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Black Magic, Psychic Attacks, Entity Interferences And Shadow Projections



Black Magic, Psychic Attacks, Entity Interferences And Shadow Projections
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Bernhard Guenther, Guest Writer

Recently, we had an interesting discussion on the Piercing the Veil of Reality forum about the interrelationship between black magic, psychic attacks, entity interferences, and shadow projections. These issues are even more prevalent than most people are aware of (especially on social media.)

I have noticed that when I receive negative thought projections from others (not verbally but through their own thoughts, creating psychic impressions) these negative shadow/thought projections can act exactly like an intentional black magic occult attack—especially when the person is emotionally charged due to their own trigger. Their own unresolved emotional content acts as the “ammunition” behind this trigger, which they then direct towards the person who triggered them. It’s like he/she becomes a portal for occult forces/entities who augment and exaggerate their projections by tapping into their unconscious wounds and unresolved traumas, and, as vectors of attack, they target the person who touched these wounds. It can “take you down” and weaken you—if you let these thought projections come in and you accept their suggestions. These thought projections will often manifest as an overall feeling of your energy being “drained”: like feeling out of it, tired, irritated, angry (for no apparent reason), or in constant self-diminishing thought loops.

Sometimes, I can intuitively sense when a person is engaging in these occult thought projections (manifesting as psychic attacks), sensing that something I said or wrote triggered them—even if they don’t verbally express this or hide behind a pretentious mask of “niceness” (which most often results in passive aggressiveness). But it’s necessary to have the stillness of mind so that you can be in a state of intuitive psychic sensitivity, embodiment, and calmness, so you don’t fall into the trap of paranoia or get caught up in your own projections about “what other people think” as well. These thought projections manifesting as psychic attacks will often become more intense if it’s a group of people maliciously engaging in harmful speech, via hating on someone and/or gossiping about them behind their back.

Gossip is delicious food for occult entities who feed off that lower frequency, so it’s important we check ourselves when we tend to gossip, as this act often poisons our own tongue and impacts our state of being more than the object of our projections. Behind this part of us which likes to “talk shit” about others behind their back is often the wounded self—which constantly compares itself to others and never feels “good enough” by comparison—thus it talks down about other people to maintain the ego’s mask of self-importance. This is why celebrities, gossip mags, etc., are a favourite hobby for the general matrix population. By projecting hatred “out there,” they never have to face their own self-hatred/insecurities.

When you receive negative shadow projections from others (either psychically via thoughts or verbally) it’s important NOT to become reactive and respond with counter-attack and negative projections towards them, engage in counter gossip, or treat/speak about the person with contempt, for this is like giving permission for the attack by entering “their game”/frequency. Since the predator/wetiko works through their own mind, it can also infect yours through accepting their projections like a trap of agreement (and engaging with them). Since you respond with your own negative projections (either psychically via your thoughts or in-person), you start fighting fire with fire, and you will have to deal with the “karmic consequences” of your thought projections as well.

“It is not every case of psychic disturbance, however, which originates externally. It is a well-known cosmic law that everything moves in circles, and whatever forces we send out, and whatever thought-forms we extrude from our auras, unless absorbed by the object to which they are directed, will return to us in due course. One of the most effective, and also one of the most widely practiced methods of occult defence is to refuse to react to an attack, neither accepting nor neutralizing the forces projected against one and thus turning them back on their sender. We must never overlook the fact that a so-called occult attack may be evil thought-forms returning home to roost.”

– Dion Fortune, Psychic Self-Defence

If you start engaging in this dance of shadow projection, you also open yourself up to more occult attacks and attract the hostile forces who “smell the delicious meal” of your emotionally charged projections based on your own unresolved emotional content “ammunition.” They will feed these projections more and more through their own influences to get more of that “loosh.” This is really the basis of matrix Divide & Conquer agenda pitting humans against other others humans. It’s a collective shadow projection/trigger loosh fest with billions of people acting and reacting unconsciously while their strings are being pulled by the occult hostile forces.

On that note, there’s lots of “karmic debt” for all the Trump haters out there or anyone projecting their anger/hate/disgust/contempt on any person, feeding the fake political left/right paradigm based on the trap of identification (left vs. right, vegans vs. carnivores, Muslims vs. Christians, anarchists vs. statists, etc..) It all has to come back around at some point to them (this lifetime or next). It’s an occult/universal law, not a human-made law; hence, it applies to anyone if they are aware of it or not.

That’s one of the reasons why we are so far away from any significant shift in consciousness (let alone a real awakening.) We keep creating more and more karmic debt with our unresolved stuff, triggers, and resulting mechanical shadow projections. One projection triggers someone which triggers someone else, triggering another person…creating projections over projections and round and round we go while the hidden (occult) rulers of the matrix feed off of it all and augment the triggers/projections pitting us against each other, especially nowadays where everyone is “offended” by something. I call it the “projected butterfly shadow effect.”

You can see this unconscious “game” of trigger/projection in your personal life with friends and family, on Facebook/social media, and in the world at large. Observe yourself; do you have any resentment towards anyone in your life, and does your mind justify it? Who triggers you? What person do you feel contempt/resentment for, are jealous of/angry at – be it people you know personally, your ex-partner(s), your social media “friends”, or any person you actually never met in real life? Check your judgments and projections, for they are entry points for occult forces pulling your strings. One of the best things you can to do for yourself AND the world is owning your projections/triggers, take responsibility for how you feel, and use them to inquire within and heal yourself without blame/victim mode or launching into attack/defence. I’m not saying that’s easy, as I know for myself since I have my own triggers and projections at times.

In order to reduce the possibility of you becoming a target of occult psychic attack or even black magic, you need to reduce your occult vulnerabilities. Tom Montalk made a good point about this in the forum discussion as well: “If you’re sending hate darts at people, emitting thoughts of contempt and judgment, revenge fantasies, even sexual fantasies, these do things to your energy field and overall “balance sheet” that open up additional vulnerabilities to negative influences.” You can add envy, jealousy, or any other negative projection with an emotional charge behind this, as well.

Most often, the other person’s unconscious wounds, traumas, or ego issues/self-importance, insecurity get triggered, and their pain is being projected onto another person, which is then augmented by occult forces. We can engage in the same pattern of shadow projection ourselves unconsciously if we don’t check our own triggers. It’s also an occult law that these projections will come back around to the person emitting them to “balance sheet” like karmic debt. That goes for any black magic/psychic attacks targeted on others, consciously (via ritual and curses) or unconsciously (via shadow projections).

In occultism, there is the “rebound”. You send out a bad thought, it returns to you as an attack. That is exactly one of the reasons why you must have a complete control over your feelings, sensations, thoughts, for if you become angry with someone or think badly of him, or if, still worse, you wish him ill, well, in your very dream you see this person coming with an extreme violence to attack you. Then, if you do not know these things, you say, “Why, I was right in having bad thoughts against him!” But in fact, it is not at all that. It is your own thought that comes back to you. And the person may be absolutely unaware of all that has happened, for — and this is one of the commonest laws in occultism — if you make a formation, for instance, a mental formation that an accident or something unpleasant should happen to a certain person and you send out this formation, if it so happens that this person is in a very high state of consciousness, does not at all wish anything bad, is quite indifferent and disinterested in the affair, the formation will come up against his atmosphere and instead of entering will rebound upon the one who has made it. In this way, serious accidents have taken place. There were certain people who practiced that low deformation of occultism which is called magic and they had made formations through magic against someone. But this person happened to be far above this and could not be touched by those formations. So they returned upon those people, fatally. If they had made a formation of death, it would have been they who died.”

– The Mother Mira Alfassa, The Collected Works of the Mother

As always, it is best to just make boundaries (energetically and psychically), and not get into victim/blame or attack/defense mode but staying in non-reactive zero-point—the most important and most difficult part is to not take anything personally. If you can rise above, not accepting any thought suggestions and not reacting to them whatsoever, you stay immune to any psychic attack and will, in fact, send it back to the sender who then has to deal with his/her thought formation him/herself. This is easier said than done because the ego, with its self-importance or self-pity, always likes to blame externally and fall into victim/blame to attack/defend, engage in passive-aggressiveness, sulking inside silently with negative thought projections (especially resentment), or fully lashing out verbally, etc. Hence, a consistent meditation practice is the key to learn to still your mind and detach from any thoughts and emotional reactivity.

In the same way, any negative projected thought you send out will come back around to attack you. In some instances, it’s actually good to reach out (if it’s asked for) and bring it all into the open by applying basic shadow work with self-responsibility for the purpose of healing relationships, especially if it’s someone you know personally. But this only works if both people (or more) are committed to the process and SINCERELY 100% ready to take full self-responsibility for their feelings and projections. This requires a certain level of vulnerability, courage, and humility as well. However, I’ve noticed that many people are not capable of engaging in this process of open, vulnerable, shadow work for they lack basic emotional intelligence and can’t tune into their bodies, or, oftentimes, are missing a certain intellectual capacity to understand and apply basic shadow work.  Sometimes they may simply fear this face-to-face process for it asks for a certain level of transparency and vulnerability (which unmasks and is, therefore, threatening to the ego); while others simply lack the sincerity to work on themselves and truly take self-responsibility for everything they feel without blaming/attacking/or becoming defensive.

“The majority of people find many excuses not to work on themselves. They are in a complete prison of their weaknesses. Understand me right, I do not need followers, I am rather interested in finding the real warriors of the new world.”

– Gurdjieff, The Last Hour of Life

The greatest equalizer to engaging with negative thought projections is to witness them with clarity and hold the other with true compassion, seeing them as an aspect of you when you are also hurt, confused, and wanting to offload the energy onto someone else. This does not mean you engage/accept others’ projections or do not create boundaries, but you hold space for them as a witness, knowing that we are all here to work through our illusions with each other as teachers. In this way, the people who trigger us can be our greatest guides in learning this, as the pain they project outwards is often their only way of expressing what they are feeling inside. If we accept the projection, we make it about us. If we can witness it in them (without allowing ourselves to jump to conclusions about who “they” are because they engage with these projections, or who “we” are because they’ve chosen us a target) we also weaken the impact these illusions have, not letting them “hook” us back into old traumas, wounds, and false beliefs and ultimately turn off the food source for occult hyper dimensional entities.

Tuning into your own vibration. (Click here to read the full article!)

In that sense, you can literally get rid of entity attachments and interferences without removing the entity itself, which would be just symptom management anyway. All occult/psychic attacks and entity interferences can only have an impact if there is something within you that responds to it, consciously or unconsciously, hence all this “entity removal business” out there is useless if you don’t take self-responsibility, understand/applying occult/universal laws and are sincerely engaged in psychological and esoteric self-work to heal/close the entry point (wounds, traumas, shadow projections, blind spots, ego, lower nature temptations (lust, greed, power), karmic lessons, etc.) and bring forth your essence, your true Self, connected to the Divine. Your psychic being/true self is the only place untouchable by the hostile forces or any occult/black magic attack.

Originally published at and reproduced here with permission.

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About the Author

Bernhard Guenther has had a lifelong interest in exploring the mysteries and hidden knowledge surrounding our planet and humanity’s origins, questioning the roots of what constitutes “reality”, and how social (and spiritual) conditioning impacts upon our collective search for the truth in all aspects of life.

His website “Piercing the Veil of Reality” is a wide-ranging collection of essays, webinars, films, and interviews, ranging from spirituality, shamanism, psychology, self-work, esotericism, history, to the paranormal and hyper dimensional realities. He also hosts the “Cosmic Matrix” podcast with his wife Laura Matsue.

Bernhard lives in California, working with individuals from all walks of life, helping them in their path of healing and wellness via Integrative Bodywork and Holistic Coaching. His clients enjoy his intuitive and compassionate approach in person or over Skype.

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The Difference Between Resonating With Something And False Resonance



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Bernhard GuentherGuest Writer

Many people (myself included) talk sometimes about “resonating” with something or not when determining the “truth” of a particular writing, teaching or information. It’s that non-verbal intuitive “knowing”. However, there can also be “false resonating” (positively or negatively) when it is mistaken for wishful thinking or based on (unconscious) projections or triggers. Sometimes, the false part within us based on conditioning, programming, and wounding resonates with something which we mistake for our true self, resulting in false resonance, or we reject the truth of something because it challenges deep ingrained belief systems we are identified with and hence “don’t resonate with it” because it brings up uncomfortable feelings… which also ties into cognitive dissonance.

While there is validity to the idea of “resonating” with a certain teaching or source, it can easily be misapplied if the “reading instrument”, the Self, is not “tuned” correctly. For example “feel good” messages are not necessarily proof of truth and can also be very emotional manipulative (especially when ego feeds off of it)… just like information that brings up fear is not necessarily false either nor is it “fear mongering”.

In order to find the true resonance one needs to separate the false self (with its assumptions, conditioning, expectations, wishful thinking, wounding, buffers, bias, emotional hooks and ego desires) from the true self connected to the Divine, that small non-verbal voice inside that can always separate a lie from truth, using intuition and critical thinking alike, even if the truth is not very “pleasant” and challenging to one’s world view and especially to one’s self-image.

In other words, honest sincere self-work is needed in order to detect the lies we tell ourselves and all the rationalizations and denial that come with it so we can get more and more in tune with our soul resonance/knowing. From an esoteric perspective, lies to the self are the most harmful and hardest to detect, way harder than detecting the lies “out there” via an intellectual thought process. Essentially, one’s level of Being (soul embodiment) also determines how much (higher) Knowledge one can access via direct experience (Gnosis) that goes ways beyond a mental approach of “thinking” or just intellectually dissecting/processing information.

False resonance” is the reason why many well-meaning people spread disinformation and corrupted/pop-spiritual (New Age) teachings. I don’t take myself out of the equation for I have done that as well, especially in my New Age days when I was not very discerning but mistook my own wishful thinking and emotional projections for “resonating”. But “critical thinking” (while it is very much needed and has its place) is not enough. If there is no emotional Intelligence and embodiment (soul integration) combined with shadow work to raise one’s level of Being, one will get stuck on an intellectual level and can appear very “smart” without progressing any further… esoterically speaking, from the perspective of soul evolution.

False resonance is also what COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Programs) targets and forms the basics of Matrix Mind Control. Good disinformation is most often lies mixed with truth. Enough truth to use as a bait to get the seeker’s attention/resonance or hook his/her ego and then put him/her on a false lead, because she/she swallow the lie as well, keeping him/her asleep while he/she believes to awaken.

Finding “True Resonance”

Finding “true resonance” is related to the triad of Knowledge – Being – Understanding:

“Knowledge is one thing, understanding is another thing. People often confuse these concepts and do not clearly grasp what is the difference between them. Knowledge by itself does not give understanding. Nor is understanding increased by an increase of knowledge alone. Understanding depends upon the relation of knowledge to being. Understanding is the resultant of knowledge and being. And knowledge and being must not diverge too far, otherwise understanding will prove to be far removed from either.

At the same time the relation of knowledge to being does not change with a mere growth of knowledge. It changes only when being grows simultaneously with knowledge. In other words, understanding grows only with the growth of being. In ordinary thinking, people do not distinguish understanding from knowledge. They think that greater understanding depends on greater knowledge. Therefore they accumulate knowledge, or that which they call knowledge, but they do not know how to accumulate understanding and do not bother about it.” – G.I. Gurdjieff, In Search of the Miraculous

It also relates to the fallacy or “misapplication” of the idea that “truth must be simple”:

“It is generally accepted that nobody can go on to secondary school without having completed an elementary education. Exactly the same is true in the esoteric Tradition.

However, in our modern world, we encounter a curious phenomenon. For example: we would not seek to discuss Newton’s binomial theorem without having studied algebra, for without this, every opinion we expressed on the subject would be worthless.

Yet, in the esoteric field, we find a host of “experts” who declare their opinions on esotericism without having ever learned even the rudiments of this knowledge.

At the same time, some of them demand “simplicity” from esoteric teachings on the generally accepted principle that Truth itself must be simple. They conclude from this that access to Truth ought to likewise be simple. Then they assert that the methods to access Truth must be easily assimilable.

This argument would be perfectly correct if human beings and the problems they face were simple and just. However, that is not the case. There is a long road to travel from our state of distorted inner disorder to any “original simplicity.”

In practice, the doctrine of “simplicity” – if regarded as an axiom – turns the student aside from the strait gate and the narrow way that leads to Life. Impelled by this counter-truth, he believes he stands before this door, when he is in reality – although undoubtedly in perfectly good faith – walking the wide path that leads to perdition, ad majorem Diaboli gloriam, of course.

The Doctrine of Simplicity, correct in itself, but wrongly interpreted, becomes a snare for hearts and minds that are already too corrupt; a danger which should be recognized and avoided.

Some people complain that the subject of the fundamentals of esotericism is not simple. Others have said that it leads to great clarity. This apparent contradiction is explained by the fact that esotericism is addressed to readers who are predisposed to esoteric culture by their nature, formation or personal experience.

It is difficult, if not impossible, for an esoterically uninvolved person to discern false prophets spontaneously. He will recognize them more easily by their “fruits,” by the observable results of their works, which serve as signs.” – Boris Mouravieff, Gnosis

Recommended Articles by Bernhard Guenther
About the Author

Bernhard Guenther has had a lifelong interest in exploring the mysteries and hidden knowledge surrounding our planet and humanity’s origins, questioning the roots of what constitutes “reality”, and how social (and spiritual) conditioning impacts upon our collective search for the truth in all aspects of life.

His website “Piercing the Veil of Reality” is a wide-ranging collection of essays, webinars, films, and interviews, ranging from spirituality, shamanism, psychology, self-work, esotericism, history, to the paranormal and hyper dimensional realities. He also hosts the “Cosmic Matrix” podcast with his wife Laura Matsue.

Bernhard lives in California, working with individuals from all walks of life, helping them in their path of healing and wellness via Integrative Bodywork and Holistic Coaching. His clients enjoy his intuitive and compassionate approach in person or over Skype.

You can connect with Bernhard at:

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Intuition And The Wisdom Of The Body



Intuition And The Wisdom Of The Body
Photo Credit: Pexels

Bernhard GuentherGuest Writer

How do we learn to trust ourselves? How do we learn to connect with our intuition and inner knowing? How do we separate projections or wishful thinking from genuine intuition and inner knowing? How do we connect to our own unique purpose?

The key lies in reconnecting to the energetic and cellular matrices of the body. We are already disconnected from nature and Her cycles, and have been for thousands of years. In this day and age, technology and computerization have disconnected us even more from our own bodies as well. Many people are now merely “walking brains”. They’re successful in matrix terms, but – having lost body sensitivity, inner guidance and connection to “spirit” – they’ve become mere cogs in a giant machine, without even realizing it.

Observe our current collective living conditions: most of us live in crowded cities, bombarded with EMF pollution and affected by the vibration/frequencies which others emit in close proximity to us (in far more ways and patterns than we could ever imagine). For empaths and very sensitive people, these environments can be extremely overwhelming, as such individuals feel what others feel – especially subtle levels of pain and suffering which non-empaths are not even aware of, due to such emotions being hidden behind a social buffer, built up over years of armouring tactics; because being sensitive and vulnerable is seen as “weak” within our society, driven as it is by a cultural addiction to material success and governed by a ‘dog-eat-dog’ attitude.

Spending Time in Nature

Under such circumstances, it can become confusing to identify what it is that we are truly feeling at any given time – is this reaction coming from me or the other person? That’s been my struggle for nearly my entire life. It was not until I moved into nature, surrounded by trees and wildlife – a place where I don’t even have cell phone reception – that I was able to become (literally and energetically) more grounded. I now see more and more people drawn to living in nature/more natural areas. That’s an instinctual reaction for people who are sensitive to the energetic cosmic changes taking place in the here and now. However, not everyone is in a position to just move back to nature, especially in cases of family and job situations. But it is still possible to spend more time in nature: going on hikes, camping, canoe trips, or merely getting away from the overwhelming city frequencies for an afternoon.

However, most importantly, it is about getting into our bodies, and by that I don’t just mean exercising (i.e., going to the gym, lifting weights, running, cycling, or going to a yoga class to get a tight butt). It’s all well and good to stay “fit”; however, in order to access the body’s wisdom; to plug into our intuition/inner knowing; and to become more sensitive to nature’s signs and messages (which are always trying to speak to us), it requires a commitment to engage in more conscious movement exercises, where the focus is “inside”. Such activities allow us to become deeply aware of the more subtle bodily sensations we possess, and to re-establish a connection with the energy body which lies beyond our physical body.

Qi Gong, yoga, bodywork and dance are great practices to get into the body in a more conscious way. Having practiced yoga for 17 years and Qi Gong for 10 years, I can hardly put into words how effective these disciplines are – the key is to do them on a consistent basis. It is, of course, important to learn the basics from a teacher and go to classes; however, at some point (as you learn more about your own unique body-mind make-up and listen to the clues your body is giving you) you can step into your own space and create your own practice at home.

“There is a wisdom in the body, a wisdom in feeling, that when accessed and allowed to operate in conjunction with our cognitive capacities, leads to a deeper, wiser, more integrated life. So we need to get back to the body, which involves much more than just dropping it off at yoga classes or fitness facilities or medical offices. We can get our body more flexible, more fit, and more powerful, and we can load it up with the finest supplements and organic fare, and still be out of touch with it.

Getting back to the body means doing whatever is needed to cut through our disembodied experience, which in part means a journey into and through the very pain that first drove us to dissociate from our body. In permitting a fuller, saner embodiment of our essential nature, we make possible a deeper life for ourselves, a life in which we cannot help but breathe integrity into our stride, and develop a deep intimacy with all that we are.” – Robert Augustus Masters

Yoga and Qi Gong

There are many different forms of yoga and Qi Gong, and as a result it can be easy to get lost in the traditions and dogma of these practices. There is no need to mystify them, nor do I even see these practices as “spiritual”. After all these years, I still don’t know the Sanskrit names of most yoga poses, or the traditional names for the many Qi Gong sequences. At this point in my journey, I let my body be the guide and just feel my way into it. I also feel it’s not necessary to do a 90 minute class all of the time. Even doing 20 minutes every day is more effective than going to a class once or twice a week. But it takes practice, commitment and patience.

Once you are more connected to your body, you will know what kinds of practices, poses or movements are best for you. Usually, they are the ones you resist doing the most. It’s also not about being flexible, nor does being flexible mean that you are a great yogi. If that were the case, any Cirque Du Soleil acrobat would be an “enlightened” being. Rather, it’s about finding your own edge and limitations, and working with these challenges without judgment or comparing yourself to others.

It’s also not necessary to perform (or know) hundreds of different poses/movements. As Bruce Lee said, in reference to the martial arts: “I’m not afraid of the one who knows 1,000 different moves, but of the one who has practiced one move a thousand times”. My Qi Gong practice has remained the same (more or less) for the past 10 years. The more I repeat it, the deeper I’m able to go into meditative states – to the point where I sense my energy body more keenly than my physical body. It has become so integrated into my life that I don’t even have to discipline myself to do it every morning. It has become a part of my life, like eating breakfast. It sustains me, and I feel it is needed for my well-being – it’s as simple as that.

Massage and Bodywork

Bodywork (modalities such as Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Esalen Massage, Rolfing, Thai Yoga, Sensory Repatterning, Polarity Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, etc.) is another very effective way to access the wisdom of our bodies. It is not just luxurious pampering, but a healing art that serves as preventive medicine. It has deep healing effects, helping us to get in communion with our bodies through the mirror of another’s educated touch. We all need nurturing support from time to time, and there are occasions where a qualified body worker can help us in more ways than we can help ourselves – not only in relation to physical muscle tension, but also with regards to releasing stuck emotional blockages – including traumas most of us are not even aware of, because we have embedded them deep into our physical vessels via muscle armouring and tension patterning.

Looking at the entirety of existence, everything is made manifest through the ‘latticework’ of universal energy. Our muscles, tissue, organs and bones are carriers of energy and memory, all of which are interrelated and connected to one another. The body is a holistic organism, where nothing is isolated – everything affects us, both physically and energetically, on some level. Any experience we have ever had – even things that happened to us in the past but were forgotten about or we weren’t even aware of – is still held in the body, be it grief, a broken relationship, emotional pain, everyday stress, childhood wounds, injuries and accidents, trauma, etc.. The body stores the experience and does not “forget” about it until the pattern is released through holistic treatment.

Stress, the most common symptom of modern life, affects the body tremendously, resulting in muscle cramping, bad posture and build-up of tension “armouring”. Chronic tight muscles are a sign that they are constantly contracting – in other words, they are always working and never relaxed and at ease. This state of hyper-activity alone constantly drains energy from the life force (sometimes referred to as “Qi” or “Chi”) to “keep one going”. It’s like driving a car with the hand brake on; energy can’t freely-flow, and the various areas of the body (muscles, organs, tissue, bones) aren’t getting enough “chi” or “prana” (life-force) to repair and regenerate themselves, resulting in entropy (breakdown/aging). This can lead to negative emotions, tiredness, depression, mental sluggishness, irritation, illness, injuries and overall dis-ease. If the body keeps the stress inside itself instead of releasing it whilst simultaneously getting overloaded with more toxins (unhelpful life habits, poor diet, lack of exercise), the life force is simply not sufficient to keep the body in a healthy condition. The immune system then weakens, which can lead to sickness, injury, chronic pain or even seriously-life-threatening conditions like cancer.

Integrative bodywork heals from a holistic vantage point, and has the potential to be a transformative tool for anyone; it positively harmonizes the body, mind and spirit so as to help with the release of stagnant energy whilst revitalizing an individual’s whole being. Good bodywork practice is both preventive medicine and highly therapeutic, as it has the potential to go to “the root” and heal from a full-spectrum perspective, addressing the cause and not just the symptom. It’s about caring for your body and health, so that disease, injury or illness can’t manifest themselves in your ‘temple’.

In these times of global and cosmic change, healing ourselves is especially essential. Integrative bodywork helps to heal both the body/mind separation and the wounds we have accumulated over years (and lifetimes). Besides these deeper effects, receiving regular bodywork helps to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit ‘framework’, which will manifest in one’s life in positive ways on a daily basis. Individual sovereignty and global emancipation require a planetary population of healthy human beings.

Music and Dance

Another great way to get into your body, release stuck emotions, and get a good workout at the same time is expressive dance. Not necessarily any form of traditional dance or structured style, but simply free form – just letting your body move to the music and rhythm, and letting go of expectations. There is no wrong or right way to dance – there is only your unique expression.

Rhythm and music has deeper effects on our physiology than we could possibly comprehend (drumming is a great scientifically-proven healing practice as well). It can speak directly to our inner child, and address deeper emotions held in the body that are occasionally being triggered, depending on the style of music, frequencies and rhythm. Personally, dancing helps me to purge deep-rooted anger and frustration (as well as melancholy and sadness) but it can also allow me to just express joy like a child or get in touch with my sensuality, and release emotions I could not possibly express through words.

5 Rhythms dance practice, founded by Gabrielle Roth, is an amazing free form dance healing art, exploring five basic rhythms: flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, and stillness. It draws from indigenous and world traditions using tenets of shamanistic, ecstatic, mystical and eastern philosophy. It also draws from Gestalt therapy, and transpersonal psychology. Fundamental to the practice is the idea that everything is energy, and moves in waves, patterns and rhythms. Roth describes the practice as a soul journey, and says that by moving the body, releasing the heart, and freeing the mind, one can connect to the essence of the soul, the source of inspiration in which an individual has unlimited possibility and potential.

We can also just dance at home alone, putting on our favourite music (or any style that reflects how we feel – any energy we want to express or release) and literally move through our process. I like to dance when taking breaks from reading/writing as well; it’s healthy to get off the chair and re-inhabit the body. Sometimes, after having done Qi Gong and meditation, I just put on some music and start to dance, getting even more deeply into what came up for me in the other practices; in the grip of sonic patterns, I fully embrace the sensations, and commit to how I feel… whatever else comes up, I let it all out, expressing it through my body (and sometimes voice) as I move to the sound and rhythm. I literally sweat it all out, and feel amazing afterwards – calm and grounded.

Yoga, Qi Gong, meditating/hiking in nature, bodywork, and dance have helped me over the years to get in touch with my body, emotions and essentially my intuition and inner knowing – the “treasures” of our physical vessel-that-we-are. There have been many times where I’ve received deeper insights and revelations during these practices, helping me to clear out the “interior junk” and thus to connect to my higher self, anchoring a more expanded frequency of love and compassion for myself and others.

Black Magic, Psychic Attacks, Entity Interferences and Shadow Projections. (Click here to read the full article!)

We can also employ our head (via the vehicle of meditation) to reconnect to the “second brain” of our belly, the feminine seat of our conscious awareness, located in our pelvic floor; the place through which we embody and ‘absorb’ the sensory treasures of the world around us – Philip Shepherd describes a very basic (but highly effective) bridging practice in this interview:

These are simple ways and tools that can help us to access our intuition, get out of our heads and into our bodies, and open pathways for higher frequencies to anchor within our holographic mainframes, while at the same time initiate healing on a deeper, embodied level. There are many other movement therapies and practices which enable people to access the body-mind “bridge”. Choose what works and resonates with you on a personal level – what I share here is simply what works for me.

The more we develop body sensitivity (and listen to the clues our body is constantly giving us), the greater the degree to which we can also process negative emotions in a more efficient manner whilst simultaneously anchoring a higher frequency/vibration. Most people have a hard time with working through crisis because they have built up a deep-seated emotional armour, and have become desensitized, disassociated or unconsciously repressed (with regards to what needs to be released). Modern life and technology – with people glued to their smart phones and computers – keeps them disconnected from their bodies, their intuition and their inner guidance system. So we need to make conscious efforts to disconnect from the outside world at times, and go inside to re-establish the connection with stillness.

Recommended Articles by Bernhard Guenther
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Bernhard Guenther has had a lifelong interest in exploring the mysteries and hidden knowledge surrounding our planet and humanity’s origins, questioning the roots of what constitutes “reality”, and how social (and spiritual) conditioning impacts upon our collective search for the truth in all aspects of life.

His website “Piercing the Veil of Reality” is a wide-ranging collection of essays, webinars, films, and interviews, ranging from spirituality, shamanism, psychology, self-work, esotericism, history, to the paranormal and hyper dimensional realities. He also hosts the “Cosmic Matrix” podcast with his wife Laura Matsue.

Bernhard lives in California, working with individuals from all walks of life, helping them in their path of healing and wellness via Integrative Bodywork and Holistic Coaching. His clients enjoy his intuitive and compassionate approach in person or over Skype.

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Unveiling The Depths Of The Human Psyche: Psychedelics May Unlock Parts Of The Mind That Are Normally Inaccessible



Photo Credit: Pexels

Dr. Joseph MercolaGuest Writer

Peace. Love. Happiness. We, as human beings, sometimes spend our entire lives trying to fulfill an innate yearning for these deep-rooted emotions, which provide a unique feeling of interconnectedness that makes us feel one with nature and the universe as a whole. Unfortunately, Western culture is largely characterized by materialism, unrealistic demands from both our personal and professional lives and constant overstimulation, i.e., the need to be “plugged in” at all times.

These misguided forms of energy often lead to debilitating health conditions such as unmanageable worry, anxiety and depression. But what if there were something in nature that could help us escape from these unnatural distractions and the pain and discomfort that so often follows? Some scientists say there is, and that that something lies in the realm of psychedelics.

The featured video, “Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Project,” is a documentary produced for the Psychoactive Substances Research Collection1 at Purdue University’s library archive, which was established in 2006 through a generous gift from the Betsy Gordon Foundation.

The purpose of the research collection is to record “the history of psychoactive substances and their applications for medicine and healing.” The collection includes materials such as research notes, photographs and first-hand accounts from research participants that document “the lives and work of researchers in the field.”

Materials for this collection are typically acquired from chemists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and other researchers who have worked first-hand with psychedelic substances,” says Stephanie Schmitz, the France A. Córdova archivist.

Psychedelics and Their Benefits to Medicine and Healing

So, what exactly are psychedelics? Psychedelics, also called psychoactive substances or classic hallucinogens, include LSD (blotter), psilocybin (mushrooms), DMT (toad) and mescaline (peyote cactus). While these substances have been demonized in many Western cultures, research shows that psychedelics — when used appropriately — offer incredible medicinal benefits, including the ability to and, in some cases, permanently alleviate anxiety and depression.

Psychedelics have also shown to be helpful in reducing fear of death and anxiety in cancer patients.2When we think of important milestones in our lives, we think about falling in love, getting married or having kids, and for those who have tried it, taking LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) can be one of life’s most pivotal moments, says David E. Nichols, Ph.D., former pharmacology professor and distinguished chair in pharmacology at Purdue University.

Nichols, who retired in 2012, is considered one of the world’s leading experts on psychedelics. LSD diffuses into your brain for three to four hours, and it diffuses out — leading some to never see the world the same way again, says Nichols. This proved true for Frances Vaughan, who under carefully controlled conditions was given a high dose of LSD. Her experience was so powerful that it changed her life forever, and in a good way.

Transcendence of Time and Space

In 1965, looking for adventure and exploration, Vaughan and her husband participated in early research in psychedelics at the International Foundation for Advanced Study in Menlo Park. After passing all of the screening tests, they were given a high dose of LSD under the care of researchers. Vaughan says she’s able to discuss the memory of the experience, but struggles to put into words what it was actually like.

For Vaughan, taking LSD was a deep mystical experience that dissolved the boundaries between self and other, allowing her to feel one with everything. The self was no longer a separate entity, she says, adding that she came to a realization that truth takes many forms of expression, but in some way all traditions point to the same deep underlying reality. “I felt deep insight into several clichés, such as God is love; the truth will set you free; and love is at the heart of the universe,” she says.

The doors of perception were not only cleansed, but they disappeared altogether, says Vaughan. She also reported a feeling of transcendence of time and space, a sense of interconnectedness with all things, gratitude, peace, love and the opening of her heart.

Vaughan was so moved by the experience that she went on to become a pioneer in the field of transpersonal psychology,3 a practice characterized as an attempt to understand the different states of consciousness (and varying views of reality) that were revealed through experimentation with psychedelics. She went back to school to study psychology and become a psychotherapist before writing a book on intuition, titled “Awakening Intuition,”4 — a publication considered breakthrough research at the time it was published in 1979.

Most of the World’s Cultures Use Psychedelics for Healing and Spiritual Maturation

Arguably, one of the biggest downfalls in Western medicine, and Western culture in general, is its over-concentrated focus on the ordinary, waking state. Western medicine pays essentially no attention to altered states, says Dr. Roger Walsh, psychiatrist, professor and co-editor of the book “Higher Wisdom.”5

Our culture is rare cross-culturally in that it doesn’t use psychedelics for healing and spiritual purposes, he adds. Meanwhile, up to 90% of the world’s cultures use altered states of consciousness and psychedelics for healing and spiritual maturation and understanding.

Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., cultural anthropologist and author of “The Four-Fold Way,”6 agrees. “Indigenous cultures have worked with plant medicines since the beginning of time,” says Arrien, adding that the drugs allow you to unveil aspects of mind that are typically hidden and inaccessible to us.

Some researchers say psychedelics align the four universal intelligences: the mind, heart, intuition or the gut and body wisdom. Others say the substances act as amplifiers, meaning they amplify your current state. James Fadiman, Ph.D., author of “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide,”7 experienced this amplification first-hand. Like Vaughan, Fadiman came into his work after having a powerful, mystical experience with psychedelics.

He was a graduate student at Stanford University when he took a course with Professor Willis Harman, who was working with the International Foundation for Advanced Study in Menlo Park. Harman invited Fadiman to participate in a study during which he was given 200 mcg of LSD.

I put on some eye shades, laid down on the couch and listened to music,” says Fadiman. “My disinterest in spiritual things was as valid as a 10-year-old’s disinterest in sex,” he says. In other words, “it came out of a total unawareness of what the rest of the world was built on.”

During the experience, Fadiman says he went to a place where there was total aloneness and separation from the universe. But at the peak of his experience, Fadiman felt what many others have reported: feelings of gratitude, enlightenment and a new-found sense of belonging in the world.

‘LSD Wanted to Tell Me Something’ — Albert Hofmann

The story of how LSD was first discovered is quite remarkable. It all began with Albert Hofmann, one of the greatest pharmacologists of the 20th century. Hofmann discovered and synthesized tens of thousands of substances. When he first tested LSD — created from ergot, a fungus that forms on rye — on animals, it produced uninteresting results, causing only mild irritation in the animal.

But in 1943, Hofmann reported having a very curious feeling about the chemical, so he resynthesized it. A few hours later, Hofmann said he had an unusual experience and assumed he must have somehow been exposed to the substance. But he wasn’t sure how because he knew if he was exposed, it was to a very minuscule amount.

To find out if his symptoms were caused by this particular substance, Hofmann synthesized another batch and deliberately took 250 mcg, which today we understand is a massive dose of psychedelics. It was then that he found himself having the world’s first psychedelic trip.

Hofmann proceeded to ride his bicycle home. He was feeling very unusual and at one point even thought he was dying, so a friend called a doctor, who said Hofmann’s blood pressure was a little high and his eyes dilated, but other than that was fine. Strangely, Hofmann’s experience, which was initially painful and terrifying, turned into a wonderful one.

LSD wanted to tell me something. It gave me an inner joy, an open mindedness, gratefulness, open eyes and an internal sensitivity for miracles of creation,” said Hofmann. Incredibly, out of the tens of thousands of compounds Hofmann synthesized, there was only one that failed animal testing that he resynthesized, and that was LSD. Hofmann lived to be 102 years old, passing away in 2008 just 10 days after the 55th anniversary of his first acid trip.8

Using Psychedelics to Alleviate Fear of Death in Cancer Patients

Another pioneer in the field of psychedelics is Stanislav Grof, a psychiatrist from Czechoslovakia who treated mentally disturbed patients with mystical experiences to improve mental health. He was also one of the firsts to use psychedelic medicine for the dying. The New York Times reports:9

“Grof kept careful notes of his many psychedelic sessions, and in his various papers and books derived from those sessions, he described cancer patients clenched with fear who, under the influence of LSD or DPT, experienced relief from the terror of dying — and not just during their psychedelic sessions but for weeks and months afterward.

Grof continued his investigations into psychedelics for the dying until the culture caught up with him — the recreational use of drugs and the reaction against them leading to harsh antidrug laws.”

Grof conducted more experiments than anyone else, conducting trials with more than 1,000 subjects. He also helped create a new understanding of the human psyche by synthesizing reports from thousands of people from around the world. Grof created a new map of the human mind pointing to its many layers and the fact that psychedelics are unique in their ability to unveil the depths of the human psyche.

Research into the health effects of psychedelics began in the 1950s, but came to an abrupt stop in the 1970s, mainly due to the media’s focus on the substances’ damaging, rather than the positive, effects. However, as noted in the film, the demonization also had a political and cultural dimension to it.

People who took psychedelics had a major shift in their values. In some ways, the shifts ran counter to society’s obsession with materialism and capitalism, calling those values into question, which the government perceived as a threat. Overnight, all legitimate research was shut down, and only recently have labs received approval to start it back up again. As Fadiman puts it:

“It’s turning around because the generation that passed all these repressive laws (banning psychedelic research) that sent people to jail for working on their own minds, are passing away or out of power. And the people coming into power are part of the 23 million people who experienced psychedelics. They are no longer preventing medicine and science and psychology from exploring these materials because they personally are no longer frightened.”

Study: Low-Dosing Psychedelics Enhance Problem Solving

Before the research was halted in the 1970s, Harman pursued his belief that psychedelics could be used to focus the part of the mind that’s interested in hard-nose scientific problem solving, not mysticism or psychotherapy, just science. Harman conducted a study of scientists, who in order to receive approval to participate in the study, had to have a problem they cared about deeply but could not solve, despite working on it for several months.

The participants were given a lower dose than those who had mystical experiences. The results from the first group showed that it had worked — most of the participants felt that they had made a huge step forward, developed a new way of looking at the problem or had a solution. Some even went on to have their products developed.

The study seemed to yield successful results, but during the seventh or eighth trial, Harman and his team received a letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration saying the research had been cancelled. The scientists were shocked. The government had shut down all research in the U.S., which at that time included about 60 projects, according to the film.

Studies Support Controlled, Clinical Use of Psilocybin

In addition to LSD, psilocybin or magic mushrooms have also been found to alleviate anxiety, depression and fear of death in cancer patients. Unfortunately, psilocybin, like marijuana and LSD, is classified as a Schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substances Act.10

The mushrooms are typically ingested in their fresh or dried form, or can be made into tea. Large doses have been known to induce panic and/or psychosis. On the other hand, research shows it can also have the opposite effect — providing long-lasting relief from anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, being a Schedule 1 drug, obtaining scientific support for its medicinal use is extremely difficult and costly.

In 2014, London-based psychiatrist James Rucker penned a commentary in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), arguing for the reclassification of LSD and magic mushrooms — which he notes are far less addictive and harmful than heroin and cocaine — in order to make it easier to conduct much needed medical research on them. According to Rucker:

“Hundreds of papers, involving tens of thousands of patients, presented evidence for their use as psychotherapeutic catalysts of mentally beneficial change in many psychiatric disorders, problems of personality development, recidivistic behavior, and existential anxiety.”

Clinical Trials Demonstrate Remarkable Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

In a Time magazine article, Dinah Bazer recounts her personal experience with psilocybin. A cancer survivor struggling with severe anxiety (driven by her fear of a recurrence), Bazer agreed to participate in a magic mushroom trial conducted at the NYU Langone Medical Center. While fear gripped her when the drug first brought her “tumbling through space,” the experience ended up being a profoundly healing one:

“I started to feel love. I felt like I was being bathed in love and it was overwhelming, amazing, wonderful … The feeling of immense love lingered for weeks, and four years later I still feel it at times. My fear and anxiety were completely removed, and they haven’t come back …

The experience changed how I wanted to live my life. I used to get up, grab a quick snack and eat it in the car. But I no longer want to be in a hurry. Now I get up an hour early, make a real breakfast and read my paper … I used to imagine what it would be like if the cancer recurred, but I don’t think about it the same way anymore. When I don’t feel well and thoughts of a recurrence creep into my mind, I lack fear and simply think, ‘Let’s just see what happens.’”

As noted in the film, an appropriate setting is key for using mushrooms to treat anxiety and depression in cancer patients. During studies at Johns Hopkins University, volunteers remained in the presence of two guides throughout the psilocybin session. They were also provided aftercare.

Participants came out of the study reporting a new feeling of centeredness that allowed them to be more accepting of the fact that they might be dying. Several participants went on to tell their loved ones that everything was going to be OK — an immensely comforting statement for caretakers of terminally ill cancer patients.

Treating Anxiety and Depression Naturally

While research supports the notion that psychedelics offer many healing capabilities, the substances are not for everyone. People with severe mental illness or those who are frightened or distrustful do not make good candidates. Nevertheless, some 23 million Americans report that they use or have used psychedelics. Because psychedelics are illegal in the U.S., the substances are inaccessible for those suffering from anxiety or depression. Fortunately, there are many other nontoxic remedies that are effective for treating these ailments.

In addition to the creation of new neurons, including those that release the calming neurotransmitter GABA, exercise boosts levels of potent brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, which may help buffer some of the effects of stress. Many avid exercisers also feel a sense of euphoria after a workout, sometimes known as the “runner’s high.” It can be quite addictive, in a good way, once you experience just how good it feels to get your heart rate up and your body moving.

Other Antidepressive Lifestyle Strategies

Your gut also plays an important role in your mental state. Your gut and brain work in tandem, each influencing the other. This is why your intestinal health can have such a profound influence on your mental health and vice versa. It’s also the reason why your diet is so closely linked to your mental health.

Prior research has shown that the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus had a marked effect on GABA levels in certain brain regions and lowered the stress-induced hormone corticosterone, resulting in reduced anxiety- and depression-related behavior. The probiotic known as Bifidobacterium longum NCC3001 has also been shown to normalize anxiety-like behavior in mice with infectious colitis.

So, optimizing your gut flora with beneficial bacteria is a highly useful strategy. This is done by eliminating sugars and processed foods and eating plenty of non-starchy vegetables, avoiding processed vegetable oils, and using healthy fats. Additionally, eating plenty of fermented vegetables or taking a high-potency probiotic would be useful to re-establish healthy gut flora.

Your diet should also include a high-quality source of animal-based omega-3 fats, like anchovies, sardines, wild-caught Alaskan salmon or krill oil. The omega-3 fats EPA and DHA play an important role in your emotional well-being, and research has shown a dramatic 20% reduction in anxiety among medical students taking omega-3s.

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About the Author

Born and raised in the inner city of Chicago, IL, Dr. Joseph Mercola is an osteopathic physician trained in both traditional and natural medicine. Board-certified in family medicine, Dr. Mercola served as the chairman of the family medicine department at St. Alexius Medical Center for five years, and in 2012 was granted fellowship status by the American College of Nutrition (ACN).

While in practice in the late 80s, Dr. Mercola realized the drugs he was prescribing to chronically ill patients were not working. By the early 90s, he began exploring the world of natural medicine, and soon changed the way he practiced medicine.

In 1997 Dr. Mercola founded, which is now routinely among the top 10 health sites on the internet. His passion is to transform the traditional medical paradigm in the United States. “The existing medical establishment is responsible for killing and permanently injuring millions of Americans… You want practical health solutions without the hype, and that’s what I offer.”

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Hyperdimensional Manipulation And Anchoring A Higher Frequency



Hyperdimensional Manipulation And Anchoring A Higher Frequency
Photo Credit: Pexels

Bernhard GuentherGuest Writer

There is more to our reality than our five senses can perceive. We are not God’s ultimate creation, nor are we at the peak on the evolutionary ladder. Our reality is embedded in a complex system of unseen worlds and controlled by denizens of a higher reality. The forces at work are not all good, and we’re not on top of the food chain. “Food” doesn’t have to be physical, and certain beings feed off of our emotions and energy; predominantly, chaos, wars, distorted sexual energy, emotional turmoil and fear, which they initiate and create, by working through us.

Various ancient esoteric teachings talk about a “Hyperdimensional Matrix Control System” (HMCS), each in their own way, that has influenced and controlled humanity for millennia.

Don Juan, in Carlos Castaneda’s “The Active Side of Infinity”, called it “the topic of all topics“, speaking of a cosmic predator that uses man as food. Gurdjeff refers to the “predator” in the tale of “The Evil Magician” and the concept of “Food for the Moon”. The Gnostics maintained that the earth and material creation in general were the product of an evil demiurge, chief of the “archons of darkness“. The Shaitans of the Sufis and the Jinn in Arabian mythology are supernatural creatures who inhabit an unseen world in dimensions beyond the visible universe and interfere with humanity. Boris Mouravieff writes about the “General Law” in his trilogy “Gnosis” which influences humanity and keeps it in its place. It takes tremendous effort, awareness, and sincere self-work to “escape” the General Law and influences of the HMCS.

The UFO phenomenon relates to it in more ways than usually acknowledged by many contemporary UFO researchers who have a very “nuts and bolts” approach to the idea of UFOs, aliens, and extraterrestrials. There is a paranormal characteristic that accompanies UFO sightings, alien abductions, and other high strangeness occurrences, that should encourage us to look at this phenomena in a different way instead of the popular assumptions that UFOs are physical alien space ships coming from other planets.

When researching the topic of hyperdimensional realities, it also puts into question the various Disclosure and Exopolitics proposals promoted by some UFO researchers. There is a lot of disinformation surrounding that topic and it is interesting to note that attempts to reveal the hyperdimensional aspect of our reality are often ignored, attacked, and ridiculed, even more so than the “nuts and bolts” scenario.

UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact: This video explores the secrecy surrounding UFO phenomenon, aliens, abductions, disclosure, and hyperdimensional realities.

However, in light of the ancient esoteric teachings, it all makes sense, since the HMCS is trying to conceal exactly that: the existence of Hyperdimensional realities and the beings inhabiting them, who have influenced and controlled humanity for eons.

The HMCS affects us in more ways than we are aware of, especially people who are actively engaged in consciousness raising activities, seeking truth, and speaking out about it. There are many traps, distractions, and temptations in the process of awakening for the truth seeker, be it through our own minds, like psychic attacks or entity attachments, or forces working through others who are being used as “portals” to vector us off our path. Think of Agent Smith being able to inject himself into any character in the film “The Matrix” trying to stop Neo from awakening. Hence, blind people, people who are asleep, plugged into the Matrix – the grand illusion – can become unconscious “tools” and puppets of the Matrix to make sure no one jumps out of line.

It’s easy to fall into paranoia, especially in light of comprehending the scale of hyperdimensional manipulation. These archonic critters hook into our blind spots, triggers, traumas and wounds, thereby feeding off our ‘lower’ emotions (and creating them through us).

Lower vibrational or negative emotions are not bad, nor is there judgment involved in identifying them. We all experience at least some of them to varying degrees, and fall into them at times in our own unconscious ways. It’s part of the human experience. In fact, given the times we’re in right now, all of these emotions are coming up to the surface of the psyche for many of us. It’s part of the necessary purging phase, like a spiritual detox. When we detox our physical bodies through a healthy diet and associated protocols, we also tend to feel lousy and sick at first as the body is releasing those long-held toxins. It’s part of the process, and nothing to be ashamed of.

However, what is important to understand is that, through the act of becoming lost in these lower vibrational states, hyperdimensional entities can attack, influence and manipulate us, making things worse than they actually are, as they feed off of these energies by “directing” thoughts and emotions. That doesn’t mean we should fall into paranoia or blame the “aliens”, but rather, we should take responsibility for our own actions and behaviours. It is through mistakes and attacks that we learn and grow – at the end of the day, even these forces are our “teachers”, making us aware of where our work is required within our innerverse. As Tom Montalk wrote in a recent article:

“While we may not always be the source of injustices against us, we are the cause of its entrance into our lives. The Matrix, even with all its imbalances and corruption by those freewill entities who have overstepped their place in nature, is nevertheless still a learning program entirely responsive to our own ignorance and weaknesses. It may be a predator’s choice to attack, but it is our choice to accept the attack and succumb to it.

“The Matrix Control System can only trip us via the elements within us that correspond to its low vibratory nature. If we ignore our intuition, have blind spots in our awareness, or engage in ignoble feelings and behaviours, then these are the avenues through which we are had. Attacks serve to identify our own weaknesses, thus providing focus for where to take the next step on one’s path of spiritual awakening.”

Instead of succumbing to the paralysis of paranoia, we can also look at all of this from the view point of ‘pronoia’: the idea that the universe “conspires” for our own good and spiritual evolution, even if “bad” things happen to us. In the end, these are just lessons to help us become more aware and conscious. The trap lies in the possibility that we might get stuck within a lower vibration or 3D “thinking” prison, and get bogged down in negative emotional “loops”, projecting them onto others and the world-at-large.

Obviously, it’s not about denying these lower emotions; attempting to do so oftentimes results in an “isolated-head” situation, with us repressing these feelings in response, thereby disconnecting/disassociating from our emotions and bodies, and eventually (and inevitably) shadow-projecting these repressed feelings onto others – or even worse, beating ourselves up and judging ourselves for having negative emotions, resulting in shame, which is like a buffet table for the critters.

On the other hand, some people may not experience “negative” emotions in their experience at all, but this is not due to them having worked through their “process”, but rather, they have become so disconnected from their bodies and desensitized (having built layers of armour that keeps them in their heads) that they have become aloof to their own bodily sensations and ‘early warning systems’, existing instead on a superficial and illusory level of “positive” emotions.

Many intellectually-strong people are cut off from their emotional Selves, and have a hard time tuning into their bodies. They are not embodied in any real sense of the term, and tend to rationalize away anything that may come up within their psyche and/or shadow-project it outwardly onto others and the world at large. Alternatively, they may understand (on an intellectual level) what the issue is, but they can’t allow themselves to feel through it and let arise what needs to come up on a deeper emotional level, due to their being so out of touch with their vulnerability.

This situation happens unconsciously for the most part. If they are engaged in self-work, they also tend to overly psycho-analyse and fall into a state of ‘reflection inertia’, unable to move forward with their healing and forgiveness processes.

It’s more about letting whatever wants to arise from within to consciously surface, without resistance – thereby enabling you to feel your way through it without judgment. Oftentimes, the simple act of just experiencing these emotions helps to fully release them. That, of course, is easier said than done on occasion, and it is a process that is different for each of us.

For example, one day I felt very vulnerable due to an emotional wound being triggered. Instead of resisting or escaping it by distracting myself, I sat with it in meditation, focusing on this unpleasant feeling. After only a couple of minutes, I felt intense sadness coming up. My face contracted instantly, and I felt the need to cry, but I couldn’t get the tears to flow. Then I suddenly felt this block in my throat, like an energetic barrier, and I started to cough out of nowhere. As I was coughing, I started to gag, and the coughing intensified. It felt like I was throwing up.

It reminded me of some of the ayahuasca ceremonies I had done in the past: the purging of trauma. It felt familiar, and I peacefully let it happen. Just like with my ayahuasca experiences, the purging was only energetic in expression. As I was gagging and coughing, the block in my throat dissolved, and I was able to cry. I moaned and sighed a lot. After that purge, which lasted for about five minutes, I felt relieved, and went back into a meditative state.

Then I got up, thinking that was the end of it, and I did feel better. However, shortly after I finished with the meditation, I started to feel uneasy again, as if something else had opened up. I felt the need to move my body, so I put on some music. Instinctively, I chose some heavy Rock music, turned it up very loud, and started to dance in my living room. The song I chose resonated strongly with my whole body. I got goose bumps and just cut loose – dancing hard, stomping my feet and moving my limbs in rhythm to the music. The heavy guitar riffs triggered deep-rooted anger in my heart. I expressed and released it by dancing with fierce, fiery energy. It really felt as if primal rage was coming out of me. I even started to punch the couch while dancing, getting fully into my anger, completely letting go of its hold on me.

After dancing to three songs, I collapsed in my sweat, breathing heavily but also feeling a deep release, a sensation of being cantered and calm. All of sudden, I realized that this was not just a trauma or childhood wound I was processing, nor was it related to anything “psychological” at all. In this moment, I knew that I was under some sort of psychic attack, or an entity had attempted to attach itself (or an implant) to my energy field.

Without thinking about it, I started to speak loud and clearly: “Back off! You are not allowed to enter my space! This is my space and my boundary! You have no permission to enter! Get off of me and stay away! This is my body and you are not welcomed!….” This kept going for several minutes. I had no fear whatsoever. I also wasn’t screaming but stating these words loudly and clearly, with focused will. I felt very grounded and embodied. After I spoke these words, claiming my space, I literally felt a presence leaving my energy field. I felt lighter, and any residual anger and sadness had dissipated. That night I slept like a baby!

Some clearing/protection techniques may work better for some people than other modalities. For example, Holographic Kinetics is a powerful healing practice that can help with these kind of interferences. But there are basic things we can do for ourselves as well so as to keep our aura and energy clean on a daily basis. The key is to get into the body.

It also depends on the degree of the attack. In the extreme case, this can take the form of total possession. On the other side of the scale, it could be just a feeling that something is off, and that some ‘thing’ is intruding.

Attacks can also happen through dreams when we sleep. For example, when friends/partners/relatives appear in the dreamscape reality, it could be an entity cloaking itself in order to generate a response from you because the fear/grief/regret/sexual longing you feel in the dream is generating the same endocrine system response in your body, and those bio-chemical stimuli are then releasing/emitting the same low-density frequencies that the critters feast upon.

If these hyperdimensional interference-runners cannot generate the reactionary emotional/sexual/physical response they seek from their target in the 3D world, then they will try the back door route. These kinds of dreams are common, especially after we make clear boundaries and have removed ourselves from people that are not good for us. Since the attack cannot happen anymore “through” these people in a physical presence scenario, we can be tempted via dreams to re-connect. I have experienced these kind of dreams myself.

There are many different techniques and modalities that help with these kind of attacks. Most of the time we can do the work on our own, but there may be other times where we need the help of a skilled healer who is experienced in this kind of work.

Limitations of Psychological Self-Work and Analysis

When considering the reality of etheric implants, spirit attachments and hyperdimensional-psychic attacks, one is also shown the limits of psychological analysis as a healing model. The more I delve into research on this topic – while simultaneously reflecting on my own experiences, life, and self-work (as well as talking to other people about their experiences and struggles) – I come into a greater realization regarding how relying on psychological self-work alone can create a kind of tunnel vision, which focuses on symptoms that are attached with all kinds of labels.

Such a ‘process’ can even potentially make things worse via overly-intellectual, detached psychoanalyzing, while the root cause of our (or others) “issues” may actually be related to entity attachments, hyperdimensional interferences and etheric implants which need to be addressed directly in the body. However, this is a huge topic for most people to come to terms with, since the ignorance and denial of this “topic of all topics” is widespread, and presents an immense challenge to people’s view of reality.

Even shadow work can become an endless loop of rabbit hole-ing, because there is always more to dig into – especially in light of hyperdimensional attack possibilities, when thoughts/emotions are injected into us or triggered by events. Oftentimes, what people go through is merely a spiritual crisis (rather than a psychological pathology), which distracts us with “psychological issues” we actually do not even have or ‘own’. Even worse, being stuck in these tunnel visions of psychology (especially when it comes to “treating” them with psychiatric medications and their myriad side effects), can make things worse in the long run – killing our “soul”, so to speak, and cutting us off from our inner purpose, when the reality is that any crisis is simply part of the healing process, and there is nothing “wrong” with it.

“Those who develop so-called mental disorders are those who are sensitive, which is viewed in Western culture as oversensitivity. Indigenous cultures don’t see it that way and, as a result, sensitive people don’t experience themselves as overly sensitive. In the West, “it is the overload of the culture they’re in that is just wrecking them,” observes Dr. Somé. The frenetic pace, the bombardment of the senses, and the violent energy that characterize Western culture can overwhelm sensitive people.” – What a Shaman Sees in A Mental Hospital

As I have mentioned in previous writings, I definitely feel that psychological work has its place, and we need to work on our “stuff” so that we don’t become suggestive, vulnerable and open to these kind of attacks. Psychological work does serve as a protection of sorts, and can even stop attacks, but there are limitations to psychological work as a solitary mode of healing. Psychologists who are not aware of the invisible reality of higher realms can’t help a person in getting rid of attached entities (for example, war veterans who may have taken on spirit attachments from people who died in battle).

On the contrary, it can be an incredibly counter-productive treatment, especially when one considers that the brain and endocrine system cannot cognitively-differentiate between a vividly-experienced memory and what is actually occurring in the here and now. The usual clinical method of asking a patient to repeatedly re-live past events (many of them traumatic in nature) – and then working through a psychological mind-frame alone in response to this “recall” modality – reinforces or merely “manages” the trauma, instead of getting rid of the root cause. It’s not a black and white issue – it’s about expanding our view of reality. In the end, this subject involves an understanding of holistic self-work, and that includes comprehending the hyperdimensional control mechanisms of humanity.

There comes a time when we need to go beyond “self-work”. This may be a radical view, since we’re always “a work in progress” (and I don’t mean this in the absolute sense). There are constant lessons to absorb, but ultimately it is about anchoring our Selves to a higher vibration/frequency, and learning how to consistently stay there without having to endlessly “work on ourselves” in order to do so. It is also about understanding that there is perfection in imperfection.

Self-Love and Anchoring a Higher Frequency

Deep down inside, we are perfect, and nothing can touch or change that. We just tend to forget that truth as we engage in the 3D play of finding ourselves and accessing our divine nature. When we have cleared enough of the material-emotional debris from our consciousness, we need to begin focusing on “refilling” the vessel. That’s where healthy self-love and compassion come into the picture, which permits us to surrender and let emerge what was always within us: love.

In other words, instead of constantly pulling out weeds (or worse, unconsciously replanting even more weeds) whilst always looking for something that’s ‘wrong’ with us, we should be drawing our attention to the task of watering the flowers and planting the seeds for more flowers to bloom. ‘Flowers’, in this analogy, are positive re-enforcements, co-creative love, compassion, and forgiveness for self and others.

Some people may think that this is an avoidance strategy, and can be used to fuel narcissistic tendencies. However, I’m talking about a specific state of consciousness that can rise above it all. It’s the emergence into the light after spending time exploring the underworld. Many of us tend to forget that this ‘mission’ is what it is all about when we find ourselves stuck in “making the darkness conscious” mode – constantly pointing out what is “wrong” with the world, with others and ourselves (or when we keep blaming the world and others from a victim state mentality, projecting our own shadow).

It is possible to consistently experience positive emotions, but not from a forceful place of escapism, which would be spiritual bypassing and avoidance. We need to do the groundwork of clearing before we can truly anchor a higher frequency and consistently stay there. Some of us may still be in need of a lot of clearing/working though our shadow, which is fundamental to creating the vessel for higher frequencies to anchor.

Narcissism is an inflated egoic shadow-state, and has nothing to do with the self-love I speak of – this affirming harmonic doesn’t need praise, validation or attention from outside ourselves. It is not concerned with the opinions which others have of us. It doesn’t listen to the “negative introvert”, our self-diminishing thoughts of guilt, shame, and insecurity, nor will it get inflated by flattery and compliments. It is also not an aloof/intellectual state of being, detached from our body and emotions. It is connected to the divine within us – something that is untouchable and cannot be defined nor described by the limitations of language. Of course, there is an irony in that I am attempting to write about it as well!

By consistently experiencing positive emotions in a fully embodied and integrated way – as opposed to chasing a philosophical/spiritual ideal in a contrived way (of being positive/loving and ignoring the negative, one of the fallacies of New Age Thought), we also turn off the food source for negative hyperdimensional entities. In other words, we can starve them to the point that they lose interest and move on, and we don’t become subjected to their constant attacks and manipulations.

Don Juan, in Carlos Castaneda’s books, talks about humanity being held within a lower frequency/level of consciousness – a prison of sorts – which generates negative emotional vibrations that the predator feeds off of (and re-enforces), while also explaining that there is a state of existing where it can’t touch us:

“Man has a glowing coat of awareness which the predator eats, leaving just the bare minimum of “consciousness stuff” for man to remain physically alive. The predator “milks” man through arranging for constant trouble and crisis and senseless preoccupation, so as to generate flashes of awareness that it then proceeds to eat. […]

“By playing on our self-reflection, which is the only point of awareness left to us, the predators create flares of awareness that they proceed to consume in a ruthless, predatory fashion. They give us inane problems that force those flares of awareness to rise, and in this manner they keep us alive in order for them to be fed with the energetic flare of our pseudo-concerns. […]

“Sorcerers say that discipline makes the glowing coat of awareness unpalatable to the flyer, “don Juan said, scrutinizing my face as if to discover any signs of disbelief. “The result is that the predators become bewildered. An inedible glowing coat of awareness is not part of their cognition, I suppose. After being bewildered, they don’t have any recourse other than refraining from continuing their nefarious task. If the predators don’t eat our glowing coat of awareness for a while,” he went on, “it’ll keep on growing. Simplifying this matter to the extreme, I can say that sorcerers, by means of their discipline, push the predators away long enough to allow their glowing coat of awareness to grow beyond the level of the toes. Once it goes beyond the level of the toes, it grows back to its natural size.” – Carlos Castaneda, The Active Side of Infinity

By raising our frequency/vibration, the predator (hyperdimensional negative entities) cannot touch us, since there is no frequency ‘match’ – no food on their plate – when one emits this higher vibration of positive emotion and love (in the true sense of the word ‘love’ – a holistic higher state of consciousness, not merely an emotional state, even though positive emotions are a result of that). The “discipline” Don Juan talked about is not some rigid routine – as he said, it is “the art of facing infinity without flinching, not because they [Sorcerers/Warriors] are strong and tough but because they are filled with awe.”

In other words, it is about having faith and embracing the unknown. It also means to embrace our vulnerability, which creates a deeper strength, as opposed to building a tough shell via avoidance of our vulnerability. Anchoring these higher frequencies through ourselves doesn’t mean we won’t be subjected to negative emotions anymore, or that we’ll just walk around in bliss. It’s a process, and stuff still may come up. The key is to not resist it, but to get into it, and fully feel what is arising within that part of your Being.

Resisting pain and negative emotions actually creates more pain. We live in a world where most people run away from their internal pain, and project it outwardly onto the world (and other people) in unconscious ways. In short, it’s the avoidance of unconscious, repressed pain that creates conflict between people, which can even be ‘scaled-up’ into inter-tribal, “us versus them” warfare.

Unacknowledged and unprocessed negative emotions are exactly what the archonic overlords feed upon, which is why they try their best to keep us in that lower frequency through the mechanism of our own minds, which most often results in us fighting each other.

This is the ultimate form of self-love: being good to ourselves and our inner child. The more we do that, the less we will experience negative emotions, and the easier it can be to consistently stay on a higher frequency of love. We don’t need psychological labels or analysis for this process. It’s not about simply reading books on psychology or spirituality in order to figure out what is wrong with us, or to put a judgmental label on us or others. I’m not saying that basic psychological knowledge is not needed, as it can help us in our processes, and I feel that basic psychological education has its place and is definitely needed in our society, especially with regards to understanding shadow projection, childhood wounding, etc.

However, western psychology in itself can become a head-trip when we try to analyse ourselves (and others) with our minds instead of just getting into our body and feelings – without thinking – and just letting it all arise in love. Love simply involves being compassionate towards all experiences, and accepting ourselves without judgment.

That’s what I meant when I mentioned that “self-work” and psychological analysis can become a trap and never-ending loop of self-inquiry, when oftentimes the solution and healing is simpler than we make it out to be; it’s just that our intellectual ego likes to complicate things at times.

So this is the ironic paradox in the anchoring equation: in order to access a higher vibration and feel more positive emotions on a consistent basis, we need to “love” any negative emotions that come up, without judgment, and without attempting to fight them, resist them, or over-analyse how pathological we or others are as a result of them arising in us. It’s not about avoiding these feelings in an attempt to access love – the only way out is through.

We all can get triggered at times and act from our neurotic ego; seek validation/attention/co-dependent love; feel the need to constantly correct others; shame others; punish them and put them down. We make mistakes, poor choices, and have our down days, but all of this is part of this human experience, especially during these crazy energies engulfing the planet at the present time. However, before we can truly be loving and compassionate with others, we need to give that frequency to ourselves first – to gift ourselves with our own medicine of healthy self-love and self-acceptance, but not in a narcissistic, shadow-egoic kind of way (where we are attempting to feel “better” than others).

Don’t beat yourself up with this process; there is no need to get frustrated with others, either. Some people may lash out at you, attack you and attempt to shame you, but as I said, in the end, it is their own unacknowledged pain which they are projecting onto you; even people who constantly “scream” at the world about how everything is fucked up tend to project their own pain and frustration onto the world and others. When we start to hate others, and project our disgust onto them – or think that others deserve to be punished and shamed, or even killed (no matter what they have done) – then we play the game on the level of the “predator”, the negative 4D entities who are keeping humanity in a frequency asylum. In short, we become that what many of us are fighting against, and thus feed into their agenda (no pun intended).

The most important thing you can do to raise your frequency/vibration is to love yourself, whatever happens to you, whatever shortcomings and issues you may have, whatever mistake and poor choices you have done; love yourself and be good to yourselves and others, and forgive yourself and others. This doesn’t mean to justify your shortcomings or put up with abuse; nor does it mean to cover anything up or ‘put lipstick on a pig’. It simply means not getting stuck in the blame, shame, and guilt programs, and to see life through more compassionate and forgiving eyes in light of universal pain and suffering.

The information discussed in this article was abridged from Bernhard’s original article: Individuality, Embodiment, and the Anchoring of a Higher Frequency.

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