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Sigil Magic: How To Create Symbols That Manifest Your Destiny



Sigil Magic: How To Create Symbols That Manifest Your Destiny
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Mateo SolGuest Writer

Sigils. I am enchanted by the simplicity and power of these little magical symbols.

Sigils help you to achieve goals, co-create your reality, self-actualize your potential and fulfil your deepest dreams and desires.

If you’re at a place in your spiritual journey where you’re thinking, “I’ve done a LOT of inner work … but now what?” it’s time to step out of your inner world into the outer world

Think for a moment:

What would you like to do with your life? What unconscious stories would you like to reprogram? What habits would you like to replace? What parts of you would you like to transform? How would you like to use your will, energy, and creativity?

Sigil magic helps you to step into your power as a creator.

If you are used to playing a passive (yin) role in your spiritual path, it’s now time to experiment with an active (yang) role.

What is a Sigil?

A sigil is a symbol you create with the intention of changing your reality in accordance with your will. All sigils are encoded with a specific purpose, for example, to attract a romantic partner, to set strong boundaries, to be more financially prosperous, to heal your inner child – the possibilities are limitless.

While sigils were used in the past to symbolize and conjure up spirits, these days, sigils are used in a personal way to symbolically represent and manifest our own desires.

What is Sigil Magic?

Sigil magic is the formal practice of creating sigils (or intention-charged symbols) to change your reality. Those who practice sigil magic incorporate self-reflection, creativity, willpower, and ritual to manifest their desires. Sigil magic is based on the philosophy that we are co-creators of our reality. As such, we are empowered to make the changes we desire so long as they align with our ultimate destiny and the will of Life.

11 Benefits of Creating Sigils

Sigils are quickly becoming one of my top five most used spiritual tools. Here’s what I have observed from my own experience and others who have experimented with sigils:

  • You feel empowered
  • You feel more responsible for your life, choices, and actions
  • You become more aware of the interconnected nature of reality
  • You get to express your creative side
  • You become more decisive and intentional
  • You feel more motivated
  • You learn the difference between lust and desire (more on this in the “shadow side of sigils” section below)
  • You recognize yourself as a conscious co-creator of your life
  • You feel connected with Life/Divine more deeply
  • You develop more hope knowing that most situations can change if you will them to
  • And of course …
  • Your life can change dramatically and drastically in accordance with your intent!

Please know that spirituality isn’t meant to be solely about passivity, surrender, and the destruction of the ego – it can also be about creation. As always, I prefer to follow the path of the middle and have balance in my own spiritual practice.

How Do Sigils Work?

Sigils are essentially like little seeds that are planted within the unconscious mind.

Many things enter the depths of our minds, but not all of them are placed there intentionally or take root. What gives sigils their power is the energy and intention behind them – and that is what helps them to sprout and blossom into manifestation. The symbolic nature of the sigil also helps bypass the rational (sceptical) mind and enter the unconscious where possibilities are endless.

As the language of the deep mind is symbolic, sigils basically ‘speak’ to your unconscious. How cool is that?

The Dark Side of Sigil Creation

One of the biggest issues I first had with sigils is that it goes against the well-known spiritual philosophy of, “desire equals suffering.”

The more I read, experimented, and reflected, the more I realized that sigil magic is actually based on the process of creation and release. In other words, creating a sigil encourages surrender as much as it encourages desire.


As you’ll read in the next section, sigil magic involves releasing and intentionally forgetting about one’s initial desire. This process of letting go has two benefits. The first benefit is that it allows our desire to burrow more deeply into the unconscious without the ego’s (aka. the inner Critic’s) interference.

The second benefit of releasing as a part of sigil magic is that it acknowledges and honours the wisdom of Life; that whatever will be will be. We can put our intentions/sigils out there, but ultimately it’s up to the divine intelligence of Life to fulfil.

Furthermore, there’s a big difference between desire and lust. Desire is what we feel when we want something. Lust, on the other hand, is what we feel when we take what we desire and cling to/obsess over it. It’s very important to make this distinction.

Desire is not an issue so long as it doesn’t become lust. Without desire, we would be incapacitated. We wouldn’t be able to have preferences, make decisions, or listen to the voice of our heart and soul. Not only that, but without desire, we would feel no attraction towards our partners, no motivation to fulfil our potential on this earth, and no incentive to keep living life.

Desire is necessary. It is an integral part of existence. Desire is our life force, our sexual energy, our kundalini.

Lust, on the other hand, is desire turned sour. Lust is the dark side of desire, and we need to be careful of it. Lust results in addiction, jealousy, crimes of passion, hatred, and all kinds of suffering.

The dark side of sigil magic is falling into the pit of lust. So beware. Check your motives. Remember the importance of letting go and releasing your sigil to be fulfilled (or not) by the divine will of Life.

The other major dark side of sigil magic is that it can be used to try and control, coerce or otherwise interfere with the lives of others. Please don’t do this. Just don’t, okay? It’s not worth it. Whatever manipulative intentions you have will bite you in the ass many times over. Even if your intentions are seemingly benign (e.g. creating a sigil to make another fall in love with you), the Universe will see that justice is served for attempting to interfere with another’s free will.

The lesson? Focus only on yourself. Keep the ball in your own court. Don’t try to mess around with the lives of others. Simple.

How to Make a Sigil (For Beginners)

Now that you understand the importance of focusing on your own needs and desires, let’s learn how to make a sigil.

There are many ways of making sigils. Below, is a simple, no-fuss guide describing the most popular method out there. This is the very same method I continue to use until this day and have received wonderful results from:

What you will need:

  • Pen
  • Paper
0. Check your motivations

In other words, do you really need to create a sigil? Be careful of going sigil-crazy and forming elaborate symbols to attract a new computer (when you can just get it repaired) or better friendships (when you can stop being a dick to your current friends).

Sigils are not a replacement for action. Yes, sigils can help you manifest just about anything – but you also have to put in the work. Don’t be lazy. Sigils will create inner changes, but you need to be responsible for making outer changes first.

If you need a more objective way to assess your motivations, I recommend using oracle and tarot cards. There are all kinds of cards out there ranging from religious, to new age, to secular – so you don’t need to be donning a velvet turban to enjoy their benefits. Tarot and oracle cards are wonderful tools to help you self-reflect and look at different angles.

1. Write down your intention

Avoid being too vague or too complex. Be specific. A good example of a clear and specific intention is, “More confidence around my boss.”

Poor examples of this same intention might include, “More confidence” and “More confidence around my boss next week at the business meeting at 2 pm.” One of these intentions is too vague (sigils work best when you are specific), and the other is too complex.

You can phrase your intention in any way that speaks to you. Examples might include:

  • I am …
  • I need …
  • I want …
  • I wish …
  • I desire …
  • More …

Or simply write the qualities you desire, such as “self-protection and maturity around my parents” – I actually find this approach to be more effective than beginning with the words mentioned in the bullet point list above.

I personally discard of phrasing such as “I would really like more of …” as the sigils become very hard to create. Try to simplify your intention as much as possible.

Also, ensure that you create one sigil for every intention. Don’t cram numerous desires into one sigil. For example, don’t create a sigil for the statement, “I desire to have a big family full of seven kids in a mansion by the ocean.” Create one sigil for each of those intentions.

You’ll also need to be realistic and use your common sense. Don’t create a sigil for becoming a millionaire if you have no intention of working hard or putting in the effort in physical reality. Don’t create a sigil for becoming the CEO if you are nowhere near qualified. Similarly, don’t bother creating a sigil for that which is most likely going to happen. Pick something that has a 50/50 chance of happening.

Finally, (I promise this is about as complex as it gets), keep your intention phrased positively as that is much easier for the unconscious mind to understand. For example, instead of writing, “I will not feel scared and anxious around others,” phrase your intention positively such as, “I feel calm and empowered around others.”

2. Cross out letters

Once you have a sentence that captures your intention, it’s time to cross out all vowels and repeating letters.

For example, if your statement of intent was, “ I am safe and secure in my own skin,” you would then go and cross out all of the vowels:

Then go and cross out any repeating letters – you will then have the remaining letters msfndcrywk:

3. Create a symbol

After simplifying your sentence, you will then take the remaining letters and create a symbol:

Don’t worry if you can’t create an elegant looking symbol at first. Keep playing around until you find something you like. You don’t need to be an artist and your symbol doesn’t even need to look like a sigil – just create something that speaks to you. If you like it, you’ve done your job.

Rearrange the letters in any conventional or unconventional way you like. For example, you can choose to turn some letters upside down, enlarge other letters, minimize the rest, or merge two letters together. Have fun and enjoy the process!

Once you are done, take a moment to congratulate yourself. You have now created your first sigil!

How to Activate a Sigil

Activating a sigil involves infusing it with energy and propelling it into your unconscious mind. There are many ways to complete this final stage of sigil magic.

Some people prefer to enter an altered state of consciousness through dancing, chanting, meditation, sex, sensory deprivation/overwhelm, visualization, etc.

Other people like physically and symbolically destroying their sigils – such as through burning, burying, tearing or dropping them into water.

For a truly dynamic way of activating your sigil, try combining both methods.

Here is a simple method that anyone can use:

What you’ll need:

  • Fire-proof pot, bowl or cauldron
  • Matches/lighter
  • Your sigil paper
Step 1 – Find a quiet place

Ensure you’re undisturbed as you’ll need to focus. You don’t need a fancy setup if you don’t have one. Otherwise, try sitting in your sacred space/altar (if you have one in your home).

Step 2 – Close your eyes

Ground yourself by focusing on your breath. Practice a bit of mindful meditation by observing your breath going in and out. When you are ready …

Step 3 – Pick up your sigil

Stare at your sigil for a few minutes. You may like to hold the sigil close to your face or put it far away. Either way, gaze at your sigil until your vision gains a dreamlike quality. (If not, just gaze at it for a couple of minutes and reflect on its significance.)

Step 4 – Burn your sigil and visualize

When you’re reading, bring out your matches/lighter, hold your sigil paper over your fire-proof dish, and light it on fire. When the paper catches fire, wait for a few seconds, then drop it into the dish. Alternatively, scrunch up your sigil into a ball, place it in your fire-proof container, then light it (this is a safer option as you’re less likely to get burned).

As you watch your sigil burn, imagine that the flames are burning inside of your mind as well and creating an opening to your unconscious mind. Allow your mind to become completely empty as you become consumed in watching your sigil burn.

Once your sigil has turned to ash, imagine the opening within your mind closing and returning back to normal.

Step 5 – Forget and release

Now the bulk of the work has been done. What happens next is out of your hands. But the core thing to remember is to forget and release. Don’t dwell on your sigil. Don’t obsess over it. Don’t attach to it. Let the Universal Will take over and do its thing. The more you think about it, the more you’re involving your conscious mind. This is the equivalent of burying a seed in the ground but then digging it up every day to make sure it’s growing. Leave it alone!

And that’s it.

Close your ritual space and carry on with your other daily business.

Does Sigil Magic Work?

That’s up to you to figure out. But in my experience, yes, it does. However, I also understand that creating sigils isn’t for everyone, so please do experiment and see for yourself.

One great way to keep track of how effective your sigils are is bycreating a sigil journal. You can get a sticky note, fold it in half, then put the sigil on one side and the meaning on the other (just in case you happen to glimpse it while flipping through your journal).

Set a notification on your phone or in a physical calendar to check back on the sigil you created in 2-3 months’ time, and record your observations.

Sigil magic is a wonderful, surprising, and empowering tool to have in your spiritual arsenal. Remember to indulge your inner child and have fun! Yes, this is a serious practice, but it doesn’t have to be a drab or complex experience.

What are your thoughts on sigil magic?

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About the Author

Mateo Sol is a prominent psycho-spiritual teacher whose work has influenced the lives of thousands of people worldwide. Born into a family with a history of drug addiction, schizophrenia, and mental illness, Mateo Sol was taught about the plight of the human condition from a young age. As a spiritual guide and teacher, Sol’s mission is to help others experience freedom, wholeness, and peace in any stage of life.

See more of his work at

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Whose Voice Are You Listening To?



Whose Voice Are You Listening To?
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Juliet TangContributing Writer

Throughout my life, there had been no short supply of voices coming from both outside and inside of me pulling me in different directions. Sometimes the voice was gentle like a whisper from a lover, sometimes it was harsh and demanding especially when confronted with a fight or flight situation. The voices took on different roles such as the soother, the sergeant, the seductress, the teacher and they knew exactly when their presence was required. Most of them functioned on autopilot that I never truly stopped and questioned the origins of these voices until my awakening.

As if having woken up from a dream after a long night, I suddenly noticed not all voices were created equal, that is, some of them clearly did not have my best interest at heart despite the fact they all claimed they were looking after me.

Questioning the voices:

One by one, I began questioning each voice every time when it spoke to me. I would ask where it came from and have a conversation with it. Some of them, the self-deprecating and self-denying ones desperately wanted to be heard and they brought with them a ton of excuses, justifications and explanations as to why I must follow their lead or else I would end up with unimaginable catastrophes.

There was the constant nagging one that sounded perfectly soft and sincere, “You can’t do it because you are not good enough.” If only I could plant a tree every time that voice was uttered in my world! Lo and behold, it was the answer to almost every idea I wanted to manifest that was outside of my comfort zone for three decades of my life. I never questioned that voice because I believed it was protecting me and serving my highest good even though it most often reduced me to curling up in a corner of a cage made of self-loathing and tears.

The first time I questioned it was when I was over at my parents’ house one day. I shared some of my ideas with them about a project I had in mind and immediately, my dad’s reaction was, “Who do you think you are? You can’t do it because you are not made of that material.”

Freeze framing the movie scenes:

Right then and there, I saw a movie titled “I’m not good enough” playing scene by scene in my mind. Some of the scenes were from childhood when I hopelessly tried to defend myself in front of dad, but most of the scenes comprised of those moments in my adult life such as the one when I chose a career that was safe rather than one I was passionate about so I wouldn’t end up on the street, or the one when I held onto a failing relationship because I told myself I would never find a partner who wanted to be with me, on and on it played as that moment froze and time stayed still.

How many other voices were there trying to stop me from living my life? And how much was I holding onto that was not mine?

Those two questions initiated an intense healing process that was not unlike spring cleaning accompanied by long periods of soul searching, heartaches and the tears.

It was the beginning of my awakening.

When we go through our lives set on auto pilot – which by the way is a necessary mechanism for us to not having to relearn how to walk and brush our teeth every day – the trade-off is, we are also living on a subconscious level. Without the awareness, we allow our lives to be dictated by outside influences such as values and beliefs from our parents, teachers and culture that we have come to internalize. The result of moving through life reacting based on our past experiences rather than creating from who we are today, makes us feel like powerless victims simply because the life that “just happens to us” is not the one of our choosing as the voices we listen to clearly have no idea what is best for us today, at this moment!

Releasing the chains that bind us to the past:

This is perhaps one of the most empowering and liberating realizations one can have, for the chains that bind us only have power over us for as long as we remain unaware. The second we see them for what they are, a necessary tool, or I prefer to think of them as the greatest gift that allows us to learn what doesn’t work for us in life so we can discover what does work, they will simply shatter into a million pieces and dissolve into thin air.

Once we become conscious of how a voice impacts our decisions, it then becomes our choice whether we will follow that voice, or adjust its volume so it cannot take over.

Free-willing our way forward:

This is the magnificent power of our free will. Our brain is hardwired like a disc that can be both programmed and erased once the data is no longer needed. Once we press the delete button, we will end up with an infinite amount of free space – space to rewrite our stories and our lives.

There are many ways to identify disempowering voices, my favourite one is to just listen to our feelings as they are language of the soul. Whenever an out of tune voice shouts out a command, we experience a moment of “yuck.” Those are usually the voices that trigger fear and anxiety, make us want to scream and run, cause us to lose sleep at night, drag us into a sea of depression and manifest as physical pains and illnesses, the list goes on.

Once those voices are identified, befriend them and talk to them. They are our internal barometers that have been working tirelessly day and night to indicate to us what we truly desire in life. They are our cheerleaders that use any means necessary to get us to run that extra mile so we can reach our milestones. They are the x-ray glasses that allow us to see beyond the surface so we can move into our consciousness and elevate it. This is our time to give them our most heartfelt gratitude for having illuminated the paths in front of us so we can now travel in light, or enlightened.

Eventually, we will discover the one voice that has been singing to us all along – the voice of love, joy and healing that has never judged or abandoned us since the day we began our journeys. As the silence inside of us grows, that voice will become clearer and more expansive and fill us with endless inspiration.

We will say to ourselves, “But I’ve known this all along! I just didn’t listen to it.”

Follow that voice — the voice of the heart.

Recommended Articles by Juliet Tang
About the Author

Juliet Tang is an intuitive life coach, spiritual mentor and medicine woman. Her work empowers those who are looking for more alignment and expansion to awaken to their power and purpose on earth, activate more love, abundance and joy in their lives, and manifest their soul’s desires using the conscious creation process.

To learn more, go to, or follow Juliet on Facebook and Instagram.

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Living From The Divine Ordinary



conscious manifest
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Juliet TangContributing Writer

Our divinity allows us to experience miracles far beyond the physical, yet our humanness tends to wish to quantify and examine every experience by looking for tangible proof. We are in our heads so much that we often forget the bigger picture: our physical existence is merely one of the dimensions of our total existence, and our five senses limit us to a small percentage of the wonders in the universe.

What Is the Remedy Then?

How do we experience ourselves beyond what we can see and touch? How can we know for certain that there is more than meets the eye? How do we experience “out of the world” when we are “in the world?” Or for me, it was “where is the proof to all this?”

Like many on the spiritual path, I had been looking for those moments of confirmations for as long as I’ve been on the awakening journey. You read about them in healing books and meditation blogs, you hear about them from spiritual masters and yogis. After living on the street for a year and going through multiple crises in health, career and love life, Neale Donald Walsch finally arrived at the door of awakening, hence three volumes of “Conversations with God” were born. Eckhart Tolle spent most of his life in depression and unemployment until he realized “the secret of life is to die before you die – and find that there is no death.”

Experiencing these moments is as awe-inspiring as witnessing Moses parting the Red Sea, and almost always infuses new meaning into our existence and deepens our connection to the divine source. After all, as much as we are taught by gurus and alike that we are spiritual beings who are the divine expressions of source energy; when we are struggling with unfulfilling aspects of our lives and trying to make ends meet, it is easy for us to become detached from our true selves as we fall into life’s ruts and crevices.

Once in a while, the humanness in us desperately needs a reminder from the universe that the connection has never been broken, and we are, as always, eternally loved regardless of the circumstances we are in.

For the longest time, every time when I read about those transformative moments, I always asked the universe “when is my turn?”meditated, I begged, and I patiently waited for the “out of the world” (candles flickering, tree falling, sky parting, you name it, I’ve asked for it) signs to show me that I am always connected to the source. At times, I felt the only way for me to believe was to see the evidence delivered to me in a manner that could be understood and interpreted by my very limited human senses.

What Was I Missing?

The truth is, there is an endless stream of “evidence” coming from the universe at any given moment, but we are not always open enough to be receptive to it. After all, how could we notice anything if we are so caught up in the daily happenings in our little worlds, or hold onto the idea that the sign must show up in a certain shape or form and not be mindful of different, or more subtle types of communication?

Many of us have heard of the notion that the universe manifests through us, meaning whatever we believe in is reflected back to us. When I first encountered this concept long ago, my first thought was “so if the universe has my back, where is the confirmation? And if I don’t receive a sign or some kind of proof, it means none of this is real.”

What I neglected to see with my belief system at the time was I did not truly and whole-heartedly believe in conscious manifestation, in our divine connection, or anything. In turn, the universe brought me exactly what I believed in – situations that confirmed and reinforced my disbelief.

Also, by assuming the signs must manifest physically, I was denying the very nature of my multidimensional existence as a spiritual being in a physical shell and confining my existence to merely the physical dimension. When we identify only with our material selves, we are, in a way, “cutting off” the flow from the source and limiting ourselves from what the universe has to offer.

Who said the universe didn’t send sign after sign? Perhaps it came through as advice from a friend, or a much needed book that happened to drop in my lap. But for as long as we are stuck on the idea that the sign must be one way, we are not even recognizing the signs that are being sent to us!

When we allow only our heads to be the commanders of us, we are essentially allowing our ego to dictate our perspectives and limit us to only the rational, logical, and material. Identifying with just that part of the self often times leads to feelings of depression, isolation, and disconnect as we are so much more than the one-dimensional reality we identify with.

The heart center is a wonderful place. Love, compassion, joy, surrender, and trust all derive from the heart center as that is what connects us to spiritual guidance and higher consciousness. When we are living from the heart, we judge less and love more, we doubt less and trust more; we fill our lives with as much gratitude and forgiveness as we can knowing ultimately, we are all connected to each other and the universe.

What About the Signs?

Well, have you “accidentally” come across a page in a book, a message from the billboard, a bumper sticker on the car in front of you, or a Facebook post that was exactly what you needed to hear at the moment? Have you experienced occasions when you felt perfectly in sync with all that was happening around you and inside of you? Have you been mesmerized by the sunset and lost yourself in that moment of tranquillity and magnificence? What about when you looked into the eyes of your love and saw your own soul gazing back at you?

There, You Have It!

The extraordinary manifests in these “ordinary” moments. As there is no separation between our true selves and the source, every moment of everyday is a sign that we are living the extraordinary. It is our choice whether we want to accept every living moment as a miracle, or view it as part of the mundane. When we give up doubt and choose to believe in miracles, more miracles take place.

What about that jaw-dropping moment of divine connection that is the same magnitude as Moses parting the Red Sea? Did I ever experience it? The answer is yes. It happened when I was least expecting it (ah, life). It was during my Holy Fire Reiki Master atonement. My mind was still, my eyes were closed, and I was in a state where I lost all concepts of time and space.


A burst of bright violet exploded in my mind’s eye. Suddenly I felt as if I was glued to the seat as a stream of powerful energy from above me entered my crown and travelled down my spine vertebrae by vertebrae. I felt the clear presence of a light being behind me and bathing me in what I could only describe as the purest and most loving energy that was “out of the world.” For a nanosecond, my mind tried to intervene, but it was shut silent instantly as the energy and the presence grew more and more powerful. The air around me got chilly, but I was not cold. All I knew was the feeling of being immersed in the infinite light energy that could not be described in words but could only be felt and revered as I became one with that energy. It could have been a few seconds, a few minutes, but that moment became an eternal Now.

Trust in miracles, because that is what you are. Stop looking for that confirmation. You ARE the confirmation. And once you trust in that completely and irrevocably, the universe will go out of its way to “prove” it to you.

That, is how loved you are.

Recommended Articles by Juliet Tang
About the Author

Juliet Tang is an intuitive life coach, spiritual mentor and medicine woman. Her work empowers those who are looking for more alignment and expansion to awaken to their power and purpose on earth, activate more love, abundance and joy in their lives, and manifest their soul’s desires using the conscious creation process.

To learn more, go to, or follow Juliet on Facebook and Instagram.

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How I Freed Myself Spiritually With 3 Life Changes



How I Freed Myself Spiritually With 3 Life Changes
Photo Credit: Getty

Gogo Thule NganeGuest Writer

When I decided to start making a conscious effort to develop my spiritual life, I was at a point when life’s biggest questions needed answers fast: Who am I? Why am I? What is God? What is the purpose of life? I was in college, when my goals and my reasons for having them were important to figure out in order to navigate my schooling. But these questions are also important for life in general.

Wrestling with these questions while trying to engage seriously in the spiritual side of life and re-evaluate what I had already been taught or learned caused turmoil, confusion, resistance, instability, and a feeling of being lost. I was only truly able to grow spiritually when I made the following changes.

1. Release Guilt.

We tend to get caught up in whether or not our actions are right or wrong. We’ve all made mistakes, done things we later regretted, and acted against others as well as ourselves. Some of these things have kept me up at night tossing and turning and begging for forgiveness or release. One day I heard a spiritual leader on the radio talking about how guilt did more damage to us than the “wrong act” itself. Something clicked inside of me, confirming that the worst thing I could do was to continue to hold on to guilt. I had to free myself.

It wasn’t until I granted myself permission to let go of the idea that I had done something “bad” and accepted that it was mostly an experience to grow that I began to feel free and able to be a greater version of myself. Experience is our greatest source of knowledge and wisdom. Allowing ourselves to be and feel forgiven is not only healing and transforming, but is also one of the most courageous things we can do.

2. Re-Create Yourself.

Take a good hard look at yourself on every level: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. What has created your worldview? How have your upbringing, your experiences, your neighbourhood, institutions, and environment shaped who you are now? Ask yourself, “Why am I me?” Then take the lens through which you see the world off. Why? A lot of the answers I could come up before I committed to change were external things.

This really made me sit back and rethink myself. If I hadn’t grown up in this town or with this faith, who would I be and what would I believe to be true? At some point, you’re no longer the product of your environment but a creator in your life, free to choose who you are. I personally wanted not to be so heavily dependent on my outside world, but to be driven by something greater, something more internal: my divine self.

3. See Perfection.

A zen proverb suggests that when someone points at something, we initially tend to observe their finger instead of the object itself. We focus on things that don’t serve us well or mask the truth. The proverb says, “To look at the moon, it is necessary to gaze beyond the finger, right?” Yet when life throws us transformative experiences, which can also be very painful, we’re at a loss as to why these things are happening to us. We let the scariness and disappointments cripple us and keep us down, instead of seeing the situation for what it really is: an opportunity to heal and grow, which can transform us.

By being more mindful in life and observing things as they really are, we can be more like masters and creators and less like victims or reactors. It’s a simple choice, and it will give you a great sense of freedom to see past the surface of our experiences into the perfection and blessing in all things.

I’ve found it to be an amazing experience to live knowing that even the seemingly problematic issues in my life are actually the answers to my prayers.

Recommended Articles by Gogo Thule Ngane
About the Author

Gogo Thule Ngane is a Sangoma Traditional Healer, Priestess, and Medicine Woman. She is guided by the Amadlozi, Elevated Ancestors of her lineage. Her work includes divination, traditional healing, and leads workshops, ceremonies, and retreats on ancient African healing and spirituality. She is devoted to awakening ancestral wisdom on the earth.

Journey with her at: 

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The Only Thing You Need To Create Anything You Desire In Life



Photo Credit:

Juliet TangContributing Writer

What if I told you there is a powerful currency in this universe that allows you to create anything you desire whether it is contributing to the global paradigm shift, or calling in the soul-aligned people, relationships and opportunities into your life, what comes up for you?

For many, the answer is money.

While money is indeed a form of the abundant life force energy in this universe that is currently being used as a tool to exchange for goods, services and experiences, this currency I am sharing with you is something that you’ve inherited since the day your beautiful soul landed in your glorious human body on this amazing planet, something each person on earth has an endless supply of, something you can tap into at any time, and something no one can ever take away from you.

Your Most Powerful Currency

The currency is… your essence.

Your essence is who you truly are at the heart, at the core and at the soul, and who you were born to be before the world told you who you should be.

Your essence is the deepest part of you that goes beyond the body and mind, and is an individualized and unique manifestation of Universal Consciousness.

Your essence is the fullest expression, highest truth, deepest joy, and most soul-felt urge at this moment that can only be lived, experienced, and channelled through you.

Each person is born with their essence. Just as no two snowflakes are alike; your essence registers as the one and only energy frequency in the universe that cannot be duplicated. There can never be another you which mean there is no other energy in this universe like yours. With your essence, you are also born with a specific life mission, gifts, and talents so should you choose to, you can elevate to meet your soul’s urge to create and expand, and fulfil what only you can fulfil on this planet.

More Essence = More Aligned Results

So how does this currency create in the “real world?”

Simple. When someone lives from, and breathes their essence, the energy is so potent that it is hard to miss even in a crowded room, and people call that person authentic, real, magical, or magnetic.

The more you embody, and express who you are really are in every area of your life from your relationship to your business, the more powerfully you project your unique vibrational signature outward which acts as a giant magnet that pulls in just the people, opportunities, and circumstances to co-create with you.

In a nutshell, the more powerfully you (the real you) show up in life, the more life shows up for you!

Have you ever had the experience in which the right person or thing just magically appeared out of thin air as if life orchestrated itself around your desire? Imagine what it’d be like to be in this natural state 24/7 deliberately and intentionally as the beacon of light that you came to earth to be! In my mentoring, I’ve led countless number of clients into their essence, and the pure magic of living in it miraculously has manifested as quick deals, unexpected favours from collaborators, and opportunities they never even knew existed!

Of course, our essence must be combined with consistent aligned actions along with the other creation tools we are born with to receive desirable outcomes, and you can learn more about how to create like the God or Goddess that you are by downloading my free Creator Toolbox here.

What It Takes

You may be wondering, if it’s that simple, why isn’t everyone in this world doing it?

It has to do with lack of awareness.

Throughout childhood, adolescence and teenage hood, your essence becomes buried under the never-ending mental conditioning from cultural values, beliefs, expectations, traditions, and opinions of others. As a result, lack, low self-worth, and disempowerment become the main themes of your thought process, disconnecting you from who you are really are.

Some people live the rest of their lives without ever knowing what their essence is because they unconsciously choose to do what everyone else is doing, or what they are expected to do. They’d get stuck in soul-sucking careers, follow main stream trends, and only create from others’ rules and standards rather than their own essence.

In short, when people do not create from their essence, it is the equivalent of being very rich folks playing games of poverty, and here’s why.

Your soul’s work, your highest divine potential, and your fullest expression in life can only come from your essence, not your heavily conditioned ego mind. To utilize the power of this magnificent currency that is at your disposal in exchange for your sacred destiny, impact you long to have in this world, and fulfilment your soul desires and deserves requires you to have the awareness that there are rubies and diamonds in your most prized personal bank that is in your being, and the commitment to doing the inner work for you to access this bank behind all the mental noise.

It took me many years, and a ton of inner work including continuously giving myself permission to step into my essence. When I work with clients, the most common fear that comes up for them is, “What would people think of me if I showed up as…?”

The secret is, your soul tribe (not those who may judge, but those who came to earth to love, support and inspire you), your soul mission, your soul abundance, and your soul potential can only be activated and brought into fruition when you bring out the True You into this game.

Take a deep breath in.

Give yourself permission to stop hiding, and step into your essence.

Who are you?

If you cannot wait to harness the power of every creation tool you are born with (there are five) to construct a new reality that honours your choice, desires, and visions, I invite you to download my free “Creator Toolbox” here.

Love, Juliet

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About the Author

Juliet Tang is an intuitive life coach, spiritual mentor and medicine woman. Her work empowers those who are looking for more alignment and expansion to awaken to their power and purpose on earth, activate more love, abundance and joy in their lives, and manifest their soul’s desires using the conscious creation process.

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