traits). A shepherd accidentally discovered the cave, which was filled with stalactites and stalagmites. In the following years, researchers also unearthed a vast quantity of fossils, which included pre-human species, animal hair, petrified wood, stone and bone tools, and other artefacts.

The President of the Petralona Community gave the skull to the University of Thessaloniki in Greece. The agreement stated that once the investigation was completed, a museum displaying the findings from the Petralona cave would be opened, and the skull would be returned to be displayed in the museum. However, this promise was never fulfilled.

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