Reality Road – Astrology Forecast June 23rd – 30th 2024

Here’s what’s happening in astrology this week.

By: Lorna Bevan Hare In The Moon

Reality Road

The first 6 months of 2024 have been a continuous head spin of the inspirational, destructive and divisive, encompassing both the beautiful and the brutal.

With Jupiter in Gemini until July 2025, exaggeration, hyperbole and disinformation have become the norm as the distorting mirror of social and so-called news media takes the place of real-life experience. Instead, we’re outsourcing our brains to manipulative algorithms, wandering lost in an Alice in Wonderland fantasy of one click consumerism and unreality.

Thankfully, here comes a reality check. On June 29th, Saturn turns retrograde at 19° Pisces until November 15th widely conjunct mystic Neptune at the Master 29th degree of Pisces. The Dweller on the threshold loses none of his power when backtracking over recent territory, making it an important time for critical course adjustments. This is especially true now the Master Teacher is in Pisces, the last sign and also a psychic Water sign.

Since Saturn is the reality principle, expect external events, changing circumstances and insights that have been percolating in your unconscious to deliver valuable karmic lessons by testing your boundaries, your foundations, your growth, resilience and resourcefulness.

Pause and take stock, to allow your inner map to update itself. Ask:

  • How successful am I being at creating new, more solid foundations – of time, money, alliances, resources?
  • How specifically have I become more reliably self-supporting?
  • Where am I still flaky, not taking responsibility or stuck in victim mode?
  • What do I still need to junk and what do I need to invest in?
  • What is working? Not working?

Chandra Symbol Saturn

Chandra Symbol Saturn Retrograde Pisces 20: A perfect black cube sits alone in the desert.
Chandra Symbol Saturn Retrograde Pisces 20: A perfect black cube sits alone in the desert.

Chandra Symbol Saturn Retrograde Pisces 20: A perfect black cube sits alone in the desert.

“Isolation. Uniqueness that becomes separative and self-referential. Exquisitely designed to be only a certain way and not any other way. Maintaining standards, priorities, what seems to be the given. Yet something is wrong. It is true that all lies within and that turning yourself into what you are not is ultimately absurd. But you are not listening, not paying attention to the subtle clues. You are so intent upon self-consistency that you have tuned out far too much in the process. And this shall call forth lessons and hard experiences to crack you open again, and to give you a chance to discover afresh what can be when nothing is assumed and nobody has set anything up ahead of time.” – Inside degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: June 23rd – 30th 2024

Saturn is slowing to turn backwards in the sign before yours. Take this as a serious nudge to withdraw for a while to reflect on which of your old goals, dreams and holy grails have lost their juice, then adjust your priorities.

Catching up with your unconscious.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: June 23rd – 30th 2024

If it’s felt hard going recently since Jupiter left your sign for Gemini, on June 29th Saturn is turning retrograde in Pisces, giving you the chance to catch up with yourself and to get up to date with the big shifts in your unconscious after April’s solar eclipse and Venus/Uranus conjunction in Taurus.

You need entirely new sources of input, interest and information.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: June 23rd – 30th 2024

This week, Saturn turns backwards on your Mid Heaven, so expect career progress to stall. That’s all to the good as it gives you a space of 5 months to work out whether your ladder is up against the wrong wall.

Be prepared to make a big course correction.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: June 23rd – 30th 2024

Despite the Sun, Venus and Mercury lighting up your own sign, it’s not all plain sailing. Jupiter is in your deep 12th House excavating secrets and now Saturn slows to turn retrograde in Pisces until November. Unpick or double-check travel plans and rethink study programs.

Take nothing at face value.

Leo Weekly Forecast: June 23rd – 30th 2024

This week, as Saturn turns retrograde in your 8th House, it’s all about those difficult subjects such as finances, taxes, inheritance and family secrets. In the next 5 months, expect to uncover at least one skeleton in your cupboard and, if it’s you who’s been keeping things hidden, watch as they see the light of day.

Truth will out.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: June 23rd – 30th 2024

Expect to have to revisit old issues and emotional scar tissue in your closest relationships from June 29th, as Saturn turns retrograde in your opposite sign of Pisces for the next 5 months. It may feel as if someone is dragging their feet or even backtracking over a commitment.

Take them seriously and dig deeper.

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Libra Weekly Forecast: June 23rd – 30th 2024

With Sun, Venus and Mercury crossing the pinnacle of your solar chart, your career and reputation are getting a shot of visibility and momentum. However, from June 29th, Task Master Saturn in Pisces will retrograde in Pisces until November, creating delays and logjams in your work routines and schedules.

Don’t try to push on through, but go over your plans and blueprints carefully.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: June 23rd – 30th 2024

You might have to revise your holiday plans or cut back on some luxuries from June 29th, when Saturn turns retrograde in Pisces. Or it might mean removing your rose-coloured lenses around one special relationship where things aren’t what they seemed.

Slow down a little and check the facts.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: June 23rd – 30th 2024

With expansive Jupiter in your opposite sign helping your closest partnerships to blossom and thrive and Saturn supporting you to build strong foundations at home, life is good. On June 29th, Saturn slows to turn backwards until November, nudging you to take a closer look at whether where you live meets your current needs or could do with updating.

Re-organising, de-cluttering and nest building.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: June 23rd – 30th 2024

Perhaps the recent Full Moon in your sign has revealed your softer side. The Sun, Mercury and Venus in watery Cancer are a nudge to bring your powers of empathy to your closest relationships. After all, Capricorn is a healing sign, something that many Capricornians keep under wraps. As your own planet Saturn turns backwards in mystical Pisces, trust your instincts over your logic.

Heart overhead.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: June 23rd – 30th 2024

New thoughts, inspirations and ideas arise concerning your approach to your money, your income and your value system. For the next 5 months as Lord of Time and Karma travels back through intuitive Pisces, re-assess your priorities and create a workable budget and plan of action.

A wing and a prayer won’t cut it…

Pisces Weekly Forecast: June 23rd – 30th 2024

Task Master Saturn has been in Pisces since March 2023, steadily transforming your support systems, making them stronger and you more resourceful and resilient. This week, Saturn slows to turn retrograde for 5 months until November, taking you back over old ground to reinforce his message of the importance of self-sufficiency.

Walking reality road.

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