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They Live, We Sleep: Beware The Growing Evil In Our Midst



Photo Credit: They Live

John W. Whitehead, Rutherford

“You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you. You’re wrong. Dead wrong.” — They Live

We’re living in two worlds, you and I.

There’s the world we see (or are made to see) and then there’s the one we sense (and occasionally catch a glimpse of), the latter of which is a far cry from the propaganda-driven reality manufactured by the government and its corporate sponsors, including the media.

Indeed, what most Americans perceive as life in America—privileged, progressive and free—is a far cry from reality, where economic inequality is growing, real agendas and real power are buried beneath layers of Orwellian doublespeak and corporate obfuscation, and “freedom,” such that it is, is meted out in small, legalistic doses by militarized police armed to the teeth.

All is not as it seems.

This is the premise of John Carpenter’s film They Live, which was released more than 30 years ago, and remains unnervingly, chillingly appropriate for our modern age.

Best known for his horror film Halloween, which assumes that there is a form of evil so dark that it can’t be killed, Carpenter’s larger body of work is infused with a strong anti-authoritarian, anti-establishment, laconic bent that speaks to the filmmaker’s concerns about the unravelling of our society, particularly our government.

Time and again, Carpenter portrays the government working against its own citizens, a populace out of touch with reality, technology run amok, and a future more horrific than any horror film.

In Escape from New York, Carpenter presents fascism as the future of America.

In The Thing, a remake of the 1951 sci-fi classic of the same name, Carpenter presupposes that increasingly we are all becoming dehumanized.

In Christine, the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel about a demon-possessed car, technology exhibits a will and consciousness of its own and goes on a murderous rampage.

In In the Mouth of Madness, Carpenter notes that evil grows when people lose “the ability to know the difference between reality and fantasy.”

And then there is Carpenter’s They Live, in which two migrant workers discover that the world is not as it seems. In fact, the population is actually being controlled and exploited by aliens working in partnership with an oligarchic elite. All the while, the populace—blissfully unaware of the real agenda at work in their lives—has been lulled into complacency, indoctrinated into compliance, bombarded with media distractions, and hypnotized by subliminal messages beamed out of television and various electronic devices, billboards and the like.

It is only when homeless drifter John Nada (played to the hilt by the late Roddy Piper) discovers a pair of doctored sunglasses—Hoffman lenses—that Nada sees what lies beneath the elite’s fabricated reality: control and bondage.

When viewed through the lens of truth, the elite, who appear human until stripped of their disguises, are shown to be monsters who have enslaved the citizenry in order to prey on them.

Likewise, billboards blare out hidden, authoritative messages: a bikini-clad woman in one ad is actually ordering viewers to “MARRY AND REPRODUCE.” Magazine racks scream “CONSUME” and “OBEY.” A wad of dollar bills in a vendor’s hand proclaims, “THIS IS YOUR GOD.”

When viewed through Nada’s Hoffman lenses, some of the other hidden messages being drummed into the people’s subconscious include: NO INDEPENDENT THOUGHT, CONFORM, SUBMIT, STAY ASLEEP, BUY, WATCH TV, NO IMAGINATION, and DO NOT QUESTION AUTHORITY.

This indoctrination campaign engineered by the elite in They Live is painfully familiar to anyone who has studied the decline of American culture.

A citizenry that does not think for themselves, obeys without question, is submissive, does not challenge authority, does not think outside the box, and is content to sit back and be entertained is a citizenry that can be easily controlled.

In this way, the subtle message of They Live provides an apt analogy of our own distorted vision of life in the American police state, what philosopher Slavoj Žižek refers to as dictatorship in democracy, “the invisible order which sustains your apparent freedom.”

We’re being fed a series of carefully contrived fictions that bear no resemblance to reality.

The powers-that-be want us to feel threatened by forces beyond our control (terrorists, shootersbombers).

They want us afraid and dependent on the government and its militarized armies for our safety and well-being.

They want us distrustful of each other, divided by our prejudices, and at each other’s throats.

Most of all, they want us to continue to march in lockstep with their dictates.

Tune out the government’s attempts to distract, divert and befuddle us and tune into what’s really going on in this country, and you’ll run headlong into an unmistakable, unpalatable truth: the moneyed elite who rule us view us as expendable resources to be used, abused and discarded.

In fact, a study conducted by Princeton and Northwestern University concluded that the U.S. government does not represent the majority of American citizens. Instead, the study found that the government is ruled by the rich and powerful, or the so-called “economic elite.” Moreover, the researchers concluded that policies enacted by this governmental elite nearly always favour special interests and lobbying groups.

In other words, we are being ruled by an oligarchy disguised as a democracy, and arguably on our way towards fascism—a form of government where private corporate interests rule, money calls the shots, and the people are seen as mere subjects to be controlled.

Not only do you have to be rich—or beholden to the rich—to get elected these days, but getting elected is also a surefire way to get rich. As CBS News reports, “Once in office, members of Congress enjoy access to connections and information they can use to increase their wealth, in ways that are unparalleled in the private sector. And once politicians leave office, their connections allow them to profit even further.”

In denouncing this blatant corruption of America’s political system, former president Jimmy Carter blasted the process of getting elected—to the White House, governor’s mansion, Congress or state legislatures—as “unlimited political bribery… a subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors, who want and expect, and sometimes get, favours for themselves after the election is over.”

Rest assured that when and if fascism finally takes hold in America, the basic forms of government will remain: Fascism will appear to be friendly. The legislators will be in session. There will be elections, and the news media will continue to cover the entertainment and political trivia. Consent of the governed, however, will no longer apply. Actual control will have finally passed to the oligarchic elite controlling the government behind the scenes.

Sound familiar?

Clearly, we are now ruled by an oligarchic elite of governmental and corporate interests.

We have moved into “corporatism” (favored by Benito Mussolini), which is a halfway point on the road to full-blown fascism.

Corporatism is where the few moneyed interests—not elected by the citizenry—rule over the many. In this way, it is not a democracy or a republican form of government, which is what the American government was established to be. It is a top-down form of government and one which has a terrifying history typified by the developments that occurred in totalitarian regimes of the past: police states where everyone is watched and spied on, rounded up for minor infractions by government agents, placed under police control, and placed in detention (a.k.a. concentration) camps.

For the final hammer of fascism to fall, it will require the most crucial ingredient: the majority of the people will have to agree that it’s not only expedient but necessary.

But why would a people agree to such an oppressive regime?

The answer is the same in every age: fear.

Fear makes people stupid.

Fear is the method most often used by politicians to increase the power of government. And, as most social commentators recognize, an atmosphere of fear permeates modern America: fear of terrorism, fear of the police, fear of our neighbours and so on.

The propaganda of fear has been used quite effectively by those who want to gain control, and it is working on the American populace.

Despite the fact that we are 17,600 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack; 11,000 times more likely to die from an airplane accident than from a terrorist plot involving an airplane; 1,048 times more likely to die from a car accident than a terrorist attack, and 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist , we have handed over control of our lives to government officials who treat us as a means to an end—the source of money and power.

As the Bearded Man in They Live warns, “They are dismantling the sleeping middle class. More and more people are becoming poor. We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery.”

In this regard, we’re not so different from the oppressed citizens in They Live.

From the moment we are born until we die, we are indoctrinated into believing that those who rule us do it for our own good. The truth is far different.

Despite the truth staring us in the face, we have allowed ourselves to become fearful, controlled, pacified zombies.

We live in a perpetual state of denial, insulated from the painful reality of the American police state by wall-to-wall entertainment news and screen devices.

Most everyone keeps their heads down these days while staring zombie-like into an electronic screen, even when they’re crossing the street. Families sit in restaurants with their heads down, separated by their screen devices and unaware of what’s going on around them. Young people especially seem dominated by the devices they hold in their hands, oblivious to the fact that they can simply push a button, turn the thing off and walk away.

Indeed, there is no larger group activity than that connected with those who watch screens—that is, television, lap tops, personal computers, cell phones and so on. In fact, a Nielsen study reports that American screen viewing is at an all-time high. For example, the average American watches approximately 151 hours of television per month.

The question, of course, is what effect does such screen consumption have on one’s mind?

Psychologically it is similar to drug addiction. Researchers found that “almost immediately after turning on the TV, subjects reported feeling more relaxed, and because this occurs so quickly and the tension returns so rapidly after the TV is turned off, people are conditioned to associate TV viewing with a lack of tension.” Research also shows that regardless of the programming, viewers’ brain waves slow down, thus transforming them into a more passive, nonresistant state.

Historically, television has been used by those in authority to quiet discontent and pacify disruptive people. “Faced with severe overcrowding and limited budgets for rehabilitation and counseling, more and more prison officials are using TV to keep inmates quiet,” according to Newsweek.

Given that the majority of what Americans watch on television is provided through channels controlled by six mega corporations, what we watch is now controlled by a corporate elite and, if that elite needs to foster a particular viewpoint or pacify its viewers, it can do so on a large scale.

If we’re watching, we’re not doing.

The powers-that-be understand this. As television journalist Edward R. Murrow warned in a 1958 speech:

We are currently wealthy, fat, comfortable and complacent. We have currently a built-in allergy to unpleasant or disturbing information. Our mass media reflect this. But unless we get up off our fat surpluses and recognize that television in the main is being used to distract, delude, amuse, and insulate us, then television and those who finance it, those who look at it, and those who work at it, may see a totally different picture too late.

This brings me back to They Live, in which the real zombies are not the aliens calling the shots but the populace who are content to remain controlled.

“When all is said and done, the world of They Live is not so different from our own. As one of the characters points out, “The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are nonexistent. They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices. Their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been lulled into a trance. They have made us indifferent to ourselves, to others. We are focused only on our own gain.”

We, too, are focused only on our own pleasures, prejudices and gains. Our poor and underclasses are also growing. Racial injustice is growing. Human rights is nearly nonexistent. We too have been lulled into a trance, indifferent to others.

Oblivious to what lies ahead, we’ve been manipulated into believing that if we continue to consume, obey, and have faith, things will work out. But that’s never been true of emerging regimes. And by the time we feel the hammer coming down upon us, it will be too late.

So where does that leave us?

The characters who populate Carpenter’s films provide some insight.

Underneath their machismo, they still believe in the ideals of liberty and equal opportunity. Their beliefs place them in constant opposition with the law and the establishment, but they are nonetheless freedom fighters.

When, for example, John Nada destroys the alien hyno-transmitter in They Live, he restores hope by delivering America a wake-up call for freedom.

That’s the key right there: we need to wake up.

Stop allowing yourselves to be easily distracted by pointless political spectacles and pay attention to what’s really going on in the country.

The real battle for control of this nation is not being waged between Republicans and Democrats in the ballot box.

As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, the real battle for control of this nation is taking place on roadsides, in police cars, on witness stands, over phone lines, in government offices, in corporate offices, in public school hallways and classrooms, in parks and city council meetings, and in towns and cities across this country.

The real battle between freedom and tyranny is taking place right in front of our eyes, if we would only open them.

All the trappings of the American police state are now in plain sight.

Wake up, America.

If they live (the tyrants, the oppressors, the invaders, the overlords), it is only because “we the people” sleep.

About the Author

Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute, where this article (John Lennon Was Right: The Government Is Run by Maniacs for Maniacal Means) was originally published. He is the author of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State and The Change Manifesto.

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Why The World Needs Healers



Photo Credit: Pexels

Gogo Thule NganeGuest Writer

When it comes to spirituality I now see that some have come to the conclusion that there is no true need for the concept of gurus or that the journey within is greater when done yourself. I agree that a large and potent part of our Earth journey is one that only we, as an individual can take; that discovering your God-given power and connection is a blessing only you can truly uncover. Though I believe that the ‘guru’ is within, in a sense, I also deeply believe that the guru is everywhere, that teachers and guides are a beautiful part of our journey but most importantly we are one and we need one another.

But since I feel that a major underlying message that is being sent out in spiritual circles is that everything is within and you need nothing else, I’d like to remind you why the world needs healers and spiritual guides, and why coming together has always been much more powerful than standing alone.

Because The Guru is Everywhere

Spirit is limitless and manifests in infinite ways. Not only has God gifted us with our own ability to know the truth from within but that truth and wisdom is reflected back to us all the time everywhere that we go through people, places, books, TV shows, nature, and all things. Sometimes I receive profound messages within my own dreams and meditations and others in hearing the words of my elders or peers and even in the lyrics of a sweet song.

Because spirit can take any shape or form to reach and teach us it is so important to remain open to wisdom in all the ways it greets us in life. I especially say this to those who have been hurt by leaders, teachers, and churches or spiritual communities. Anything and everything can be a vessel. Not all use their vessel for good but we all have the potential to deliver divine information to one another. Be mindful but remain open to the truth because it is all around you even in those that have come to teach us what not to do and who not to be.

Because there are comforts we’d rather not sacrifice.

As I mentioned we are all vessels and carry gifts and much potential. We are all seers and healers of some sort or art form, yet we do not all want to fast at the level as some prophets do or leave the city to relearn how to be in tune with nature in the mountains like monks. We do not all want to do what it takes to fully come into our abilities as psychics or shamans. I love being a shamanic healer and would never go back to my life before this but I would not wish some of the trials I have transformed through on others. It is not easy. Ego deaths are not pretty nor fun. I’ve given up long periods of time away from friends and family, sex, and many other life pleasures.

I believe this is true of all people in every domain. I wasn’t willing to go to university longer than the average 4 years to be a doctor. There are many paths I do not choose because there are sacrifices I’d rather not make and that is perfectly beautiful because we all have paths that we are meant to take and we all will have to make some sacrifice. Spiritual Healing work is deep and at times risky and requires going into the darkness to retrieve souls and soul medicine. There are intense places and dimensions that a healer must go spiritually and physically in order to heal themselves and others. The healers that have taken honourable paths have given up things you cannot even imagine to do what they do and be who they are in order to offer us divine wisdom and access to immense support on our healing journeys.

Because you can’t do it alone, nor see everything.

Not even healers do all of their work alone. If you look at most indigenous ceremonies and gatherings there are many healers that come together and many more helpers and members to orchestrate these powerful ceremonies. Churches have many pastors and a whole hierarchy of leadership to support the community. I even tend to want to be this superwoman figure. I desire to learn all topics and be a master of many things but it’s overwhelming and I’ve come to live this life and do much more than just study. No one does anything alone. Work is hired out, our friends help us move into our apartments, our counsellors guide us to apply for school or fix our relationships, and writers get their works edited and proofread.

All of my teachers have elders that they turn to and seek spiritual advice from. In the African traditions there are always those above us that we gain insight from and who offer a checks and balances of power and ethics. All the healers and psychics I know have their own healer and psychic. We all need help, we all have blind spots, and can’t see everything. Only the creator has that ability. Oh how I wish I could see it all. Most of my prophetic dreams and messages come through me about other people. I once asked my teacher why can’t I see more into my own life. I need my help! She explained that it was because as a healer I am here to serve. There are times when we are to be of service and times to receive. You are not on your own island and you have called certain people or experiences into your life to help in your evolution. We seem to fall into this idea that we are separate not only from God but from others. Allow yourself to ask and receive what it is that you need.

Because we need spirit and a higher sense of self.

When you go to do with a healer, shaman, or spiritual medium of some sort you are not just working or receiving from this “person”. You are also connecting with the spiritual guides and higher powers that work through them. In my spiritual tradition of the Sangomas of South Africa, the healers are guided and led by ancient ancestral healing spirits. When you make your payments in exchange for your service you are honouring and acknowledging a group of spirits that are blessing you through this work and offering you wisdom and healing. It is because of spirit that healers are able to do what they do and it is because of spirit that we seek healers. We need and crave to connect with a higher power and our higher selves. Our wellbeing and our success is related to how connected we are to our soul, our true self, our free loving creative whole selves. We live in times where our connection is constantly threatened and weakened so making that reconnection and union to the body-mind-spirit is vital.

I know that people look at healers sometimes and think that they can do the same. I have even at times looked at others and thought there must be a way to figure out what they do but this is naive and dangerous. A healer can appear to be doing simple everyday things but invoking energies that bring in power to what they do. Everything isn’t always as it seems.

I came across a beautiful piece of digital art (below) by a local artist that I feel depicts the most important part of this whole discussion about why we need healers; this image by Baba Underdog shows an aspect of what we don’t see. A man pouring water over these young girls but tuning into a power beyond this realm. These powers activate the medicine in the work that healers do. You can’t copy that, you can’t do that yourself, and it can be dangerous to just take something you see and replicate it when you don’t understand the power, the history, nor have the level of protection needed that a trained healer has taken the time to gain. Of course you can connect with your spiritual guides but you can’t connect with theirs and each guide or deity has their specialities and different forms of “medicine” that we can all benefit from. It is a blessing to be around and gain from other healers and power houses. We all have something unique to offer.

I often hear of people having extremely difficult spiritual experiences and awakenings made worse because they didn’t have the guidance or training to handle the trials, growing pains, and spiritual warfare that comes with this work. This work is sacred. This work is deeply freeing and though there is so much you can learn and do alone, there is just as much to receive and gain in working with a guide who loves you and wants you to evolve and find home within your own spirit. My teacher always says, “I’m not here to train mini me’s. I want you to surpass the work that I’ve done.” She supports me in discovering my truth for myself.

Honestly, the world needs healers for the same reason that the world needs you. Because we are all individual answers and blessings to the world’s problems and positive evolution. I imagine a time when we are all fully awake to our gifts whatever they may be and honour with gratitude all our guides, teachers, messengers, and helpers along the healing journey.


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About the Author

Gogo Thule Ngane is a Sangoma Traditional Healer, Priestess, and Medicine Woman. She is guided by the Amadlozi, Elevated Ancestors of her lineage. Her work includes divination, traditional healing, and leads workshops, ceremonies, and retreats on ancient African healing and spirituality. She is devoted to awakening ancestral wisdom on the earth.

Journey with her at: 

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Why We Honour The Ancestors



Why We Honor The Ancestors
Photo Credit: Pexels

Gogo Thule NganeGuest Writer

I think many people look at earth-based spirituality as worshiping the outside world; something outside of yourself. Spirit has shown me it’s about honouring, remembering, celebrating an aspect of myself, wisdom that is being passed on to me and that I feel called to reclaim.

Whether we hear it or not, the ancestors still speak to us from where they are, in our dreams and in the coincidences of our daily life. They have wisdom to pass on to us spiritually. We are the ancestors, and they are us. There is a lot of power on your side.

Listen, they will speak.

We honour the ancestors because we are connected…

Whether we acknowledge it or not there are ones that came before us, ones that opened the way for you to be here, ones who prayed for you before they knew you, and worked for your future.

Whether we are in tune or not, they walk among us in the spirit realm. We stand on their shoulders. They are still in our blood, in our bones, and when they heal, we are uplifted.

As Edison Agbandje, author of Ancestral Essence says, “Our ancestors hear our prayers first.”

When most hear the word ancestors, they instantly connect to their blood relatives that they may or may not of known. In indigenous traditions this word is more fluid. We have the ancestors and spiritual beings of the waters, the air, the fire, the earth, the blood ancestors of your father and mother’s lineages, elevated ancestors and the adopted ancestors or guardians who have chosen to work with you in past and present life times which come in the form of gods, goddesses, angels, spirit animals, and more.

The reason that certain animal totems and/or gods guide you is because you come from a lineage of people who worked with those energies and lifetimes of agreements to work together. We not only come into this world with physical parents and relatives but also guardians connected to our lineage, helping spirits, a powerful and huge spiritual court.

In my tradition, that of the Sangomas of South Africa, the Ancestors are the center of our work because they connect us to the rest of the spirit realm.

We honour the ancestors because what we need to heal started long before us…

They say that when we do our own inner personal healing, we heal 7 generations forward and 7 generations back. The memories, the power, traumas, pains, and wisdom of our ancestors are currently running through our blood/DNA and thus stored in our energetic/physical body.

Some of us are dealing with sadness and depression, imbalances, illnesses, phobias/mental issues, and life patterns that are connected to what our ancestors went through as well as experiences that are signs of ancestral messages. I once assisted in spiritual work with a young girl who was very sad and fussy in a way that began to concern her mother. We did an ancestral reading to find out there was a male ancestor who was having some kind of trouble that was being expressed through this young girl.

Many of us are going through life having experiences and challenges that our modern day environment can’t explain. Some are seeing, hearing, and sensing things that they can’t piece together because we no longer know how to interpret and recognize the signs and language of the ancestors nor the spirit world. Then there are those, like me, who simply felt that something in my life was missing and felt disconnected.

The fact is to ignore the ancestors is to ignore a part and aspect of yourself. It’s like to have 2 hands but not use one of them, to not nurture it, as well as to not tap into a place of power within you that we all have.

Because there is wisdom to reclaim that vibrates within us…

They walk with us every day, they see your struggles, they can see what’s in your way and constantly protect and lend us their wisdom through intuition, synchronizes, and life experiences. They are able to see what we can’t and guide us back to our higher-selves.

I am honestly fascinated and in awe of how much wisdom we walk with. As a shamanic medicine woman, I’ve been called to work with my elevated ancestors who were healers in ancient times. I once had a vision where my ancestors appeared as lions. I know this because at some point they picked up some chalk and drew their human faces on a board. I was scared initially and ran into the house when I saw them. They followed and eventually I realized they were here to guide me. First one of the lions had a wound on his shoulder. This ancestor lifted my hand up to the wound and it was healed. Then they took me to a window and showed me how to physically and spiritually float up and through the window and fly up into the sky.

This vision and many of my experiences on this journey with clients and myself has showed me how connected we are to them, how much they already have mastered and how we possess this wisdom if we make the connection, choose not to be afraid, and honour their ancient practices.

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About the Author

Gogo Thule Ngane is a Sangoma Traditional Healer, Priestess, and Medicine Woman. She is guided by the Amadlozi, Elevated Ancestors of her lineage. Her work includes divination, traditional healing, and leads workshops, ceremonies, and retreats on ancient African healing and spirituality. She is devoted to awakening ancestral wisdom on the earth.

Journey with her at: 

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Music As Medicine



Music As Medicine
Photo Credit: Collective Evolution

Joshua Eagle, Guest Writer

Just as letters, words and phrases carry vibrational information which transmutes out into our greater universe, so too does music. There may be no greater language with the power to break all universal vibrational communication boundaries than that of music.

Imprinted into the fabric of reality is a fluidity which at the underlying core is comprised of vibration. In this current band of reality we exist in, mediums such as color, geometry, tonality and sound, work to transmute this fluid like energy, often referred to as zero-point energy, ether, or ‘the source’, into our waking state. The act of syncopated drumming in particular is a most powerful way of drawing in this source energy into one’s mind through the creation of a repetitive pulse wave which draws in this energy into one’s individual consciousness, merging the individual mind with that of the universal mind.

In this way, instruments are photonic and vibratory transducers.

Music is Science

The field of Quantum Physics teaches that a foundational seed concept from which all other knowledge of our cosmic universe grows is that of String Theory. The notion of String Theory explains that, while our entire universe is made up of particles and their seemingly ever-unfolding plethora of sub-atomic singularities, it is only when these isolated singularities come together to form a string that intelligence is brought to life.

Whether we are examining the string of a Violin or a strand of our biologic DNA, what is found contained within is an intelligence that becomes born only after singular particles are exposed to photonic energy or photons of light, in combination with the pulse waves being emitted directly from the center of our galaxy. Contained within the frequency of cosmic light and the vibratory pulsation emanating from our galaxy’s core exists what very well may be “God’s code”. This becomes apparent when we see that just exposing our own naked skin to the complete spectrum of UV sunlight triggers over 3,000 DNA activations within our cellular biologic matrix; and this same principle goes for plants, which only after receiving photons of light and engaging in photosynthesis are capable of generating their own food, antioxidants, vitamins and phytochemicals, which we humans ingest as medicine.

It is only when isolated singularities come together to form a string that intelligence is brought to life.

Music in Shamanism

In all indigenous cultures, the medicine man, otherwise known as the Shaman, incorporates music as an integral form of medicine for the community. In areas of the world where sunlight is abundant Shamans integrate their medicine of music with specific entheogenic Shamanic plants to maximize healing benefits. However, in areas of greater northern and southern longitudes where sunlight is sparse and plants are nearly devoid, Shamans rely solely on music as their form of spiritual medicine through the use of syncopated drumming.

In Amazonian Shamanism exists the practice of singing medicine songs called Icaros to the patients or recipients of the plant medicine being given. Within these Icaros themselves, medicine is directly transmuted to the recipients through the vibrational energetic power of the Shaman. Just like when working with crystal healing, where a gem or crystal is  charged by sunlight and purified by water or sacred plant smoke, the crystal skeleton and blood of humans (which at its very nature is fluid crystalline water and crystalline bone) becomes charged by the Icaros of the Shaman. In combination with the purification of the medicinal plant smoke, this generates massive healing power within the recipient, if the shaman embodies benevolent intentions.

In this band of reality we exist in, music carries vibrational information which transmutes out into our greater universe.

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About the Author

detoxification, weight loss, mind ascension and longevity. After a decade of studying health through various modalities he received formal training from the Institute for Intergrative Nutrition as well as The Body Mind Institute where he studied under various Naturopaths, Nutritionists and healers of various holistic health systems.

He is also the author of the book Mind Nutrition: Timeless Secrets to Enhance Your Brain Daily, a guide to timeless natural health strategies, foods, herbs and exercises for improving one’s mind on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

Mind Nutrition

Joshua Eagle’s book Mind Nutrition: Timeless Secrets to Enhance Your Brain Daily is a step-by-step guide to timeless natural health strategies, foods, herbs and exercises for improving one’s mind on a physical, emotional and energetic level. It is designed for anyone looking to dive deeper into the field of holistic health and nutrition with a specific focus on the brain and its vast array of unlimited growth potential, including techniques for gaining: expanded states of intelligence, increased learning capacity and cognitive abilities, greater attention, focus, and clarity, self-actualization, and acceleration of the brain’s cellular, neuronal and synaptic operating system.

Mind Nutrition is available here on Amazon.

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How To Heal Your Heart



heart heal
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Joshua Eagle, Guest Writer

Love and Fear exist as the two greatest spiritual forces expressed in the duality of our current everyday lives. Likewise, the energetic vibrational frequency cast out through these two powerful states is polar opposite in nature. In embodying a state of love, the energetic chakra point of our heart begins to spin its toroidal vortex wheel at a much stronger and faster pace which grows in force and vibration over time. This allows for radiant states of joy, peace and love to unfold in our everyday lives. Yet working to heal and strengthen the love muscle of our hearts is not as simple as just pushing a button. In this article we will delve into several techniques for generating greater states of love and radiance in our lives through tapping into the power of our hearts.

Like all organs of the body, the heart is vulnerable to all things of which we consume. This consumption however is not limited to just that of food. Although food exists as one of the most significant influencers, what we consume through our mind, eyes, feelings and emotions can have just as powerful of an effect. How did you feel the last time you saw a news segment on a war going on in some part of the world? Did it generate fear in your heart and soul? Tell a vision programming exists as one of the greatest inducers of fear that is currently projected onto the mass population in the western world. This can be bypassed by simply not engaging in any type of fear-based programming. Instead, one can work to counteract this issue through simply adding in positive forms of content. These can range from inspirational books, positive documentaries and show segments, harmonic music and movies that uplift to the soul through conveying messages of positivity and hope.

The teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, and various other spiritual cultures reveal that the food we eat is also an integral part of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state, but not necessarily as one might initially think. Rather than this being a result of the foods nutritional content, the food we eat affects us on a much deeper karmic and vibrational level. For example, if you eat the meat of an animal who has been raised in a factory farm, under hellish conditions, living in its own excrement with its companions and fed a diet of genetically modified corn or wheat which creates much digestive distress, only to be followed by the horror of being slaughtered by a robotic metal machine, then all of those negative emotions which this animal experienced throughout its incarnation enter into you upon consuming it. Imprinted on a molecular, energetic and cellular level into that animal were all of its life experiences. This weighs heavily on the spirit of the consumer and can only be counterbalanced through one’s personally experiencing these vibrations which goes through the cycle of life through the food chain, awaiting karmic restoration. Enlightenment is not just an ideal. It is a path of generating light within through the consumption of high vibrational photonic energy, which is light in its atomic weight.

Hearts are further deeply affected by the toxins which we ingest through the foods and products we consume. The most detrimental of these are plaque, synthetic calcium and Big Pharma medications. All physical arterial disease in fact stems from the clogging of these lifeblood veins of which plaque, calcium and other synthetic chemicals work to encrust and clog up like a coral reef. The first step to detoxifying your heart physically should be to consciously reduce the level of arterial and ventricle blockages through eating a cleaner diet. When one begins to comprise their diet of 80% wild or organic vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, the body can use these natural substances to purge out accumulated toxins in the body, as well as activate our body’s own powerful ability of self-healing and regeneration. Specific foods that can be added into one’s diet that add more power to the plaque and calcium nano-bacteria eradication are citric acid rich foods such as grapefruits and oranges, chanca piedra, sulphur rich foods such as garlic, onions and radishes, as well as wild harvested spring water (see to access local springs near you).

After or during the initiation of one’s physical heart detoxification one can next look into directly strengthening the heart through herbs and foods. Foods that lubricate and structurally support the heart muscles and channels are fatty fruits and vegetables such as olives, olive oil, coconut oil, durian and avocados. Medicinal herbs and foods which work to jumpstart the hearts functioning include Japanese knotweed, red grapes, hawthorn berry tea, cacao beans and last but certainly not least, San Pedro cactus preparations, only to be consumed under the guidance of a trained shaman.

While the cleansing of the heart is integral to its healing and generation of the high vibrational frequencies love, energetic and emotional blockages in other parts of the body can work to hinder high vibratory flow as well. This is where other sophisticated healing modalities come into play. Depending on the unique circumstances of one’s life, a person can literally absorb or self-create negative emotional blockages in any part of their body. While the most common area of negative emotional and energetic accumulation is the stomach region, one can work to physically purge the entire bodily system through practices such as guided juice fasting, spring water fasting, rolfing, ayahuasca, kundalini yoga, colon hydrotherapy, herbal decoction enemas, mucoid plaque cleanses and various other healing techniques. Being that all of these techniques work from different angles, they are all important to include with each other to create synergistic and integrative healing power.

After one becomes consciously aware of physical and emotional heart blockages that they may embody, the next step is taking action. To be consciously aware of one’s issues is only the first step in our never-ending journey of growth, which is life. Big Pharma medications can work like crutches to a wounded soul, but only create further work to be done in the long haul as they prevent one from truly healing through the numbing of one’s feeling senses. This undoubtedly also derails one from their heart and souls true mission in this incarnation which may be the worst consequence of all. Open up your heart to the love that is our benevolent universe, forgive those that may be under the chains of negativity and use the power of your will to ascend the power of your heart today.

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He is also the author of the book Mind Nutrition: Timeless Secrets to Enhance Your Brain Daily, a guide to timeless natural health strategies, foods, herbs and exercises for improving one’s mind on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

Mind Nutrition

Joshua Eagle’s book Mind Nutrition: Timeless Secrets to Enhance Your Brain Daily is a step-by-step guide to timeless natural health strategies, foods, herbs and exercises for improving one’s mind on a physical, emotional and energetic level. It is designed for anyone looking to dive deeper into the field of holistic health and nutrition with a specific focus on the brain and its vast array of unlimited growth potential, including techniques for gaining: expanded states of intelligence, increased learning capacity and cognitive abilities, greater attention, focus, and clarity, self-actualization, and acceleration of the brain’s cellular, neuronal and synaptic operating system.

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