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Thoughts On Life After Death – Does ‘Consciousness’ Survive When We Die?



Thoughts On Life After Death – Does ‘Consciousness’ Survive When We Die?
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Lance St John Butler, Guest Writer

With over 100 years of research into the nature of death and survival of consciousness, a more sophisticated way of looking at the evidence seems to be emerging. Based on a number of interviews and wide reading, Lance Butler outlines a new understanding based on science as well as spiritual experience.

Even Life after Death changes; like everything else, ideas about Survival have both a history and, if I can put it this way, a future. Some changes are modestly noticeable if one first looks back to the heyday of Spiritualism and the founding of the SPR in the late nineteenth century and then forward to the late twentieth century. In that time ouija boards, to put it schematically, were replaced by NDE research. But there is also a feeling of sameness, even latterly of stagnation, over the period.

During the last twenty or thirty years, too, things have moved forward slowly, but the feeling one still gets reading the main summarising or investigative texts in the field – say Gary Schwartz’s The Afterlife Experiments of 2003 or David Fontana’s Is There An Afterlife? of 2005 – is that the paradigm has remained unchanged. If we put together, for instance, recent examples of mediumship, the NDE material collected since Raymond Moody’s Life after Life of 1975, the ITC evidence (by definition modern), and Scole we find that although it constitutes more evidence, it is roughly the same kind of evidence as it was thirty-five or, in the case of mediumship, a hundred-and-thirty-five years ago.

Fontana, for instance, is able freely to cite nineteenth-century material, stories from the 1920s and 1940s, research from the 1960s, his own experience of poltergeists from the 1980s and the Scole material from around 2000. It all fits quite well; it all adds up to an interesting case for Survival; and it’s still there. One of the strongest arguments for Survival seems to be the fact that, in spite of modern scepticism and modern analytical and investigative techniques, Life after Death hasn’t simply gone away like Phlogiston theory or Geocentrism or Phrenology or bloodletting. Fontana’s evidence is not of a new nature, but it is increasingly solid.

The Need For A New Paradigm

And the evidence has continued to stack up, but it’s still apparent at the end of the first decade of the 21st century that the paradigm has not changed much. More veridical channellings, identifiable voices of the dead on unturned (sometimes even unplugged) radios, better NDEs, everything that happened at Scole – these are all useful grist to the Survival mill, but they do not seem tı have done much for a widening of scientific acceptance of any sort of afterlife. In particular we do not yet seem to have digested quantum physics properly, nor the recent thinking in consciousness studies.

In these circumstances I set out in 2009 to interview a handful of people, all well-known to the SMN, to find out ‘where they are now’ on the matter of Life after Death; I hoped to see if there are currently any developments of our Survival paradigm. The interviewees were Rupert Sheldrake, Bernard Carr, Peter Fenwick, David Lorimer, Iain McGilchrist, Matthew Manning and Pim van Lommel[1].

Van Lommel’s response to my opening question, which asked directly about the afterlife, was a little startling: ‘I never talk about life after death,’ he said. My heart sank a little. Had I got hold of the wrong Dutch cardiologist? But no, it appeared that what he meant is that ‘life after death’ may only temporarily resemble life as we know it here and now; more importantly the quantum ‘non-locality’ of the other side means that it is without time and can be considered to ‘contain’ past, present, and future simultaneously. It is ‘a space or dimension without place or time.’ The simultaneity of the Life Review during many NDEs is well known and that may give us a hint as to what the ‘infinite consciousness’ that apparently awaits us (while not of course really ‘awaiting’ anything) might be like.

Many people, van Lommel continued, have experienced non-duality, non-locality, greater or ‘cosmic’ consciousness. That is the ‘thing’ that is always there, timelessly; it is the incomprehensible greater ‘place’ with which we interface only at very special times. From the perspective of this quantum zone life and death are irrelevant concepts. ‘Life’ in this present world is a species of illusion that we go through, indeed that we actually create. Life ‘over there’ however is certainly not ‘life as we know it.’

Interestingly, van Lommel is quite happy to accept that NDE survivors cannot find the right language to describe their experiences adequately. Of course not. Our language is a tool for the here-and-now, for space and time. As is the case with quantum physics, we are able to mouth words about cosmic experiences, but the words have difficulty in demonstrating any significant content.

Beyond The Self?

I will return to van Lommel at the end of this but for now come with me to visit Peter Fenwick, who also managed to take the feet from under me when I questioned him; in his case the moment came after a good hour of explanation of his research into End-of-Life Experiences when he said, with the smaller of his two smiles, ‘But we do not have a personal self. We are embedded in the matrix of the universe which is our consciousness.’ Different words for pretty much what van Lommel was saying, then, and incidentally what Neale Donald Walsch says repeatedly in his Conversations with God series (‘There is only one of us’).

Fenwick suggests, following Alain Forget, that we can be ‘awakened’ here in this life (to moments of cosmic consciousness) and says that the ego ‘casts a pall over our consciousnesses.’ We are parts of a whole and need to ‘crystallise the light body’ as we do in dreams in similar states. The ‘limited ego’ is a ‘false self’ but even a glimpse of universal consciousness (‘available right now!’) shows us a bigger self.

In extreme NDE cases, Peter pointed out, people seem to go very far, ‘to the point where the illusion of separateness is about to collapse completely.’ In this life we merely make up our stories of life and death. When we recognise that the real is universal consciousness, questions of Survival become non-questions because there is really no birth and no death, just consciousness. Religions, seeking vainly to sift the saved from the non-saved, have lost their spiritual nature by not recognising this universality.

Bernard Carr filled in some of the detail of this radical and rather Buddhist conception of the afterlife. He suggested a ‘hierarchy of dimensions’ that may lead up to or end in ultimate consciousness (‘anatta’ – the empty centre of the onion) but meanwhile there are astral levels and reincarnation possibilities as we all head for what must, by definition, be the only possible goal. For Carr there are different levels of space to accommodate these dimensions and the mind creates the world both here and hereafter where a species of ‘dream-world’ awaits us.

New Metaphors

For Rupert Sheldrake, we already know what it will be like to be disembodied because we have the experience of possessing a ‘dream-body’ at night when we sleep. And, of course, for a physicist like Carr, everything comes down to energy, that is frequencies. Already for Sheldrake there are, famously, morphic fields in which the unknown energies, perhaps those of the ‘non-local’ quantum ‘world,’ operate. And all this, to go back to van Lommel’s opening remarks, is here as may become apparent after death when we may begin to ‘know the place for the first time.’

Sheldrake also observed, as many now would, that, for a while at least, we may get the Life after Death that we expect. We can move beyond our entrapment in desires and the unreal and come to expect something higher and more real, but then again we may not escape from our present lives all at once. He approves of imagination in the shape of myths, fairy tales, and dreams, and points out that these are fields that are not based in material reality. They enact some of the possibilities contained in the infinite quantum field. Like Carr, Sheldrake is ‘not dualistic,’ ‘not a super-naturalist’; there is no separate realm into which we can ‘go.’

Mathew Manning, speaking from the deepest and widest experience of things psychic, spiritual, or, as I would now say, ‘non-local,’ stressed that knowledge of Life after Death is not ordinary knowledge. In his view we learn what we need to know in this life and then move on to less knowable realms. He is also more interested in energy than in ‘life’ as a metaphor for Survival. His famous psychic recreation of Durer’s drawings, and of many other works of art and texts in languages unknown to him, are not so much, he says, ‘Durer coming through’ (the older version of Life after Death perhaps) as a psychic picking-up of the energy of the original moment of artistic creation; it is less a matter of an individual’s survival and more a matter of energy circulating as the scientists tell us it does.

Personality & Beyond

By this time I felt that some sort of a pattern was building up. The new paradigm is perhaps only subtly different from the old one but it seemed to be emerging with some new and useful emphases. The claims now made about Survival are less personal than they used to be, for one thing, and the respect for the ideas of quantum-physics more solid. David Lorimer, for instance, told me that he sees Life after Death as ‘another state of consciousness’ in which it may be ‘a less distinctive personality that is you.’ He says he is less concerned now with the survival of his own personality as such. We may come to see that each ‘personality’ is ‘an expression of the universal.’ He quotes Betty Kovacs: ‘Birth is a coming into being of form (‘me’) and death a dissolution of form.’ Cosmic consciousness would be the ‘dissolution of all boundaries.’ We are like blocks of ice floating in the Arctic Ocean of universal consciousness; there is development, evolution, both here and hereafter, but we all belong to and return to the same sea in the end. This is not new, of course, it belongs in Hinduism and Buddhism where we become more ‘ourselves’ by becoming less our individual selves; it is also, according to Lorimer, the inevitable direction of consciousness studies as pursued since the founding of the Journal of Consciousness Studies in 1994.

The most ‘materialist’ person I interviewed was Iain McGilchrist. For him, ‘materiality is an important part of any kind of being we might have’; as he pointed out to me, ‘the universe has gone to an awful lot of trouble to produce this material world.’ Surely a useful corrective. If, to put it bluntly, cosmic consciousness is so terrific, why did it have to add us, messy as we are, not to mention the immense quantum charade of the universe, to what it already had? Why bother to Big Bang if you could just go on being perfect? I know that there are good answers to these questions but McGilchrist’s approach reminds us not to fall into the trap of treating spirituality as if our dinners, our doings, and our bodies didn’t matter at all.

But McGilchrist too is singing off the same page of our now-slightly-revised hymn book. As he put it, ‘the notion that one would be forever oneself is an appalling idea.’ For him consciousness ‘pre-exists us and isn’t created by our brains; our brains simply transmit or transduce it.’ But there is and always will be an ‘I’ – it is ‘God,’ we may come to see, who is the ‘Great I’ that is all of us.

New Directions

The publication in 2010 of Pim van Lommel’s Consciousness Beyond Life has been tremendously convenient for this small investigation. His book, subtitled accurately ‘The Science of the Near-Death Experience,’ seems to me to effect the shift in thinking that we have needed. It is not a huge shift but it should now change the quality of the debate.

Encouragingly, the interviews which I conducted before Pim’s book had been translated into English fit very well with its proposals. After undertaking them and reading Pim’s book I begin to discern the outlines of the altered paradigm. Here are some of its main features:

  • We shouldn’t be naïve about any possible life after death. The appearance of deceased relatives at the death-bed or during NDEs or channelling, in particular, may not mean that Granny is continuing her old life more or less as before. Life in another ‘dimension’ may be more a matter of thought, of our wishes and, of precisely, appearance.
  • The hitherto rather weak connection between Quantum Physics and Survival looks as if it has gained a toe-hold in the intellectually-respectable world. ‘Non-locality,’ a term with origins found exclusively in QP, may be an appropriate replacement for the older term ‘spiritual.’ Physics too does not stop and will surely become less and less like its nineteenth-century avatar; in other words it will become weirder, looser, more improbable, more closely associated with consciousness, more ‘non-local,’ less simply ‘materialist.’
  • Life after Death is really not either ‘life’ as we know it nor ‘after’ our deaths, for the ‘non-local’ is always with us and underpins our world and our lives all the time; or perhaps I should use some unthinkable expression such as ‘all the non-time.’
  • NDEs do definitely occur during periods of negative brain activity. Whatever else they may mean they constitute clear evidence that the brain cannot be the whole story when it comes to explaining consciousness. Van Lommel’s research has changed things a little, and it is only the beginning of a long process whose end seems, at the very least, less and less likely to be straightforward materialism as we have known it.
  • In the matter of Survival we should expect both everything and not too much. By ‘everything’ I mean that Survival is connected with the universal or ‘infinite’ consciousness from the perspective of which all other things are apparently in some way illusory. By ‘not too much’ I mean that one of the main things one may see through, as consciousness is liberated from the material, is one’s ‘own’ personality.
  • ‘Energy’ is perhaps the metaphor that best connects the world of the non-local (or transpersonal or spiritual) with the world of physics. We do not yet know how energy can exist in the non-local where the energetic, involving movement by definition, should be absent because in that ‘dimension’ there is no time or space. But that there is some energy there – in Dark Matter or as Dark Energy perhaps – is evident from the fact that we are here at all; it was some sort of energy that brought about the Big Bang and before that there was no locality by definition.
  • Here, and hereafter, we seem to create our own worlds through our personal consciousnesses. The great or universal consciousness may be what creates the universe. We may do the smaller job of creating our own ‘worlds’ and ‘lives.’ Language makes all, but it cannot describe adequately the process by which it does this.
  • Buddhists, Hindus, and mystics of all stripes have the right approach. We need to read Angelus Silesius rather than too much academic philosophy. We, or parts of us, may be temporarily reincarnated. For a while after death we may perhaps need to ‘live’ in a place that we recognise (we won’t find that too hard to create presumably) but there would then be a moving on, into realms literally indescribable.
  • Body is particle and consciousness is wave. Our particles at death undergo what they have always undergone, change into something else. The waves of consciousness persist just as the scientists tell us all energy forms persist, forever. But we do not infinitely persist as the ‘us’ we currently think we are; ‘we’ will persist, if we do, as something endlessly ‘greater’.
  • This is all embarrassingly similar to the propositions of many religions. But it is not, in itself, religion at all.
  • Inverted commas are needed in this area passim. ‘Life’ ‘after’ ‘death?’ We do not, and cannot, really ‘know’ about all this. Not even with the sensible and modest knowledge of science. Especially not with that.
About the Author

Written by Lance St John Butler, who is a Professor of British Literature in the University of Pau.

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The Day I Died – The Dark Night Of The Soul



The Day I Died – The Dark Night Of The Soul
Photo Credit: Pexels

Hilde Larsen, Contributing Writer

“Please God, take me. End this suffering. I am done. No more of this. No more of anything. I am done.”

Like it was yesterday, I remember the first day I wanted to die, and meant it.

The despair, the feeling of being so utterly lost and frustrated that the only way out was to let this moment be the ending. The definite end of my life. It was the first of many days like this, a string of minutes, hours and days where my whole being cried for relief.

I was too sick to miss much of my regular life. I was disconnected from the world. I didn’t miss any of it, it seemed too distant. The family barely came to see me, and when they did, they would sit downstairs in the living room. Friends stopped inviting us to events, and none of them came knocking at our door.

From living a life filled with traveling, running my own business, being the center of the party, being the happy, energetic mother, sister, daughter, friend and wife, I became nothing. From being an athletic high heal bad ass do-it-all for everybody, I became nothing. Not for them, not for me. That was my truth. The Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lyme, ulcers and anxiety had me choking on my own life.

It was like the outside disappeared. Everything became silent. My phone stopped ringing, and I resided in a bubble of pain and loneliness. Reading on the Internet, praying, crying and raging. I became my emotions, the anger. I felt hopeless and helpless. I questioned everything. I no longer believed in the medical doctors and their training. I no longer had any hope of recovery. According to the ones that I had put my faith in, there was nothing that could be done to regain my health. Only a life where medication and pain, deformities and disabilities would reign. I was on my own.

“Dear God, please help me. Show me the way to health, please show me the way. I am ready for complete healing. I am ready.”

I experienced what I perceived as a depression. Being naturally cheerful, I was not expecting this. Physical pain I could deal with. It was what I knew. This devastating despair was new to me, and it was tearing me apart. It was like all the lights went out, and all meaning disappeared. It was not apathy, more like a deep soul cry, and a release of everything that was connected to my ego, myself, and my dreams for the future.

I wanted to die, I wanted to be released from my earthly expectations and life. I wanted to move on, to set myself free. I felt trapped, and I wanted to fly. I cried for days on end. Cried for my pain, but also for the whole world. I was crying for all of us that were suffering.

What can I do?

Why am I here?

What kind of life will this be in the future?

How can I save my life?

Why am I alive?

At night, before going to sleep, I used to ask God to take me home. The thought of another day in this body was too much. All I wanted was out, I wanted to go home, and to feel free.

Life became very dark, and my soul cried as I was getting ready to let this all go.

Then I died…

The Dark Night of the Soul.

My life became the darkness. I was no longer alive, only present. I experienced the Dark Night, the death of the ego. The death of my life as I knew it. (A well-known term in the spiritual and Christian literature.) In the midst of my void, I discovered this “normality”. This surge of freedom and clarity. I could sense a meaning to all of my sufferings. I wasn’t going to die, physically, I was going to surrender to death.

It is common to believe something is very wrong when the symptoms of the Dark Night appear. It is normal to feel you are losing your mind even. Feeling stuck in the dark, that there will never be light again.

We feel completely alone, looking for the light, as we are used to running away from the dark. This time we cannot run, it is not possible. It totally swallows us.

The pain we feel is the pain we have tried to suppress for years, decades, and previous lifetimes even. It is now finally coming to the surface to be healed. I had been praying for complete healing, and little did I know that this experience was going to be a big part of it.

The term “Dark Night of the Soul” goes back a very long time, and is always used to describe the collapse of the perceived meaning of life, followed by the feeling of complete meaninglessness and loss of self. In the modern world, we might confuse this experience with what is called depression, but it is not. There is no meaning to anything. Absolutely everything feels meaningless.

The dark night can be triggered by an event in your life. You might lose your job, someone close to you, or have in some way a life-altering experience. Any severe trauma can trigger your reason to embark on such a journey. It will feel like your whole being is collapsing. Like you are shaken out of what you perceive as your reality. The experience will not only change your outer reality but how you look at life in general. There is an awakening happening. A celebration of freedom. A blessing in disguise, and for most so hidden, it can feel unbearable.

The one living the experience will most often not be aware of what he or she is going through. For me, it was profound. It was shredding me to pieces. I was being stripped of everything.

I became completely naked.

I was nothing.

I was NO thing!

I had given up all reasons to hang on to my pain, and I had released my need to fix anything.

In Matthew 7:13-14, Jesus spoke of traveling the narrow way. This might be seen as the dark night of the soul. The term has been spoken of in many scriptures and connects us to the endless experience of being close to Creation/God, and all that is. It is through the loss of self that one can find the inner truth and the feeling of eternal existence. The type of mental, emotional, or spiritual anguish that is present in the complete darkness, leaves the traveller feeling completely lost and alone.

The death of the ego as we know it.

This is the awakening to something deeper, a sense of real purpose, to true and real passion. It is like a death and a rebirth, where everything that was has now left, and new meanings, new concepts, and a new sense of existence arise. There is a death of the ego, yet nothing really dies except the ego’s own sense of self. A very painful death, and the experience is that of death itself, even though nothing real died, and never will.

It will feel like endless despair and darkness.

This is a part of an awakening process that will leave us stronger and truer to ourselves. More authentic. Once we have gone through the dark night of the soul, and have been “reborn”, we realize that what was let go of was the false sense of self. What died was never real, but we were clinging to it as a part of the illusion of the ego. I remember the time as being completely heart-breaking and mind scattering, yet it has been my most important learning experience as I see it.

Walking through the “dark night of the soul” is a time of spiritual purging and awakening, and a time of inner self-contemplation and total aloneness.

The experience will typically show itself through these patterns:
  • The ego dies, and the sense of self is shattered. It will feel like someone died, as they did, in a sense. The end of one’s identification feels like losing oneself, and that feeling takes one to the deepest darkness. The old self has to die, for the true self to be born.
  • The experience will teach complete aloneness. Through this complete aloneness, one is shown that there is no such thing as being alone. We are all alone, yet we never are. True freedom emerges from losing the need to cling to others, or to feel one has to belong. The realization is that, from feeling content in one’s own company, the love for others becomes stronger. Being alone becomes a beautiful thing, where much clarity is shown. The dependency on others disappears, and the value of meditation and solitude is realized. Being alone becomes a great part of growing and learning, and loneliness will get a whole new meaning. The realization that everything is within us, is true freedom.
  • A new love for life is born. Everything seems brighter, and every life lived seems to be something to celebrate and to learn from. We are all mortal humans, yet we are immortal beings. The humbleness towards life itself becomes greater, and the love for living becomes even more precious.
  • The way we see ourselves in the world changes. We become aware that we are all creators, and that we are not here to impress or to be what we think the world needs. We realize that the world needs people who are in love with themselves and life, and that will live in true passion and compassion. We realize that it is completely up to us, to take responsibility, and to live as the sovereign beings that we are. There is no one to blame, and there never was.
  • The view of the world has changed, so one might feel there are different perceptions on the inside that are conflicting. Living in a world, when one sees the truth and its underlying agendas, can be a struggle. Through working on one’s own values, passions and authenticity, the inner balance will come.
  • The strength from the experience will never leave you, and the newly found inner confidence will affect every aspect of your life. This strength is like no other, as it comes from having “walked through the fire”. You have been tested, and you passed the test. Now, all you have to do is to live the life you know that you deserve. You, we, everyone who has gone through the dark night of the soul, are stronger and more alive.
Like a Phoenix, we will rise from the ashes.

Dear God, please help me. Show me the way to health, please show me the way. I am ready for complete healing. I am ready.”

I am standing in front of the biggest change I could ever imagine. I am going from being a sufferer to a creator. I am laying down my sword to plant seeds instead, seeds of life. I am changing at the core, yet not changing at all. My true self want to shine through, to come to the surface, and for that to happen, all of which is not serving me has to go. Who I really am wants to come forth. Finally, I am shredding what is not the true me. I am ready to throw away the masks. They are too heavy to wear. They are also too many to keep track of. It has been exhausting, and all I want is to be me. Authentically me.

I wasn’t sure of who that me was, but I was willing to find out.

From my experience, I really believe life begins after death, and that we are able to live to the fullest when we no longer fear it. I had been so ready to go, so ready to leave this life, that I felt free from the death trap. I no longer felt the fear of dying. I knew that I was more than a sick body and that I would truly never die. I became more and more fearless, and it was setting my soul free. I started to see death as a part of LIFE and dying as a part of LIVING.

The Dark Night lead to the brightest light I have ever seen, my life-enthusiasm. My purpose and mission. Moving forward I was going to spend every minute of every day walking towards what I knew could be done. I was going to get healthy, no matter what I had to do. I had nothing to lose. I was not afraid to die. My life had stopped as I knew it, and I now chose to find a new path. I had my husband, my children, my friend and I had me. I was blessed and I would do anything to be the best that I could be.

Being a mother is an honour, and I was going to literally do anything to be the mother that my children deserved. I was going to get healthy, no matter what. Period.

I was going to get healthy or die trying.

I realized that at one point, we have to wake up and say: This is it, enough of this crap we see as limitations. I am going for it because I deserve it.

By awakening to who we really are, we are able to let go of everything that has been holding us back. By truly connecting with our inner source, God, and Creation, we are able to effortlessly flow through life with a renewed passion and enthusiasm. This natural passion for living and creating is a part of every breath that we take.

My love for life itself has led me to explore the amazing abundance and love that we are all a part of. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice. Love is the ultimate language of the Universe, and anything not thereof is an obstruction of the flow of life.

Who you really are, and the power you hold within is stronger than any agony or despair. You are worthy of a life in abundance and joy, as you choose to awaken to your true essence. You are amazing, and through letting go of your clutter and old programming you will set yourself free.

My message is – Do not fear the journey towards freedom and the emotional and spiritual upheavals that come with walking your truth. Let it all arise, and let your real authentic self, be born. A freer life awaits, and the day I died is the day that I started living.

“Our lives will represent the rising of the phoenix if we allow it. Out of the fire and ashes of our crash-and-burn lives, we are offered a new beginning… It arises with great power and beauty, undamaged and strengthened by the flames of its self-created fire.” ~ Taking Off The Mask

If you want to know more about my experiences from HELL to Inspired, you can download a free chapter here.

Resources to explore the topic of the Dark Night of the Soul
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About the Author

Hilde Larsen, known as ‘the one who Inspires’, is the CEO and founder of She is a certified Health and Mindset Coach, an Author, a Keynote Speaker, Detox Specialist, Raw food Teacher and Life-Enthusiast. Her glowing enthusiasm for health and vitality has the leading role in her work.

Hilde Larsen writes articles, and has her own blog and YouTube channel. She is the author of three published books:From HELL to Inspired’, ‘Know the Truth and Get Healthy’, and No More Bullshit’. She creates online video programs and has her own membership site, The Inspired Members.

Her interest in healing and spiritual growth also led her to become a Reiki Healer. She is highly intuitive and has a strong connection to Mother Earth and the spiritual world.

Born and raised in Stavanger, Norway, she and her husband of 29 years have a second home in Florida, USA. She is a proud mother and grandmother, and a tree-hugger at heart. Called by nature and spirit, she is inspiring many to take back their power, and to live a healthy successful life doing what they love.

Hilde now spends her time traveling between Norway and Florida, speaking, and appearing on different media as the Inspired health and thought leader. She is an authority in her field who has walked her talk. She also values the time with her clients, and her time in nature with her closest family and friends.

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Enlightenment: The Next Evolutionary Step For Humanity



Photo Credit: Pexels

Jiulio ConsiglioGuest Writer

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that humanity is ready for a shift in awareness, in consciousness. The egoic consciousness that we take on as human beings serves a purpose initially: it gives us an identity. But many of you might have come to realize that it has become a source of suffering especially in times of crisis-like we have been experiencing this past year. Let’s be clear: there’s nothing wrong with the ego, it is what it is. Condemning it is futile because it does in fact serve a divine purpose and that is this: it’s the catalyst for your awakening.

The ego is complex and simple all at once from a spiritual vantage point. To be clear, it operates between the past and future, never acknowledging the present moment and for good reason which I’ll shortly explain. The egoic mind or thinking mind is based in mind constructs. It uses images, memories and emotions that focus on the past, which usually entails feelings of sadness, regret or guilt and then projects those constructs into the future where fear and anxiety are experienced. This is how the ego perpetuates itself within our consciousness. And it survives on our energy through reaction. In essence it is a conditioning devised to keep one stuck. Allow me to paint a picture for greater clarity: if you get into a car and drive 50 feet backwards and then 50 feet forwards and you do this day in and day out it will leave you nowhere. In other words, nothing really changes when one operates from the same vibrational frequency.

The ego does not want to acknowledge the present moment or if it were to, it would somehow reduce it. The reason for this is because if you were to become fully aware of the reality of the now it would be the beginning of the end for the ego. Because being conscious of the present moment raises one’s awareness and vibrational frequency. The now is the doorway to higher states of consciousness, the quantum field where the ego cannot enter.

As for the collective, the egoic consciousness has grown exponentially in emotional pain and it appears that humanity is ready for a shift, an awakening, the likes of which the earth has never seen before. I have often reminded the attendees at my speaking engagements that the ego serves a purpose before and after awakening. Before enlightenment it serves as a source of suffering-a catalyst. After enlightenment it serves as contrast, nothing more and nothing less. To clarify, as we head into our teens and adulthood we accumulate emotional energy and unresolved experiences that become heavy and dense left unchecked. But here is the good news: that accumulated energy can serve as a catalyst for a quantum leap in consciousness through a desire to change and willingness to make a shift. Let’s take a closer look at how the power of decision can open the door to an awakening, through third eye activation.

Knowing that there is an alternate vibrational frequency of awareness allows you to make a decision while also creating possibility. Because what you become aware of is what you give life to. The moment something, anything comes into your awareness is the moment that it becomes a possibility.

What you desire for your life is what Source Energy desires for you. The word desire translated means, “from the father”. And what the Universe desires is to experience itself experientially through you because you are both one and the same. Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with desire, it’s the engine that puts the universe in motion. Desire only becomes an issue when one becomes attached to the outcome or becomes impatient with the process. This is why surrender, letting go, is key in the awakening process. Surrender signals to your Highest Self that you are trusting, that you are ready to be guided by universal intelligence and spiritual forces that are in fact for you.

The third eye and its activation is your guide into enlightenment and the quantum field. Once activated, it acts as your spiritual sight, discernment and seat of clarity. When it opens you cannot mistake it for anything else; in that instant you will experience knowing through instantaneous energetic downloads of wisdom and understanding. It will be the event of your lifetime.

Here are some reminders to be aware of and practices you can put into place to create a welcoming atmosphere for this shift in awareness:

*Get acquainted with the present moment. Be centered in it, become one with it. Notice this one moment as you go about your day. Remember it often. The present moment is your great ally and it is where the past and future can be transcended through its realization.

*Just be. There is a difference between doing and being. Doing is physical. Being is spiritual. And surrendering to the moment as you go about your daily tasks, combing beingness with doingness changes your experience, it adds lightness to it, things become effortless.

*Take a few minutes a day and meditate. It doesn’t have to be anything more than getting comfortable in a chair and becoming aware of your thoughts. Looking inward and observing your thoughts can increase one’s awareness. As you relax and observe, become aware of the stillness between your thoughts. Become aware of the stillness surrounding you. What you observe and become mindful of can be reflected within you, causing a spontaneous shift in awareness.

*Nothing can be added to you. Your enlightened self is already present within you, it’s your inner being, the soul. Enlightenment is a destructive process, it breaks old habits and thinking patterns leading you deep within to the clarity of your innermost self. Turbulence can be expected as you grow spiritually but be comforted by the fact that all states are temporary as you are in the process of becoming.

You showed up on this planet with a purpose, a soul purpose. You had to first experience what you’re not, things like fear, sadness and worry. Those are things you experience, they are not who you are. In fact, they are emotional indicators, reminding you to get back into spiritual alignment, back into the now, back to where the soul resides. Wishing you strength and guidance on your spiritual journey!

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About the Author

Jiulio’s writings and teachings focus on the transformative power of inner stillness, the mind-body-spirit connection and psychic abilities development. He is the author of Challenge Your Thoughts: Healing Mind, Spirit and Body with TruthThe Healing Frequency: Transform Your Life through the Wisdom, Power and Clarity of Inner Stillness and the soon to be released, Open Your Third Eye: Activate Your Sixth Chakra & Develop Your Psychic Abilities.

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In Life And Death, Love Is Our Legacy – The Courage To Open Our Hearts



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Nanice EllisGuest Writer

They say that birth and death are two sides of one coin, and that every birth is a death, and every death is a birth….

In essence, as we depart from one “world,” we simultaneously enter another.

Since we can only experience the side of the coin representing birth, the only way to experience the miracle of death is by witnessing it through another.

In fact, you may want to consider that this is the last gift we will ever receive from our departed loved ones (and the last one we will ever give)….and maybe the most meaningful of all.

However, if we are to give or receive this great gift, it requires the courage to be fully present with the enormity of our feelings.

By surrendering to our emotions and allowing ourselves to feel deeply……something deep inside may awaken – and with it, we may receive powerful insights that help us remember who we really are.

Every one of us wants to leave some sort of legacy behind when we depart this world.

You know….something that says, “I was here – and I made a difference”!

However, once we reach our final days, we may discover that the sign of a successful life is not how much money we accumulated, the status we attained, nor the knowledge we acquired, but rather, the sign of a successful life is how much we loved….and how much we were loved.

Although we may think of a legacy as something very tangible, the greatest of all legacies happens to be love….because through love, we live on in the hearts of others.

If I were to ask you to describe love, you probably wouldn’t be able to…..and, yet, when we experience love, we all know it.

Although the true nature of love may forever be a mystery, there is no greater legacy to leave behind.

Indeed, if love is our legacy, life was a great success!

According to quantum physics, when two atoms are entangled, they remain entangled – even if you send them in opposite directions.

In fact, regardless of the distance between the two atoms, whatever one experiences, the other experiences simultaneously.

Scientists are still baffled by this “spooky action at a distance” as Einstein called it.

Nonetheless, the greatest example of quantum entanglement…..happens to be the love that we share with another.

For once we love someone, we are “quantumly entangled” through space and time, and therefore, wherever we may roam in the Universe, we are forever connected through love.

No doubt, it takes tremendous courage to truly love with an open heart.

But when we take the risk, we also discover that love gives us the courage to live our lives.

It gives us the courage to explore who we are and to take chances we otherwise might have avoided.

It gives us the courage to say “I’m sorry” when we’re wrong and the courage to forgive and forget.

And last, but not least, love gives us the courage to say “good-bye” when it’s our time.

While we cannot anticipate our last thoughts or feelings, it is our mortality that suddenly makes every moment of life precious.

Every kiss on the cheek.
Every whisper of love.
Every smile.
And even every tear.

Finally, if we’re lucky enough, we come to realize that every breath is as precious as the first.

So, instead of wasting a single moment regretting the past or fretting about the future, let us find the strength to follow our hearts….especially when it’s challenging!

After all, Only Love is Real!

In 2021 and beyond, may love be your Greatest Legacy!

Happy New Year! Nanice

(In loving memory of Richard Perry.)

My Gift of Love to You – Free Book

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About the Author

Nanice Ellis has been a professional Life Coach for 20 years, successfully coaching women and men from all over the world. She is also an author, Theta Healer and Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.

Helping people to make quantum jumps in their lives, Nanice’s very unique coaching style is often referred to as the “Nanice Effect”. By using powerful and proven manifestation techniques, Nanice coaches people to tap into the power of the Universe and live their dreams, bridging the gap from the imagination to the realization of that dream. She works with leaders, coaches, healers and anyone who wants to live life to the fullest. You can learn more about the coaching programs offered at: Coaching Programs with Nanice.

Nanice is the author of several books, including the inspirational “The Infinite Power of You!”  and “Even Gandhi Got Hungry and Buddha Got Mad!”, and her latest book, “Is There a White Elephant in Your Way? The Guidebook for Awakening and Self Empowerment” She is also the host of radio show Chai with Nanice. Her books are available at and right here on Amazon.

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Discovering The Fourth Dimension Of Ourselves



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Katrina CavanoughGuest Writer

There is a re-emerging truth. Western society is finally embracing what Eastern traditions and our indigenous cultures have always known. Most people with a spiritual orientation recognise the existence of the mind, body and soul, however, there is more. Our soul is not the only energetic form we encapsulate. Let me explain.

For 10 years, I worked as a social worker in a busy hospital. Over those years it came to pass that I worked with over 400 deaths. For most of the patients I attended to, their death had been sudden, unexpected and always traumatic. My role as the social worker was to support and guide the patient’s family and loved ones as they attended a viewing, said goodbye, and completed the police identification. I always felt the privilege that comes with this type of position. To be present at one of life’s most sacred final rites was something that always held its own reverence.

Unbeknownst to my professional colleagues and the patient’s family, there were times where I found myself in a state of awareness and communication with the soul of the patient who had died or was dying. This was profound at first and over time became normalised as the way I experienced hundreds of deaths. I always maintained professional boundaries, and would never disclose to the family or medical team that I was having a spiritual experience with the souls as they moved across into the non-physical world. It was simply not professional to do so, and I held my role as the social worker in the highest regard.

My experience with hundreds of deaths taught me a lot about dying and the afterlife. I have a new understanding of what death is like and what happens when we die. I know for instance, that death itself is gentle. Every single time, with no exception. This was a surprise to me as my human mind could not conceive how a person could die so tragically and not suffer. Yet each time, this is what I was shown.

I felt a great sense of humility to be both present at the time of physical death, and to hold awareness of the soul crossing over into the spiritual realm.

As the souls moved into the non-physical they would reflect. Not only about their death and their experience of the afterlife, but also about the life they had just lived. I began to notice there were consistent themes and some unexpected new understandings about how the non-physical world works. It is these reflections, both about living a wonderful life and the dynamics of the non-physical world, that I now describe as The Wisdoms in my book Wisdom for Your Life (Allen & Unwin).

The Fourth Dimension – the Greatest New Understanding

The Wisdom of Your Powerful Spirit has the greatest potential to permanently transform the way we experience ourselves and live our lives. This wisdom invites us to consider a new understanding of ourselves as four-dimensional energetic beings.

Through my communication with the non-physical world, I now understand that beyond our body, mind and soul – there is a fourth dimension of ourselves.

We are aware of our bodies, and the concept of the mind still holds varying definitions dependent upon which context is being used. I use the word mind when referring to the thoughts, beliefs and emotional intelligence that comes with living each lifetime. Your soul moves in and out of each life, holding an imprint of your memories across many lives. As it moves through each lifetime, it holds a central and singular purpose to simply experience life.

While working with hundreds of deaths, I was shown that there is more to us than body, mind and soul. There is a fourth field of energy. This fourth dimension of ourselves holds a centre point at the core of our being and then radiates out into infinity. I have come to refer to this fourth dimension of ourselves as my (or your if I am speaking with you) powerful spirit.

Your powerful spirit is a form of energy, with its own vibrational pattern that once again is unique to you. Just like our fingers have fingerprints and each soul has its own vibrational pattern, your powerful spirit has its own unique energetic fingerprint.

The most profound revelation about this fourth dimension of our energetic selves is that it is entirely the same energy that is god, source, the great universal oneness. This is most profound news indeed as it means we are all naturally pure love, infinite wisdom, infinite compassion, and complete abundance in all its forms. Once this was revealed to me I felt transfixed, empowered and relieved.

Once we are reminded that we are actually made of the same essence of god, then it all becomes very exciting as this actually means that the power to truly change your life, feel better, choose kindness, respond rather than react – the power to live a more happy and balanced life – is not something that you need to find in a place external to yourself, because the energy of happiness or kindness or compassion is already who you naturally are. In this way you do not have to look outside of yourself; just shift your attention to focus upon the energetic dimension of yourself that is naturally pure love, happiness, compassion and success.

The strength we need to attend that job interview, the passion you need to complete that project, the healing we need to experience as we have lost a loved one, and even the love we need to feel for ourselves, become more easily experienced when all that is required is an awareness we are already the energetic vibration of those things. It is who we are and we can easily tap into that resource. Better yet, it is available to us 24 hours each day.

So what does this really mean for all of us?

How can this concept of the existence of a fourth and powerful dimension of our energetic self be applied to real life?

Let me share with you how connecting and utilising your own powerful spirit can make a phenomenal difference.

Real Life

Living with the awareness that you do not have to reach outside of yourself to access infinite wisdom, love, compassion, success, health and abundance really has changed the way I live my life. By simply using the art of self-awareness, I have made substantial changes to the way I feel about myself (my self-concept), and the way I operate in my own life. I have always believed anything is possible, however, now I am aware that all I need I already have.

This has supercharged my capacity to really create and experience the life I desire exponentially. The last seven years have seen the realisation of so many of my dreams. From career and business success, material gains, health through to happiness, by using my own powerful intentions program coupled with the strength of my own powerful spirit – my life has gratefully delivered many wonderful experiences.

Beyond creating magnificence in my own life, I have found that living in awareness of this naturally occurring fourth dimension – powerful spirit – has been transformational for my clients and myself as they have moved through the challenging experiences life has to offer.

Happiness and success are important to each of us to varying degrees, however, there are times when just getting through the day becomes the focus. When we experience loss, tragedy, relationship breakdown and distress, then this is when our powerful spirit can be a source of strength and healing.

When you live your life in unity with your powerful spirit, it does not save you from life’s challenges. There are still events that hurt and cause varying degrees of anxiety, sadness and trauma. The difference will be that as you rest your awareness on your powerful spirit, you will experience a direct connection to all that is possible. In moments of suffering, when we connect to the energy of our powerful spirit, we can more easily access the wisdom that will guide us toward the best way through the situation.

I have experienced trauma, grief and loss without the awareness of my own powerful spirit, and have been through my version of hell and back with the awareness of my powerful spirit, and the difference was extremely noticeable.

Sandra is a woman in her mid-fifties who has been attending therapy sessions with me for the past 6 months or so. She has a son who has a diagnosis of schizophrenia. As I listened to Sandra talk, I could hear the grief flow through her words as she struggled to understand the injustice and harshness of her son’s life. I was acutely aware that her only desire in relation to her son was that he find a way to manage his mental illness so as to have some quality of life.

Over time, I coached Sandra to connect with her own powerful spirit, through mindfulness and meditation techniques. Very quickly, she made a clear connection with the part of her powerful spirit that is in a natural state of compassion, healing and grace. As she felt this part of herself, she found it easier to cope with the grief and loss process. It did not change her son’s mental illness, but it did help Sandra realise she did not have to attend twelve months of therapy before a state of healing was delivered to her. She could access this feeling state now.

As the souls of the dying shared with me the concept of your powerful spirit, I felt a great responsibility to share this with you. Over time my friends in the non-physical world have helped me to understand how this fourth dimension of ourselves works, and how we can use it in our real lives. I felt energised by its potential to help many of us feel better and experience our best life. I feel a deep sense of gratitude to reconnect you with this wisdom now. I now know that when we step through life with complete awareness of all that we naturally are – the capacity to access the part of ourselves that is the same energy as god – then anything is possible and we are truly free.

Recommended Article by Katrina Cavanough
About the Author

Katrina Cavanough (AMHSW BSW/BSocSc) has worked with thousands of people as a grief and trauma therapist for over 20 years. She is now an inspirational speaker, life strategist, author and spiritual change agent. Her unique style offers practical life guidance based on intuitive wisdom and extensive experience working with relationships and human behavior.

Katrina is the author of Wisdom For Your Life: What I  Have Learnt From Those Who Have Passed Over and Happy Little Hearts: Healing Meditations for Children, and has been featured on major national TV, print and radio media in Australia. Katrina is also a mother of two beautiful girls and loves singing loudly in the car and ‘dancing crazy’ in her lounge room with her girls.

For more information, or to connect with Katrina:

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