A Crisis Is An Opportunity Riding A Hard Wind: Astrology Forecast August 7th – 14th

What to expect this week?

By Lorna Bevan | Guest Writer

There is no sugar-coating August’s intense astrology which is delivering reality check after reality check globally, nationally and personally. The current crises of climate emergency, rampant inflation, food and supply chain problems, access to energy and water, social polarisation and warmongering have not suddenly materialised out of thin air. Their roots go back years but the epochal Saturn/Pluto conjunction and global shutdown of 2020 revealed the emperor’s new clothes.

During 2022, the ongoing clash between Fixed signs Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus – extreme volatility and disruption of old systems – is being ratcheted up by eclipses across Taurus/Scorpio and now the triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and Node of Fate in Taurus. All this as Pluto the Great Eliminator crosses the final degrees of Capricorn – power structures – ahead of entering fixed sign Aquarius in March 2023, permanently changing how we live.

On Monday, the Sirian 8:8 energy spiral/vortex of the 2022 Lions Gate opens. In sacred texts, the Lions Gate portal is guarded by two of the Royal Sirian Lions known as the Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow. They are gatekeepers, ensuring that only if you are grounded in the Present moment and conscious of your path can you pass through the portal and begin a higher time-line.

On August 12th, the Full Moon at 19° Aquarius is conjunct retrograde Lord of Time and Karma Saturn in Aquarius square the Taurus triple conjunction in a Fixed Grand Cross. It is re-triggering the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square – the struggle for control between the outworn and the new, the authoritarian and the revolutionary.

The Chinese have a saying: A crisis is an opportunity riding a dangerous wind.

  • this is a pivotal time bringing sudden opportunities to move mountains, to blow apart logjams, to lever yourself out of stuck situations
  • expect your physical space —money, resources, body or home — to experience unexpected non-negotiable shifts.

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Chandra Symbol Aquarius Full Moon AQUARIUS 19

Chandra Symbol Aquarius Full Moon AQUARIUS 19

Loud crushing noises as a glacier moves.

“Inevitability. Once events are set into motion, they will continue upon their course indestructibly. Karma works this way. We reap what we have sown. We are in the path of immense forces of a collective kind and we are going to be pulverized by these forces over and again until we are able to create something new and different. Until that point, the susceptibility to mighty collective momentum is at peak intensity. We witness, we sense, we partake in the full story of what is happening around here and where it leads. We are so in it that we can move through it if we take entirely seriously our experience. The way to get it right is to be half consumed and half thrown free.” – Elias Lonsdale Inside Degrees

Aries Weekly Forecast: Aug 7-14, 2022

Issues around your finances are well and truly on your mind. At the Full Moon on August 12th, you realise that you can’t change things by going it alone and need to join with likeminded others. This might be involve setting up a cooperative, going on a demonstration, signing a petition…..whatever you feel most strongly about. The 14th is another day of reality checks when authority figures refuse to give an inch. Look at how you earn money and find some extra ways to boost your income stream without exhausting yourself.

Be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: Aug 7-14, 2022

I can’t say this too many times: Taurus is feeling the heat of the current relentless astrology more than any other sign, so give yourself a break, cut yourself some slack, say a big No to demands on your time and energy and make self-care your top priority. Stop trying to control the uncontrollable and let events unfold around you. If you’ve done due diligence and put the work in, it’s a season of rewards for your past efforts. With Mars in your sign until August 20th, streamline your schedule and focus like a laser on what really matters.

If some old plans, projects or dreams have lost their juice, let them go.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: Aug 7-14, 2022

With your own planet Mercury in Virgo at the roots of your chart, home is taking up a lot of your time and energy. This focus will go on until October since the Messenger will retrograde back and forth here. Issues connected with family members, property, resources and belonging are on the front burner. Of course, you’re not immune from the seismic shifts going on globally and nationally affecting your assets and finances and could find yourself becoming more radical or black and white in your views. People around you are likely to be extra-erratic at Thursday’s Full Moon so create a sanctuary to retreat into when you need space.

Put your own life jacket on first.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: Aug 7-14, 2022

This week of the Full Moon in Aquarius is going to be intense with change and disruption pushing you out of your comfort zone. Knowing that your finances could be shaken up by events beyond your control, prioritise what is meaningful and valuable to you and make your assets as watertight as possible. The Full Moon in your 8th House could bring something previously hidden to light and difficult issues could come to the boil very quickly. Pick your battles carefully as you are likely to meet resistance from one or more authority figures.

Protecting your personal security.

Leo Weekly Forecast: Aug 7-14, 2022

With all 4 angles of your chart currently being activated, you are bound to be feeling under pressure. These angles represent your career, your home life, yourself and your relationships-the underpinnings of your life. On August 12th, the doozy of a Full Moon in Leo could bring problems with a partner to the surface and some difficult conversations look unlikely to be resolved until after the 14th. Keep in mind that conflict and difference is not the end of the world and is useful in clearing the air, uncomfortable as it may be. Since warrior Mars is at the pinnacle of your chart, be careful not to trample on anyone’s feelings.

Listen more than you speak.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: Aug 7-14, 2022

With a Full Moon right across the fixed signs pushing you out of your comfort zone, it’s definitely a time of reality checks. For you, as a solar Virgo, your health, wellbeing and work are all under pressure. Have you been pushing yourself too hard? Have you been keeping on keeping on and overriding your body’s messages to slow down? Think about having a health check, taking some down time and really paying attention to your mind, body and emotions. Look at your routines and schedules and adjust them to create a life you can cope with.

De-stress before you burn out.

Libra Weekly Forecast: Aug 7-14, 2022

The Aquarius Full Moon on August 12th is going to be tough on just about everyone, so tread carefully and put your own wellbeing at the top of your priority list. The big reality checks are in your 5th House, so look at the balance or imbalance between having too much fun, timewasting and not enjoying life to the full. Your 8th House of finances is also undergoing transformation and the two are connected. Are you spending money you haven’t got on inessentials or working so hard to stash it away that you’re burning out?

Getting back on an even keel.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: Aug 7-14, 2022

Friday’s Full Moon activates all 4 angles of your solar chart-the underpinnings of your life. It is on the Midheaven so issues of how to better balance your career or service with the demands of your home life are in the frame. Partners may be especially edgy, demanding or critical, so listen to what they have to say instead of issuing ultimatums. On August 14th, watch out for a clash of opinion with someone refusing to budge and inch, make sure it isn’t you being unreasonable and wait until the dust settles a few days later.

Mountains out of molehills?

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: Aug 7-14, 2022

Knowing that the intensity is going to build all week to Friday’s Aquarian Full Moon in your communication zone, deliberately dial down your emotional temperature in advance. With fiery Mars, unpredictable Uranus and the Node of Fate at odds with this Full Moon, your workplace and your work colleagues are likely to be in turmoil, upheaval or experiencing some sort of disruption. Things could come to the boil around the 11-13th August. On the 14th, you could run into a brick wall as someone in authority refuses to give ground. Don’t be tempted to fight fire with fire.

When they go low, you go high.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: Aug 7-14, 2022

The phrase: ”Keep your head when all around are losing theirs” springs to mind this week. As a Saturn ruled sign, your default setting is to take a step back when drama or conflict arises to carefully consider your options and that will stand you in good stead now. Friday’s Full Moon in Aquarius is clashing with Mars, volatile Uranus and the Node of Fate in Taurus, affecting your personal finances. Events beyond your control globally or nationally are disrupting business as usual so flexibility is the name of the game. The more you bend and adapt, the less likely you are to break.

This is an opportunity to spread your risk by developing new income streams.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: Aug 7-14, 2022

Both your planetary rulers-Saturn and Uranus-are active right through August and clashing with each other across the skies. Saturn is the part of you who resists change all the way just because you didn’t think of it first while Uranus is your more radical creative side. Friday’s Full Moon is in Aquarius at odds with fiery Mars, unpredictable Uranus and the Node of Fate in Taurus, your 4th House of home and belonging. Emotionally, it may feel quite tough and the temptation will be to retreat and pull up the drawbridge. Instead, be extra kind to yourself and respond to sudden changes gracefully-they are opening up better ways to manage your life.

Instead of saying no, say maybe…

Pisces Weekly Forecast: Aug 7-14, 2022

It’s going to be an intense week leading up to a doozy of a Full Moon on Friday 12th in Aquarius, the sign just before your own. This is your deep 12th House – the engine room of your psyche-a deeply private part of you which holds your hidden motivations, defences, memories, dreams and links to the ancestors. You might witness karmic themes or roles playing out in your family life and see them clearly for the first time. Once understood, the chains of karma can be dissolved. Practical matters also need your attention as Mars, Uranus and the Node of Fate in Taurus disrupt business as usual. See this as a chance to switch things up a gear and to follow your hunches with some of your more radical ideas.

Insights and revelations.

Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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